Kyle Bass Hits Yet Another Low

Kyle Bass made his fortune by accurately predicting the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis as UsefulStooges have shown. For some time, many of the people watching him came to the conclusion that Bass was a genius who couldn’t fail. In the past few years, however, Bass has proved them wrong making a series of bad calls. It seems he never turns down an invitation to go on TV to proffer so-called “analysis” that, in the end, only serves his bottom line.

In addition, he’s made a number of alliances ranging from questionable to downright unsavory. While most everyone else in business has called the Argentinian despot Cristina Fernández de Kirchner “economically illiterate” and “the worst thing that ever happened to her country’s economy”, Bass has nothing but praise for her. Since 2002 Argentina has defaulted on its sovereign debt not once, but twice. Nevertheless, Bass has defended and rationalized it.

This should come as no surprise as Bass has consistently championed Kirchner’s economic policies whilst also ignoring the extent to which she and her cronies have ripped off the Argentinian people.
Bass is also the same man who, in order to protect his investment in General Motors during a crisis caused by non-deploying airbags and faulty power steering, went on TV to shift blame on to the victims themselves, saying that they had probably been drunk or not wearing seat belts at the time they died.

In 2014, Bass and Erich Spangenberg, known as “the world’s most notorious patent troll“, came up with a scheme in which they select certain pharmaceutical firms, short-sell their stocks, then challenge one or more of their patents using their front organization, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which Bass set up for this exact purpose. After his challenge, the stocks go down and Bass makes a few million. At the same time the pharmaceutical companies’ skyrocket to cover legal expenses, and they lose the incentive to fund further medical research. This, of course, causes palpable harm to the millions who depend on the chosen firm’s products to lessen their pain, relieve their symptoms, or prolong or save their lives.

His main reason for turning to sleazy schemes is that he lost somewhere around 30% in 2014, the complete opposite of the industry’s best-performing hedge fund managers. In Bass’s own words, “It’s nice to win all of the time. When you are not winning and everyone else is, it makes life difficult.”

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Proof That The Manse On Marsh Life Is Working

The Manse on Marsh is an assisted living facility in San Luis Obispo that provides comprehensive services that are time-tested and proven health improving tools. These services enable the residents to have a solid lifestyle and a predictable retirement years that will last as long as they do. The Manse on Marsh facility will let them enjoy life’s luxuries and enjoy the things they want without robbing their nest egg. They can choose between living independently or under the care of caretakers assigned to them and use the extra money for other things. Here the residents will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they don’t have to rely on expensive nursing homes or be under the care of medical centers. All of this and much more is possible at the Manse on Marsh in San Luis Obispo, CA, which is what the blog indicates.

Many seniors could have the lifestyle they dream of at this facility for an affordable price as reviews indicate. This facility even beats other facilities around the area for quality of service and convenience. Residents have never lost a wink of sleep at this facility. Never had the sickening feeling in their stomachs that they got in other places as well. The Manse on Marsh staff members are there to guide them throughout the process from sign-up to staying at the facility. Unlike most seniors who are paying for homes with money that could have better suited for enriching their retirement lifestyle, residents at the Manse on Marsh have done the right decision in deciding what features they should opt for in the facility. Each program is designed and tailored to their individual needs and budget. With these programs, the residents can know the value of their health and well-being while keeping an eye on what they eat and how much amount of exercise they get on a regular basis. Once they know from personal experience the extraordinary benefits of this facility, they will feel very strongly that it is the life they always wanted.

Twitter implies that many seniors have for the first time in their lives have felt the kind of passion to make a difference in their world and have a social life at the same time at the Manse on Marsh. It has become a mission for the team working for the facility to educate seniors about the benefits of assisted living facility like this that could prepare them for a better retirement life. In addition, this is the right choice for anyone struggling with money issues because the plans are designed for people from all walks of life – rich or poor. In essence, the Manse on Marsh has the right combination of comfort and luxury for seniors planning to retire.  Check out the new Manse commercial on their YouTube.

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Bradley Reifler’s 5 Investing Tips for the Regular Investor

New York, NY – Bradley Reifler, the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital is very passionate about investing. In 2014, Reifler gave 5 safe investment tips that guarantee great returns to any investor in a report captured by Reuters. On Twitter Brad says the investment tips include:
1. When investing, take utmost precaution and consider factors such as risk, charges and expenses. To add to that, make it a point to take an inventory of all your assets and targeted goals.
2. Stay alert to ensure your money stays safe
3. Do not invest all your money on the stock market
4. If you are investing your funds through an investment manager, let it be someone you trust
5. Always identify your reasons for investing. Your investment objective should be defined by strict investment parameters that reward success.

Reifler sees diversification as the key to investment success, even though it has long been a reserve for wealthy people. He argues that the investment world is dominated by 1 percenters who typically invest in high capital divestitures like commodity funds, hedge funds and public funds. To demonstrate the limited investment options available to the 99 percenters, Reifler adds that several years ago, the 529 college savings plan was open to both high and low income individuals. He took the plunge and invested his money, however, when he wanted to withdraw the fund to pay for his girl’s university tuition, the fund was less than what he had invested.

In the second scenario, Reifler father-in-law gave him his life savings from an RV repair shop. During his active years, regular investors like Reifler’s father-in-law were prohibited from growing their investments as this was a preserve of accredited investors. Reifler’s initial fund focused primarily on investors making $200,000 and above or those with a net worth of $1 million excluding their homes. He later changed his strategy to focus on the overlooked, non-accredited investors.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) defines an accredited investor as either a corporation or natural person with a net worth or joint net worth with spouse exceeding $1 million. The amount doesn’t include the primary place of residence. An accredited investor can also be a natural person with an income of over $200,000 in the two most recent years. In case of joint income, the spousal income must exceed $300,000.

Brief About Forefront Capital Management Group
Forefront Management Group, LLC is a boutique investment banking and wealth management concern founded in 2009 by Bradley Reifler. The company subsidiaries include Forefront Capital Markets, Forefront Advisory and Forefront Capital Management, LLC. The Forefront Management Group client portfolio includes distributors, individual investors, global institutions and financial advisors.  Brad Reifler’s full career portfolio is available on Bloomberg.

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Maryann Reimund Throws Young Star Wars Fan a Party

One day, Ms. Reimund from Wauseon, OH was on Facebook, and she came across a blog called Dane’s Diary, written by Janey Allen Dunford about her six-year-old son, named Dane Dunford who has to be one of the youngest Star War’s fans. Dane Dunford of Liberty Center, OH was diagnosed with Stage 4 osteo carcinoma cancer in January 2015. Most recently, the young boy decided to stop his chemo treatments because he was sick from them. Having a big heart and knowing that Dane does not have much time left, Maryann Reimund decided to throw a Star Wars party for young Dane in the gym of the local high school. She learned through contacting Jon Urbana, Dane’s favorite characters were from Star Wars. Reimund was so excited that she posted the day and the time of the party for her Facebook friends to see.

Dane had a good time at the party that was held this past Sunday. He had a laser sword fight with Darth Vader and won. There were many Star Wars characters there, including a Princess Leia who looked exactly like Carrie Fisher did back in 1977. There were robots, androids, a wookie, and Yoda at the party to entertain Dane Dunford and his friends. Ms. Reimund orignally wanted to make a quilt with Dane’s favorite story character on it, but suddenly it grew into a Star Wars party. The Dunfords will be forever grateful to Maryann Reimund.

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Dr Sergio Cortes Tours Worst Hit Areas

Sitting at the desk with a pen in hand State Health Secretary, Dr. Sergio Cortes makes a list wealth use monitoring all health actions for the recently floated Xerém and the surrounding areas of the state. He is tasked with a very difficult and hard to accomplish the goal. After unseasonably heavy downpours and torrential rains due to the weather phenomenon known as El Niño, the entire region has suffered increased flooding and some landslides as well.

State Sec. Sergio Cortes tells Extra.Global that due to the flooding and the vast amounts of accumulated garbage that the a looming health crisis is eminent. The garbage service in the area has not been very functional since the flooding and has been adding to the problem. With the new threat of the Zika virus can now be added to the list of several other diseases that are typically found in the region. Dengue fever, hepatitis A and the Chikungunya are currently being transmitted throughout the area by mosquitoes. A person that is infected with Zika virus for example does not become contagious to other humans. However if a person that is infected with Zika virus is bitten by a mosquito, that mosquito becomes able to transmit the disease to whomever it bites. Dr. Cortes explains that one of the very best proactive actions in his plan to remedy the crisis will be to actively control the mosquito population in the region.

The female Aedes aegypti is the mosquito that is the culprit that has the ability to transmit the Zika virus, dengue and even the Chikungunya virus between humans. That is why this phase of Sec. Cortes’s crunchbase plan is a crucial. By going after the breeding grounds for mosquitoes and by trying to disinfect the contaminated waters in the area combined with early detection of the symptoms, Dr. Sergio Cortes believes that the health crisis can be contained eliminated. The doctor also explains how eggs from the Aedes aegypti mosquito can remain inert for up to a year when in a dry place. The case can then be activated by merely touching one drop of water. Travel warnings have been given to women traveling in the area that are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Several countries have gone as far as to ask women to try not to become pregnant for up to three years. Due to the almost 4000 birth defects from complications due to the Zika virus.
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Premium dog foods are innovating

Premium dog food brands have started to innovate with new offerings in an attempt to capture increasing portions of the marketplace which has shown no signs of slowing Down. Premium dog foods make up almost 40% of the almost $25 billion industry and these innovations attempt to capture portions of the marketplace. This article will discuss some of the innovations in dog foods and how they attract customers. Premium dog food makers are turning to new distribution channels to distribute their premium dog foods. One brand, Beneful, who is owned by Nestle, has innovated by allowing their dog foods to be distributed online through special small batch orders. Those looking to order can specify the exact ingredients in their dog food. A spokesman for Beneful indicated that the most premium products are those that are specialized for your dog so that their food can meet their individual health needs. Harmful ingredients can be avoided and high quality healthy ingredients can be added instead. Organic products and specialized food ingredients are increasingly being added to premium dog foods. Organic foods are key ingredients and some companies are adding new organic capabilities to their product lines. Beneful acquired Merrick Pet Care who was the first certified organic pet food company in the United States. This adds advanced organic experience to the Beneful line which is attractive to customers. Freshpet, a small brand that has yet to even make a profit, has removed preservatives from their products and require these premium dog foods to be in a refrigerator. While these products are thought to be healthier they require additional steps and have a shorter shelf life and a larger price. Consumers are increasingly attracted on Facebook to these premium products as they believe that the higher quality dog foods are healthier for their dogs. People are more likely to spoil their pets and high quality foods are one spot where there are positive health benefits associated with spoiling your pet. While some brands innovate by providing more nutritional health benefits, others are innovating by offering their products in new and creative ways and giving pet owners with greater control over their dog’s diets.

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High Standards For Beneful Premium Food Your Dog Deserves

You won’t believe what I just found out about premium dog foods. Have you ever looked into what the manufacturers of dog foods do to make their products? I’ve heard some pretty nasty tails about the cheap dog foods. I just read this article about premium dog food manufacturers that makes me feel proud to have always made the wise decision to buy the best food I can find for my dog. We have been pretty consistent with the brand of food that we choose to feed our dog, and I encourage other people to maintain brand consistency. Keeping your dog on the same brand is better for the dog’s digestive system. If you do decide to change dog food brands, then you should make the change gradually.

I feel empowered after reading this article from the Daily Herald. I feel like it is my civic duty to show other people this article because the information it contains shows exactly who you can anticipate by buying premium dog foods. It is well worth the money you spend on the premium dog food because the manufacturers of premium foods pay more for their ingredients.

I always buy Beneful Dog Food for my puppies. I call them puppies still, but they are older. When they were actually puppies I would buy Beneful Healthy Puppy. I decided to keep them on Beneful when they were adults because the company has maintained a high level of standards for the ingredients they use. I like high quality ingredients in my food, so I want my dog to have the same luxury. In fact, it isn’t a luxury. It’s a requirement.

My dog isn’t spoiled. I feel that he deserves Beneful. He deserves to eat a food that will help him live an active life. I want my dog to be around for a long time. I treat him right by buying Chopped Blends from Beneful. I also buy the Beneful Dry Dog Food Original because it is similar to the food he was raised on as a puppy. Here’s the link to that article:

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Stephen Murray, Philanthropist And CEO Of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital is known around the world as as a privately owned equity firm. CCMP Capital focuses their knowledge in buyouts and growth equity investments in the United States and in Europe. Their management expertise is primarily on four specific branches in the economic field. CCMP Capital was established in August of 2006.

The acronym of CCMP stands for:
Chemical Ventures
Chase Capital
Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan

Throughout the years, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has been known by different names due to acquisitions of several major companies. CCMP Capital will normally invest $100 million to $500 million of equity for each transaction in organizations that are typically between $250 million to $2 billion in size. CCMP’s exceptional staff will use their skills to maximize the advantage of their knowledge of the industry to ensure that both their company and the other organization will reap the benefits of growth and financial gain.

CCMP Capital will work closely with the management teams of each company that they assist to provide the necessary assistance in developing a shared responsibility for the future of both businesses. CCMP Capital’s professional staff on pehub will continue to be actively involved with the organization to be sure that all investments are equally monitored. Each department on both sides of the organizations must have a sense of equality, must work together, be loyal in their roles, and hold themselves accountable to achieve the success they are searching for.

Stephen Murray was named Chief Executive Officer in 2007 of CCMP Capital. A graduate Boston College, Murray had a degree in economics. Murray received his master’s degree in business administration in 1989 from Columbia Business School. Stephen Murray was a known philanthropist and donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation in New York. Murray also supports the Boston College and other assorted charities of his discretion. Murray is an experienced equity investor and has assisted in the success of CCMP Capital.

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Yeonmi Park’s Impact to Through Her New Book

Yeonmi Park has moved the world with the release of her new book titled In Order to Live through which she gives her story. The book aims at showing the world what the citizens of North Korea have been subjected to by the regime of Kim Jong II. This has been done through telling of her story and that of her family. In the book, Yeonmi Park shows resilience and hope which is encouraging and challenging to those going through the same problems as she faced in her childhood in the arms of the dictatorial regime. She explains how she spent her childhood together with her family. She also tells of her father’s imprisonment for trading in the black market and how her family was labeled as criminals as a result. It was hard for her to secure a plate of food to an extent that she was willing to risk her life just to get one. In the book, she depicts life of suffering as a result of the government’s restriction on the poor. She also tells of their journey to China with her mother at a time when the sister was missing and the father still in prison. Yeonmi Park is best known for her active role in activism where she has been advocating for the rights of the minority in the society. She has also been challenging the ruling regime of Kim Jong II which has subjected its subjects to years of restrictions especially to women. She has been on various venues where she has been giving speeches on how human rights in North Korea are being violated. This is well explained through her own story on wikipedia which in one occasion moved the audience to tears. As a result of her activism, the government has not taken it lightly and has on several occasions tried to label her as a puppet being used by the Western countries to destabilize the North Korean rule. The government through its official website tried to convince people to ignore her since she was being used and was therefore an enemy to the people of North Korea. Yeonmi Park has been instrumental in the drive for change in North Korea through her activism. Click here for more details on Yeonmi.

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New York Attorneys-Never a Shortage Of

New York City-what can’t be found here? This is indeed the City of Opportunities, that includes opportunities to get sound, professional legal advice.

Here, there are a plethora of law firms for just about practically any legal situation that may come up. There are family attorneys, criminal attorneys, real estate attorneys, business attorneys, and the list just goes on and on.

Which means that if you ever need an attorney for whatever situation you’re dealing with, you have a wide variety of options. In fact, if you really want to be sure, the best place to go nowadays is online.

There, you will find a seemingly endless list of New York attorney that you can contact, in fact, some may even be in your area. But whatever the case, there is no question that in this city with everything, there is never a shortage of lawyers or attorneys.

One particular attorney that you should consider is Ross Abelow. Mr. Abelow is a well-known New York attorney with many years of qualified legal experience in helping people with their problems. Once you contact him, like his many valued clients, you too will agree that this indeed is the man to see when you have legal problems and you just need some sound, practical legal advice.

In fact, if you want to learn more about this remarkable man and all the people he has helped win legal victories, all you need to do is go to his website, which isn’t very hard to find; in New York nearly everything is accessible, and so is Ross Abelow’s firm.

Even though this city does indeed have a lot of legal options, choosing the right one for you can be a bit of a challenge. And if you’re having that problem, then Mr. Abelow will put that matter to rest. He and his staff will patiently answer all of your legally-related questions to your satisfaction.

As you can probably see, all attorneys are not created equal; you need one who has all the qualifications you would expect in an attorney. And Ross Abelow is that man.

Again, go to his website today and get acquainted with him and his staff and get the competent, professional legal advice that you’ve been looking for. This man has helped numerous people with their legal problems and he will certainly help you with yours.

Why not contact Ross Abelow today? And follow him on Twitter and Instagram

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