Review of Purina Dog Food

Dogs are a common sight in most homes. These dogs require nutrition, proper shelter and care from the veterinary doctor to keep them healthy and strong. Dog owners spend an average of $47.7 billion on dog treats and food per year. A number of companies have been offering different brands and treats aimed at making your dog healthy. Nestle Purina Company has their renowned brand of dog food. This brand is known as Beneful. The brand is popular on Facebook because of its dry, wet and baked dog foods that keep dogs healthy. The company has several branches all over America. These branches manufacture different dog food products. Beneful dog food has been in the market for more that 25 years. The foods contain vitamins and minerals that are meant to keep dogs active, healthy and happy. The ingredients used to make the dog foods are wholesome and natural. They are made under high sanitary conditions. The oven baked dog snacks made by Purina are tasty and colorful. First, the snacks are designed, decorated and finally, baked in the oven. They come in an assortment of flavors such as bacon, cheese, peanut butter and beef with cheese being the main component. The treats have different flavors such as beef and cheese, chicken and cheese, hickory smoke and cheese, peanut butter and cheese and bacon and cheese. Some of the snacks have cream fillings at the center. The others treats are airy crackers and shortbread cookies. The treats are rich in antioxidants, omega, fiber and iron. The wet food category has delicious flavors that come in different blends and shapes. Wet foods are easily digestible. Chunks come in diced, sliced and chopped blends that have visible ingredients. Dog food is packaged in resalable and reusable tubs that have varying sizes of between 3 oz to 10 oz. The Beneful foods are packed with wholesome proteins such as lamb, beef, chicken and pork with visible accents of barley, rice green beans and carrots. Blends come in medleys, chopped and hearty roasters. Purina dog products are safe for dog consumption, as the Food and Drug Administration have certified them.

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Businessman Bruce Levenson is also a Philanthropist in His Spare Time

Bruce Levenson is an avid businessman along with a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks as well as an avid philanthropist. He along with co-owning of the Hawks was a Hawks governor on the NBA board since the year 2004. Levenson worked with Ed Peskowitz to co-found the UCG, United Communications Group in 1977. He is also a founding member of the board of directors for the TechTarget which is an IT media industry company. He was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in nearby Chevy Chase, Maryland with a Jewish family. He went on to go to school in St. Louis at the Washington University. After graduating from the university he attended the American University in order to get a law degree. He attended night classes at the American University and then joined a team of writers at the Washington Star. While taking night classes he worked during the day for the paper. After attending school and working for the Washington Star, he and Ed Peskowitz joined forces to create the Oil Express, a newsletter which informed its readers about the happening’s in the oil industry. Once they created the newsletter and it started to reach a large number of readers, the two paired up together to create more newsletters. After that the two paired up to create an online database which showed its readers about banking, energy and healthcare coverage. The UCG group also operates and owns the GasBuddy app which is a mobile app that tells drivers about the price of gas in their local area. In 2004, The two of them, Levenson and Peskowitz joined together to own the Atlanta Hawks. In 2011. With the purchase of the Hawks, they retained ownership of the Thrashers, the NHL team along with the ownership of the Phillips Arena. The two of them decided in 2012 to sell the NHL team and only hold ownership of the NBA team and arena. In 2012 they brought onboard Danny Ferry who was an ex player from the Cleveland Cavaliers and manager of the team. After he left Cleveland he moved onto San Antonio where he became the Vice President of Operations for the Spurs. He was then asked to join the team as the manager at the Hawks. Bruce with his family once went to Washington D.C. along with the team members for a game. While in D.C., the family and team members met with Bruce’s mother in law who taught the team about the Holocaust and what it was like for her. She is a survivor of the Holocaust and therefore who better to tell them personally about the experience. The team also traveled to the Holocaust Museum where Bruce is a founding member. He is also behind a number of students getting into college due to his help in the I Have a Dream Foundation. Alongside of those foundations he also works closely with the Jewish Federation and Bringing Lessons Home which teaches children about the important role the Holocaust had in our history. Bruce loves to spend time with his family however when he is not spending time with them or spending time on the golf course, he is spending time traveling the world. He more recently took a trip to Antarctica where he spent the night in a tent while touring the area. He and his wife, Karen own a home in Atlanta as well as in Potomac, Maryland. Together they have 3 sons.

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QNET’s Growth as Fueled by the Growing E-Commerce

There are many factors that have led to the growth of e-commerce and QNET is a beneficiary to all the advantages therein. Founded in the late 90s, QNETS is one of the major companies making history globally. The protracted growth of QNET’s business has been largely impacted by its acquisition strategy. As a result of its online businesses, the company has registered tremendous growth over the years. QNET has greatly invested in the online business platform and it has ultimately made a name for itself in the business. Notably, the company has not been left behind in the global shift of business operations.

The entire global business sculpture took a turn during and after the event of the last global recession that affected every aspect of the global economy. Due to this, investors have resolved to diversification as a means of shielding themselves from a crumpling industry. For instance, the effects of the economic meltdown in 2008/2009 were mostly caused by the collapsing real estate and banking industry driven by inflation. QNET seems to have learned from the aftermath of the global recession hence its current and previous acquisition strategies and ventures into other markets.

The company has interest in areas such as hospitality and entertainment. Its online business is booming and most of the products displayed in its website are health products, nutrition, and other products from the energy sector. Like a shopping mall, QNET’s online platform is a host to a myriad assortment of products. There are numerous products like women’s face products and make ups, jewelleries, shoes and clothes. The company does not only deal with women’s clothing but also male watches, shoes, caps, rings and wallets among other products.

The company is not relenting on its expansion strategy and recently it got into a merger with a European company. This was very important for the company because it allowed it to access the European market. QNET has its rooting in several regions and this makes it one of the largest conglomerate in the world. With its model of operation which is the multi-level marketing strategy, the company has been able to beat all odds to become one of the most successful online companies around the world.

Its growth is backed by an enviable size of customers who are subscribed to its online platform, and the number of searches online from new prospective customers. With the high number of customers, its sells have also been on the rise hence the financial and economic stability that the company enjoys currently. With the rising online business activities, the company is projected to grow even further and achieve numerous economic milestones in the near future and with the rate of technological growth, this projection is mostly likely to come true.

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Booming New York Real Estate Continues Healthy Growth Trend

New York remains an attractive den in the luxury real estate segment. Luxury Daily is among media outlets that have weighed in on the commentary. The research group StreetEasy recently studied two of the industry’s most expensive luxury real estate cities, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Reports indicate reasonable growth trends across both cities. Manhattan is relatively the fastest growing real estate town based on a consistent seven-year trend. With an impressive growth rate of 9.5%, the market looks absolutely promising. Luxury real estate manager TOWN Residential has remained optimistic about NYC apartmnets for sale growth despite a recent dip in prices by 4.5% during the third-quarter of this year.

The study revealed that Brooklyn rents climbed by 1.5%, meanwhile Manhattan saw an overall appreciation of 10.7%. It’s obvious New York has managed to sustain a healthy atmosphere for real estate to thrive. Manhattan, in particular, has earned itself a reputation as a city with the best affordable luxury homes according to StreetEasy analyst Mr. Alan Lightfeldt. The rent burden in Brooklyn and Manhattan has urged New Yorkers to look elsewhere. Areas above Manhattan’s 110th Street and East and South Brooklyn have been getting much attention lately. It’s an ultimatum to escape overcrowded, high-priced Brooklyn and Manhattan rentals. Home sales stacked up an impressive report this year as well. In Manhattan, rates went up by 6.3% compared to 2014 meanwhile Brooklyn recorded as much as 9%.

New York’s premier real estate brokerage TOWN Residential manages the state’s best luxury real estate performers. The firm’s co-chairman and chief executive Mr. Andrew Heiberger launched the enterprise in 2010. He chairs the firm’s affairs alongside Mr. Joseph Pitt. The real estate franchise has nine offices erected in the New York’s upscale neighborhoods. TOWN Residential’s portfolio includes some of the city’s best high-profile properties. It specializes in services ranging from luxury property development, marketing, leasing and sales.

As a practical luxury real estate manager, TOWN Residential has penetrated all markets. With a dynamic workforce with brilliant marketing skills and unequalled experience, the firm continues to retain investors’ interest. It’s been awarded numerous accolades as a pioneering real estate manager. A sampling includes a Top-50 Best-Places-to-Work and Best-Firm-to-work-for on the competitive New York landscape. The firm’s support team delivers unmatched service to its clients. Their apt knowledge and expertise are a rare find. As rents continue to rise, TOWN has kept ahead of the competition. In fact, the integrity of its offerings is the main highlight that has inspired investors.

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Let Handy Do the Work!

Sometimes cleaning the house is the last thing a homeowner wants to do. Everybody has multiple tasks going on at all times, such as work, school, kid’s activities, shopping and more. Letting a business take care of the deeper cleaning needs that your home is desperate for can make a huge difference. Instead of letting housework overwhelm you, look towards a cleaning company to fulfill your needs.

Handy’s Home Cleaning is a fast-growing company that has offices all around the United States. They offer a plethora of cleaning services that your average cleaning company doesn’t. Most services simply offer basic amenities, such as polishing, dusting vacuuming, and the like. Handy offers that too, but they do so much more for their clients. Handy Home Cleaning offers a variety of handyman services for their customer base, such as painting, window washing, air conditioner installation and more. They saw the need for handyman services, and rushed to fulfill it, with major success.

Some handyman services include: hanging pictures and shelves, furniture assembly, TV mounting, interior painting, curtain and blind hanging, installation of knobs and locks, and more. This company will send out their best employees to help you take care of the issues around the house that you can’t. All employees go through an extensive background check before being employed with the business, and Handy will send out employees who specialize in the area that you need them too.

Plumbing specialists are also available through the company. They will come and fix your drains, faucets, toilets, and garbage disposal for you. You can also choose electrical service if you need outlets installed, ceiling or bath fan installation, or even simple light fixtures. Other cleaning services include: laundry service, window washing, cabinet and oven cleaning, and refrigerator cleaning. These services usually add on about a half an hour to total cleaning time, and will cost a bit more.

If you are looking to just have your home cleaned for you, Handy’s is the company for you. They include:


Sink cleaning
Toilet and tub sanitizing
Wipe down all accessible surfaces
Garbage Disposal
Floor Cleaning

Living Areas

Wipe down all accessible surfaces
Clean all floor surfaces
Wipe down mirrors and glass fixtures


Empty the dishwasher and load with any dirty dishes
Wipe down counters
Wipe down mirrors and glass fixtures
Take out garbage and recyclables

Customers are taking advantage of the newest mobile app that allows them to book their cleaning services right from their phones. Simply log on and choose the date and time that is the most convenient, and book it. Handy offers next day service, so if you have a last-minute dinner or meeting that has to take place at home, Handy can help you. The company also cleans businesses and vacation homes. Employees of the company are paid around $18 dollars an hour, and boast about the company they work for. When a cleaning company is in your mind, let Handy come into your home!

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Slyce Debuts New Visual Search Features At

In a recent Yahoo! Finance article, Slyce, the industry leader in the field of visual search technology, announced it will work with The purpose of the partnership is to bring new consumer visual features to the general public. All of the various Slyce visual search features will be showcased. Beta services still in development will debut with as well.

A user takes a photo of any two or three dimensional item, and any products in a retailers inventory similar to the snapped one will appear for the consumer. This is the basic premise behind the technology. Anything a customer sees and takes a picture of, is a potential sale for retailers. The products are easily purchased, leading to many impulse buys. This visual search technology is already being harnessed by large retailers, such as Home Depot and JCPenney. Slyce has a huge chunk of the market share in this new and exciting way to purchase goods online.

The goal of the technology is to get customers more comfortable with online purchasing. It increases the level of their engagement in the sought after category of mobile revenue. It also creates a ton of data for retailers to use. This allows them to predict what products a customer is more apt to purchase.

Universal scanner technology can interpret any real world image and match it to a retailers available inventory. It also works flawlessly with barcodes, QR codes, and coupons. A user can take a photo of a coupon from any printed source, and the retailer’s app will generate a mobile version of the coupon. The app will even notify the user when the coupon is close to expiring. This gives customers added convenience when searching for savings.

Currently in beta development is a tool designed to offer customers similar items, if what they want is out of stock. This attribute matching software is completely new and fresh in the industry. The goal is to increase sales, specifically on mobile platforms, by offering consumers other similar products instantly on their devices.

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Handy: Hiring A Home Cleaning Service

Coming home to a home that looks clean and fresh gives us all a wonderful feeling. Handy Home Cleaning Service i a well-known, bonded and insured home cleaning service, with a team of well trained cleaning experts. For many years Handy has rendered housekeeping services according to the wishes of their clients.

Home cleaning companies provide highly need service in our modern society. People are so busy they don’t have time to clean as often as they would like to. They have career, family and other issues that occupy their time, so many rely on professionals to help them. If you are a very busy person, hiring the services of a home cleaning company can be a great way to keep your home tidy and fresh.

There are a number of home cleaning companies rendering services to people out there but you need to be sure you choose a reliable company or professional. One way to go about finding a good residential cleaning company is to use the Internet. The Internet is an amazing technology and it can provide you with a huge number of links to companies that provide residential cleaning services in your area.

Next, talk to your relatives, friend and colleagues to find out if they have hired a home cleaning service. The people you know will often recommend a good company according to if they received satisfactory service. Real estate professionals can be a great source of information about home cleaning companies.

Once you have obtained a list of residential cleaning companies, the next step is to check them out thoroughly. Visit their website to learn about their services, rates and other pertinent details. You also want run a background check on these services to find out if they are reliable and do not have any unresolved issues.

A quick search on online review sites will also steer you in the right direction. These sites allow people to post their comments and experiences with the home cleaning company they have hired. If you research Handy, you will certainly find that this is one of the most trusted companies in the home cleaning business. Handy has been providing services for many years and has a huge database of customers who are extremely pleased with the services they have received.

Their residential cleaners thoroughly clean every area of your home based on your requested cleaning plan or service. If there are any area that you do not want them to clean, they will leave those alone. Handy’s professionals arrive well equipped and ready to provide the highest quality home cleaning service.

As their professional home cleaning experts move through your residential place, every room is dusted and cleaned. Starting with cobwebs hiding in corners and dust that clings to light fixtures and ceiling fans, their house cleaners work top down, making sure no spot is missed. This efficient cleaning method helps get rid of dirt and dust, making it easier to remove from your home.

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Effective Help Recovering From An Illness With Nobilis Health

Confronting an illness of any kind can require a great deal of time and hard work. Someone who has a momentary bout of the flu can be left with a lack of strength and need serious help from the medical professional for weeks and even months. A person who needs help for a chronic condition of some kind will need even more help as they seek the best possible way to help move back to a state of wellness. The right healthcare company is often an essential part of this process as people discover when they turn to medical providers for help during this process.

Many medical providers understand just how hard it can be for someone to confront an illness of any kind. This is why they are aware of the need to strive to be better providers and assist their patients in helping them to find the best possible standard of care at all times. Many skilled professionals want to be able to help their patients and give them access to care that is both highly technological and yet also allows the patient to feel that they are cared for by people who truly value their lives and want them to get better as soon as possible.

Working a company that has such staffers can allow the patient to recover quickly and feel a sense of happiness as they know that they were given access to high quality care from skilled professionals. One of the nation’s leading providers is that of Nobilis Health Corp, a company that is devoted to providing residents of the Southwest with the opportunity have nearby access to a healthcare center that allows them access to the latest in effective technology and a group of high quality healthcare providers who are able to help their patients receive care that is right for their needs at all times.

A patient will often need to carefully investigate the potential options available to meet their specific health needs and one that is able to provide them with high quality care the moment they step inside a care facility. Many patients facing a chronic illness will need to locate a facility that is designed for such use and one that can help them avoid any potential complications that may arise from treatment that is not delivered well. The patient who knows that they have such healthcare providers on their side is a patient who can spend their days focusing solely on how best to recover from their illness and not worry about other issues such as paying for their care or worrying that a healthcare provider is less than skilled. Working closely with such professionals from Nobilis Health enables the patient to be assured as they go through treatment that they have all that they need to get better as soon as they can. High quality care is ideal for the patient who needs care of kind whether that care is of short duration or for a much longer period of time.

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Kenneth Griffin Proves American Entrepreneurship is Still Alive

Kenneth C. Griffin is a hedge fund manager from America who currently is serving as the CEO of global investment firm Citadel. Ken Griffin is also the founder of the company and has managed to amess $25 billion in investment capital making it one of the largest investment firms in the world. The hedge funds run by Citadel are considered some of the most successful and largest in the world earning Griffin a spot on their list of the top earning fund managers and also a spot on the Forbes 400. As of May 2015 Griffin was estimated to be worth about $6.6 billion.

Griffin has always had his eye on investment ventures and kicked off his career during his freshman year studying at Harvard. He read a Forbes magazine article about investments and then worked on compiling money so that he was able to create a hedge fun by his sophomore year utilizing convertible bond arbitrage. He asked his friends and family members for money including his grandmother and was able to put $265,000 into his fund. In order to make sure that he could properly watch his fund the enterprising young man installed a satellite link to his dorm room.

His real time market analysis paid off because while the stock market crashed in 1987 he was able to survive and preserve capital which eventually acquired enough to create a second fund. Before long he was managing two funds that were worth about $1 million making him already successful when he graduated in 1989 with his economics degree. It only took him a year to found Citadel with $4.6 million, and he has since then grown the company exponentially. In fact, in just eight years he turned that figure into $1 billion in investment capital and today the company is valued at much more and he is worth over $6 billion alone.

However, it is not only about the money to Griffin. One reason for his success is the fact that he values his employees and has always focused on his own structure. He participated earlier this year in the Milken Institute Global Conference and spoke about investing in employees to build complex organizations. His company also received a ranking in the Great Places to Work Institute’s Top 10 Great Workplaces in Financial Services list.

Finally, Griffin is just as known for his business as he is for his philanthropy as he regularly gives away money to great causes such as the Children’s Memorial Hospital, The Early Childhood Center of Chicago Heights, and the Chicago Public Library. While he has helped build up the community of Chicago where he resides, his most notable contribution is to Harvard University in 2014 when he donated $150 million to help fund need based undergraduate financial aid.

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Literary Sage Says Writing is Doing

Master story teller, sage entrepreneur, Marc Sparks has started over 60 businesses in his colorful life. So when he hears someone ask why he wrote a book, he tells them just to get writing. It turns out the best advice Marc Sparks dispenses is when it exactly matches his own experience. He says, if you are writing, then you are doing it. It doesn’t matter if the prose or other material isn’t even in the same genre with the masterpiece you are always working on in your back pasture mind.

Marc Sparks is a big believer in always making the customer right. “Give me the chance to fix your problems and I’ll have a customer for years to come!” He exclaimed. He wrote the book, “They Can’t Eat You – My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success.” This after tangling with the likes of Timber Creek Capital, the firm he founded and remains the CEO. Here is his Blog.

Mr. Sparks recommends the venerable “to do” list as project schedule sheets. But, he insists you title the list something affirming, such as a “Get It Done List.” Actually, he recommends keeping 2 lists together, in a synchronized planning notebooks sort of way. The first list is all your weekly goals. The second list is the “Get It Done” minutiae that details the done with getting. They say a new habit takes about 66 days to fully form in our head spaces, so do not beat yourself up if you miss a day or either checking, pecking, or planning. Just get back up into the diesel cab and write… and read. Then do. This is the advice nice Mr. Sparks will give you. Writing is hard work, and even for those who write copy for a living, can bring as many headaches as winners, but whatever you do… just keep writing!

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