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$21 Million Raised By ClassDojo to Develop Parent-Teacher Meetings App

ClassDojo has managed to raise $21 million in its venture funding Series B round to fund the development of technology that will offer parents and teachers with a communication platform. The new technology will enhance the teachers, parents and students connection by allowing easier and frequent communication. Parents will benefit from the technology by getting to know about all student’s activities, behavioral and social development while at school. The new technology will allow efficient communication throughout the year and through the official school day on their children’s progress and behavior. This will reduce the surprise parents usually get when they learn of some behaviors in the conventional parent-teachers meeting held once in a semester.

CoFounders Insight

Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, ClassDojo cofounders, stated that the series B round was closed sometimes late last year (2015). They explained that they would use the capital in growing their team and figuring out the kind of features and content that will be of use to parents using the app at home. Chaudhary stated that the whole idea is aimed at guiding the conversations taking place at home and enhance the development and learning of kids at school. ClassDojo will make it possible for teachers to communicate their activity schedules to parents on a daily basis. The app will also allow teachers to take snaps and send them to parents to appraise them of their children’s activity participations and latest projects.

Creating Community

The founders stated that they saw their opportunity in 2011 about the need to have an app that would help in creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. They set out to creating community between the students, teachers and parents. The app seeks to bring a ground-yp change in the way parents-teachers meetings are conducted, and could include some transactional features to enable parents pay for lunches, field trips or supplies.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and is situated in San Francisco, California. It is a class communication app that enables students to develop social-emotional skills. It also creates a simple platform for parents, teachers and the students to share the activities of the day via videos, messages and pictures. ClassDojo is among the education technology companies that are growing fast. It is loved and used by so many teachers, parents and students in over 2 in 3 schools based in the U.S. and an additional 180 countries. The team behind the app comprises of designers, educators and engineers from all over the world with backgrounds in charter and public schools.

Domain Names Play A Role In Reputation Management

Search engine optimization and Online Reputation Reviews share a close kinship. If the search engines are filled with items that damage a reputation, replacing them in the search engines makes sense. Link building is one way to do this. Unfortunately, some think creating content and building links pointing to the website is the only strategy. While important, these steps do need to be supported by other components. Picking the right domain name could help the process. Putting brilliant and positive new content on a website with a great domain name is going to help the reputation management cause.

Creating a domain name that employs a business’ name or a person’s name absolutely makes sense from a reputation management perspective. When people type that name into the search engines, the domain name helps the website turn up high in the search engines. Perhaps it would even be wise to create more than one website. One website could have a person’s name and the other could be the person’s name plus his/her business in the URL. One website would be the primary one and the other simply would be a “follow up” site with additional information. Both would be designed to expand a presence online and help control the messaging on a reputation.

The steps required to engage in effective reputation management are multifaceted. All the various small steps do need to be performed in order to arrive at the necessary outcome. Selecting the best domain name strategy is one component that should never be ignored.


Keith Mann: CEO and Advocate

Keith Mann is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners. Dynamic Search Partners helps to pair the right candidate with the best position for them in equity firms. This staffing agency has a large database in the alternative investment industry and fills over 200 positions each year in Europe, Asia and the United States.


Keith grew up in New York City which is home to many large executive towers. He has always been driven to be his own boss. He once worked as a trading assistant at a bank and did not enjoy working under someone else.


As CEO of Dynamic Search Partners he is a very busy man. Much of his time is spend in meetings, on the phone or reading and responding to email. He spends time with each client individually to find them the best possible candidate for each position. He has a passion for his work and always goes the extra mile to achieve his goals.


Technology has been a huge milestone in the way we do modern business Keith Mann embraces technology and is a fan of LinkedIn and Goggle software. He is invested in the future of business through technology and stays up to date on new software platforms as they become available.


When Keith is not at the office he can be found being an activist in the animal liberation movement. He is against animal abuse and passionate about preventing it. He once broke into a lab to save mice that were going to be used for experimentation. He saved the lives of these poor creatures. And believes the only way human kind is going to evolve is if we treat all living things with respect.


Keith is also a support of the New York City Police Department. He made a positive gesture and send the 54th precinct lunch when there were protests going on. He tried to boost morale and turn a negative time into a positive one. His wife’s uncle also works as a detective. Keith is concerned about violent acts against the police department and believes the police should be treated with respect because they are doing their job.

Lenders and Borrowers Wait for the Payoff

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority owes $1 million in interest on the principal of a $20 million loan. The Casino Reinvestment Department Authority is the lender. The Improvement Authority’s record shows millions in missed payments over the past five years. The loan sole purpose for being drafted is the construction of the Heldrich hotel and conference center. The Heldrich is a project of the non-profit organization New Brunswick Development Corporation.

Senate President Stephan Sweeney vocally supports the corporation. He says it is model state dollars focused through private firms for large scale jobs. Atlantic City Development Corporation follows the model set by New Brunswick Development Corporation. It also plans to handle over $200 million in private and public money. That money includes $19.5 million in CDRA funds budgeted for the Gateway project in the Chelsea part of the city.

Christopher Paladino is head of both corporations and put together the Heldrich loan. He say the CDRA has nothing to worry about because it will be repaid, but it is just going to take a couple years longer than expected. The 235 room Heldrich is struggling, possibly due to tough economic times. The Heldrich performing record may be a fail with an average of 63.5 through the year. The largest account on record for the hotel is the Johnson & Johnson account, with the executives sitting on the DEVCO New Brunswick Development Corporation Board of Directors. The hotel is tight on money or available funds and has to use its own money for basic business needs such as the replacement and maintenance of hotel property. Paladino says he is still committed the growth of the project.

According to, the $20 million is part of a bigger $100 million amount put together by the corporations. $70 million of municipal bonds is part of that $100 million deal. Those $70 million dollars have to come from hotel commerce money. The Heldrich is not doing so well. On the bright side, $30 million in senior bond money is already repaid with 5% interest. Subordinate bond holders are still waiting to see returns. The bottom line is that the Middlesex County Improvement Authority is the borrower of $20 million.

Improvement Authority Spokesperson Maria Prato says documents show payment procedures are being followed. She also says that the hotel’s business will pick up with the economy. CDRA Executive Director John Palmeiri admits there is non-payment issue with the loan, but says the issue was disclosed and made understood from the very beginning. Risk is a part of doing business as it pertains to planning and running business, and as he sees it, the rewards are well worth it. The rewards in this case being 235 gainfully employed workers, $1.2 million real estate taxes generated annually and the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the property.

Ms. Martinez: A new Force in the Latin Music Industry

Norka Martinez has always found pleasure in singing. This has been so ever since she was a little girl of only eight years. From her profile, we learn that her parents made her sleep to tunes from some of the greatest Latino musicians. Additionally, they paid extra for her instrument, singing and dance classes. This early exposure to art has been instrumental in shaping Norka Luque’s career.


Norka Luque was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on February 7th, 1986. The 30-year-old singer started participating in dance, instrument and singing competitions while in preschool. According to her profile, she participated in competitions such as the “School Festival of Gaitas” which is a Venezuelan folk music contest and “The Golden Voice.”


Since her childhood, she has never stopped singing, nor has she stayed too far from this passion of hers. She recalls thinking of singing while studying Business Administration at a French University. She also remembers dreaming of becoming a professional pop artist while working in the banking sector of Monaco. During her years as a University student, she created time to perform in different French night clubs. She also joined a punk and funk group known as Bad Moon rising as a lead singer.


Ms. Martinez relocated to Florida after she quit her banking career. In Florida, the beautiful Venezuelan dabbled in fashion, culinary arts and marketing. However, she soon channeled all of her energies towards becoming a professional musician. She became famous when she met the Latin music director Emilio Estefan.


Mr. Estefan put together a professional team that included personalities such as Gaitan Brothers, Archie Peña and Luigi Giraldo to produce Norka Luque’s first album. When the album was released, it sold several copies in Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the United States. The album had several hit songs including “Como lo haces tú” and “Miracle.”


“Miracle” was a massive hit that was released to the masses in three different stages including Salsa, Dance and Urban remix version. The salsa version was very successful, holding the top position on Venezuela’s Record Report for 14 weeks. It’s dance version that was done in English climbed to the 11th spot on the Dance Club Billboard. The urban remix version which was a fusion of reggae, Caribbean and Mediterranean sounds also went platinum. It received massive airplay in the US, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.


Norka Luque’s future as a pop artist is bright. We expect to see her break new ground in the coming years.

Why Many Swiss Startups Are Applauding Mike Baur

Mike Baur has done what many have not been able to achieve for a long period of time. He launched an incubation facility that is empowering startups and making entrepreneurs from ambitious professionals with great ideas. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur has managed to support hundreds of startups through the three-month incubation program offered at the center. The program is run through support from leading professionals and covers all industries and specialties.


Before launching the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014, Mike Baur was working as a banker. Having served for at least 15 years, he quit his position and entered into the world of entrepreneurship. His idea of supporting as many startups as possible seems to be working excellently since most of the startups that have gone through the program are performing remarkably well.


1 on 1 mentor sessions

Before startups are released to join the market, there is a mentorship session that is run by the Swiss Startup Factory. This process is handled through an open dialogue where the startups are exposed to the details about the environment they are about to get into. They are also allowed to share their experience and ideas through questions and suggestions.


Growth accelerator

Matured startups also need mentorship and support so they can fully achieve their goals. This is one of the areas the Swiss Startup Factory caters for during the incubation period. Startups that seem to have gone through all the initial steps successfully are introduced to the growth accelerator and allowed to fully exploit their capabilities. The program offers access to financing, business development models and management skills.


Post-acceleration support

The process of supporting a startup does not stop once the three-month incubation program comes to an end. There is post-acceleration support that lasts five months after the startup graduates and this is the stage where most of the knowledge acquired is applied to test the performance of the startup. During this duration, the startups are likely to make mistakes since they are new to most of the concepts introduced earlier. The Swiss Startup Factory intervenes to ensure no mistakes are made during this process.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur, a professional whose ideas have changed lives, is devoted to supporting upcoming startups through the Swiss Startup Factory, which was established in 2014. Before choosing this industry, Mike was serving in the banking industry, where he worked for over 15 years. He is now into entrepreneurship and ensuring upcoming entrepreneurs receive all the support they need to scale their ideas to greater heights.


I Swapped My Cleaning Lady For Handy Services Instead

The lady that cleaned for me for many years had suddenly taken a leave of absence, and she never called or came back. I didn’t bother calling her anymore because I had work that needed to be done and couldn’t wait for her to come back. As far as I was concerned, she was fired. I started searching the phone book for cleaning services, but everyone had prices that were too high or didn’t have anyone available immediately. I needed someone to come out to my home within a day or two, and that’s when I learned about Handy when I started searching online on nyctechmommy.

Handy has now become my favorite company because I never have to worry about anyone taking a leave of absence because I can always make an appointment and will get a different person to clean my home. I go to the website whenever I’m ready to create an appointment, and making any appointment only takes a few minutes. As long as I know when I want my house cleaned, I can make a payment for the cleaner to come out, and my house will be cleaned the way I want it cleaned. The Handy workers are very reliable too.

On top of being insured, the Handy workers are extremely professional and really know how to clean my home, so I have no doubt that my house will look great when they come out to clean for me. I had one lady that cleaned so well that I tipped her $20, which is the most money I’ve ever tipped anyone for such a service. I don’t miss my cleaning lady at all, and I will only use Handy from now on. Another good thing that I have to mention is that Handy has other services that I started using as well.

One service that I really needed was assembly services, especially since I had done some holiday shopping and bought some items that needed to be put together. I couldn’t believe that I can go to the Handy website to create an appointment, but I was able to have someone come to my home within a day to assemble the entertainment center that I bought. Handy has really helped me out a lot, and I will only use their services when I need anything done in my home, no matter what it may be because they do just about everything.


Doe Deere, A Colorful Innovator

Born in Russia, Doe Deere moved to the United States at the age of 17, enamoured by the culture and hoping to become a musician. Never the type to follow the most conventional path, she joined different bands and became smitten with the underground scenes of New York, eventually realizing that her true calling was in the world of fashion. Today, Doe is the founder and CEO of a cosmetics company that’s making a huge impression on both the industry and the public. Through her unique vision, Doe has been able to combine her unique personality and her eye for fashion, resulting in something completely new. Enter Lime Crime, a make up company that dared to go where no one else would.

As much as they helped, a bold imagination and great taste weren’t the only attributes Doe Deere had to tap into in order to make her vision a reality. Since she was a young girl, she displayed signs of being a brilliant businesswoman. Her first enterprise, at only 14 years of age, was selling temporary tattoos to kids in her school. After a number of entrepreneurial initiatives, Doe decided to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Committed to getting ahead, she worked to refine her talents and increase her knowledge of high-fashion, but her passion for outrageous trends and boldly colorful urban looks remained intact. During this time she kept making music, joining the band where she’d meet her future husband.

As fate would have it, it wasn’t until necessity struck that Lime Crime was born. During those early years, Doe was busy designing and producing her own collections of bright and colorful clothing, which she’d sell online. Without being able to find the kind of make up she had envisioned for her looks, she started producing her own. At the time, it was almost impossible to find make up colorful and exciting enough to complement her bold style of clothing. Painfully aware of the lack of options, and realizing that it left a huge gap in the market, Doe decided to maker her make up available for purchase. Lime Crime launched in 2008, almost instantly becoming a favorite among the younger demographics, and popularizing a whole new style of make up. Today, Doe Deere is considered a true visionary of the make up industry, and Lime Crime has become a staple of colorful innovation.

Understanding The Role Of The Lovaganza Global Celebrations Slated For 2020

A recent announcement by Lovaganza got the world talking about the company and the plans it has presented in a bid to enhance unity across the world. Lovaganza is among few entertainment companies that have come out as champions in the fight to eliminate discrimination and lack of understanding among communities with different cultures and ideologies. Through the celebrations the company announced will be held in 2020, Lovaganza will bring the whole world together to celebrate the rich diversity that we have.

Using presentations and performances that will be backed by high quality entertainment features, Lovaganza will push for the attainment of unity across the world and create a different picture of how communities view each other. Each country in the world will taste the goodness of the entertainment and lessons that will be shared during the celebrations. All the planning that is supposed to steer the aim forward is complete and in most parts of the world preparations have began.

In 2015, Lovaganza was forced to postpone what is now the global celebration slated for 2020. Lovaganza had planned to have the celebrations in 2015 but technicalities and other factors forced them to create more time for planning and preparation. One of the arguments passed against 2015 is that they would not have the capacity to push for the implementation of the event with the few technological materials they had and the planning level put to the event was not adequate to guarantee the quality that was needed.

Read more: Lovaganza | Crunchbase

Marketing effort
One year later after the decision, the company is pushing the preparations well and the progress as far as gathering materials is concerned is good and promising of a brilliant performance. Marketing measures have also been looked into and the company decided to form the Lovaganza Traveling Show, which will be touring several places across the world spreading information about the 2020 celebrations.

It is through the show that the world will learn about the celebrations and understand the need to attend. There are trilogies to be presented that will preview the main event and allow people to know what lay ahead.

The foundation
Apart from presenting an entertainment show that will bring communities together, Lovaganza is going to establish the Lovaganza Foundation, whose role will be fighting for the rights of humanity to ensure all people across the world access basic amenities. The foundation will especially put focus on children so before 2035 they can have access to basic needs.

Bruce Levenson And AHBE Are Still Straightening Out The Final Details Of The Sale In Court

Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment organization sold off their shares of the franchise back in 2015, a deal that gained them quite a profit when all was said and done. But in the aftermath, Levenson and AHBE found themselves in a battle with their former insurance company, AIG regarding a contract buyout. When the team was sold, AHBE opted to buy out general manager Danny Ferry’s contract, and under certain titles in AIG’s policy, AHBE was allowed to file a claim for losses in that situation. But so far AIG has not paid them a single cent. AHBE promises to take as long as it they need to make their case in court that they had the right to the claim.

Bruce Levenson started out as a journalist and an entrepreneur prior to buying the Atlanta Hawks in 2004. He got his education at Washington University, and later American University where he went to study law. He never practiced law but instead followed his interests in journalism. Along with his friend Ed Peskowitz, Levenson published Oil Express, a newsletter that would be the start of Unified Communications Group (UCG). UCG published a variety of newsletters on various industries, and later started up the GasBuddy app.

Levenson is active in the Jewish Community, and groups he has been involved with include the Jewish Federation, the SEED Foundation, and Birthright Israel. He was one of a group of people who asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to collaborate with US Secretary of State John Kerry in a peace initiative that would enhance the country’s security. According to, Levenson also is a major contributor to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, a cause that hits close to home because of his family heritage. He also chaired Hoop Dreams and the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership.