What Happened to Stephen Murray′s Stake in the Capital Investors III Fund?

In 2014, Stephen Murray, the former CEO of CCMP Capital raised $3.6 billion for the Investors III Fund. He was enthusiastic about closing the deal and credited its success to the CCMP team and the firm′s proven track record of generating positive returns on their investments.

Mr. Murray looked forward to the fund delivering consistent ROI for the investors and partners. Five months later after the deal closed, he resigned as Chief Executive Officer because of health conditions (read more: Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees). The following month in 2015, Mr. Murray passed away in his hometown, leaving behind beloved ones, including his wife, children, parents, partners, and co-workers.

According to Fortune Magazine, Mr. Stephen Murray was one of the key men named in the Capital Investors III Fund. Other key men included in provisional clauses of the fund were Greg Brenneman and certain members of the investment committee.

Mr. Greg Brenneman was named the new chief executive officer of CCMP months after the passing of Mr. Murray. He has been with CCMP for eight years and is the Chairman, President, and serves as a member on the Investment Committee. The investment period for the fund was reinstated and the firm planned to purchase the stake of Mr. Murray in the fund, based on a memorandum provided by one of the investors. Read more: Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away

Little information is provided to the public concerning finalizing the purchase of Stephen Murray′s interest. The key men of the CCMP Capital Investors III Fund promised to provide $60 million to the fund for added capital to cover any risks and to purchase the stake of Mr. Murray. The provisional clauses in the Investors III Fund agreement was amended to include Douglas Cahill and remove Joe Delgado. In one of the concessions, principles of the fund committed to $200 million to the fund.

Stephen Murray was born and raised in New York and attended Sleepy Hollow High School. He later attended Boston College and Columbia Business School, where he earned his bachelor′s degree and master′s degree in economics. From the beginning of CCMP Capital formation, Mr. Murray was one of the key men of investments funds.

He served as the firm′s chief executive officer for nearly eight years and faithfully oversaw the operations of CCMP Capital and its strategies. Mr. Murray is missed dearly by family members, colleagues, friends, partners, and the community.

Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:


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FreedomPop Adapts to Bring Free Calling and Texting

MVNO FreedomPop currently offers limited free voice and data with the opportunity to pay for more. This is changing. FreedomPop is introducing a new service that comes with unlimited free WhatsApp texting and calling. It covers the data and calling costs, making phone communication for its users completely free. It will first be introduced to the Spanish market and expand from there. How will they make money? Let’s have a look.

FreedomPop is already available in the US and UK but does not include free WhatsApp use. Right now costs for this plan in the US and UK range from $9.99 to $59.99. WhatsApp has already consumed the calling and texting market in Spain. FreedomPop is adapting to this changing market and building a new product based around it.

Users will be able to insert a FreedomPop sim card into their phone and it will subsidize all WhatsApp data costs. Everyone will be able to communicate for free since this sim card covers WhatsApp’s costs.

FreedomPop will first launch in Spain and expand to other countries in coming years. They plan to expand by partnering with existing mobile services or by entering the market with a completely new model.

While some mobile carriers are concerned about catering to free calling and texting for their users, the president of FreedomPop, Nicholas Constantinopoulos, is not. He claims that 40% of his UK users generate revenue through additions to their plan such as purchasing international numbers from the country of their choice, international calling, data rollover and online security. This is his model for generating revenue in this type of market.

Regardless of how they enter the market, they will enter with sufficient funding. FreedomPop has generated $109 million in funding. Almost half of that was raised only in January of this year.

This funding will allow it to emerge strongly, support its growth within Spain and eventually its expansion to international markets.

The story was originally reports on Mobile World Live. The article can be found here: http://www.mobileworldlive.com/featured-content/home-banner/freedompop-to-launch-in-spain-with-free-whatsapp/

Read up on this FreedomPop review

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Martin Lustgarten Helps Clients With International Investing

Martin Lustgarten is of both Austrian and South American decent, and he uses his international heritage to make his investments more effective. He is a broker who helps clients with new investments, and he keeps his own portfolio of internationsl investments. He is a skilled investor who can lead the way for anyone who wants to start investing in outlets around the world.


Martin Lustgarten usually starts his customers off by asking how they want to invest. He has chosen a lot of countries around the world where investment will be most beneficial for them, and he has chosen specific countries for the same reasons on his own portfolio. Martin Lustgarten takes the mystery out of international investment, and shows he his customers how they can make the same kinds of choices he makes.


Every customer working with Martin Lustgarten gets consistent updates about their progress, and he fills in his clients on international news that will have an effect on their investments. Martin Lustgarten has traveled extensively, and he has learned a lot about every culture where he invests. He knows the general mood of the people who invest in every country, and he understands that there are sometimes glaring differences between Europeans, Asians, North Americans and South Americans.


He talks to his clients about what the best course of action is in each country, and he helps customers understand the news they are reading from every country where they invested. Mr. Lustgarten has done a lot of the research that is necessary to stay on top of a country’s economy, and he helps his clients move out of countries that are declining in favor of countries that are not.


The brilliance behind Martin Lustgarten’s business is that people have more freedom to invest anywhere they want. He can help people move their money to any country around the world, and they can invest in any sort of enterprise they want. The idea is to make people more profitable, and it is much more useful for people to have someone in their corner. Martin Lustgarten makes the perfect broker and investor advocate. Find him on Facebook to keep up with news and events.


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Slyce Brings 3D Visual Search Shopping To Shoe Carnival

Not only has Slyce Inc. revolutionized shopping with their visual search e-commerce technologies, they are now implementing advanced 3D visual search for Shoe Carnival. The leader in U.S. retail of footwear and accessory items has partnered with Slyce to make finding and buying shoes as easy as snapping a picture with a smartphone. The Vice President of Shoe Carnival’s e-commerce division said he was excited about the launch of Slyce’s visual search capabilities for their products. He enthused that their customers will now experience shopping for desired shoes in a most convenient way.

Slyce is implementing the same instant visual search functionality as they have successfully done for other major brands, including Neiman Marcus, JC Penny, Tilly’s, Home Depot, and Urban Outfitters. Their technology is integrated with the Shoe Carnival online sales system to enable mobile customers of ShoeCarnival.com to buy footwear simply by supplying a shopping search engine with a snapshot of desired items. The pictures can be from any source, including in the real-world, from magazine pictures, or sales flyers. The search results are instantly produced, showing matching products in the Shoe Carnival inventory. A few taps on the sales interface completes the sales and shipping transactions. This new technology launch was originally announced on Marketwired.

Shoe Carnival has 400 stores in the U.S., one of the biggest retailers of footwear in the country. They are based in Evansville, Indiana. Of the deployment at Shoe Carnival, Mark Elfenbein, CEO at Slyce said it was an impressive milestone. He also mentioned that it was the first very large and fully automatic visual search shopping implementations on the market. He said the customer users will have a very intuitive and quite easy shopping experience.

Slyce produces enhanced visual search software technologies that use ‘deep learning’ methods to search online resources without the need for textual descriptions from the users. Besides snapshot visual search, Slyce also has the capability to search from input video, audio, and some 3D models.

Client retailers who work with Slyce can select what level of technology they want to offer to their customers. Their software works on many platforms and operates from smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers. Many other companies have licensed their technology and some have also been acquired by Slyce to improve upon it.

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Brian Bonar’s Commitment to Technology Advancements Making People Rich

When it comes to the idea of finance in general, there are more than enough individuals who can sit in front of you and tell you all of their top theories. After all, while finance was created using a few simple principles, it has truly branched out into multiple segments and a vast array of financial vehicles.

That being said, regardless of what investment vehicle you choose to use when it comes to finance, there is a great chance that anything you want to do (or can do) will all come back into line with the original principles of finance. When you think about it that way, there is only room to make money and generate wealth based upon small increments, and oftentimes people can miss those. That’s exactly why Brian Bonar is looking like one of finance’s next best things.

In his About.me profile, it’s discovered that finance isn’t just an important idea that many individuals look to when it comes to generating wealth for the long run. Finance is the aspect and the idea of providing possibilities and transferring capital and other assets from the hands of those who have a surplus into the hands of those with ideas and passion but not enough funds to grow their overall plans. It is for that very reason that so many flock to the financial field; you don’t just have mathematical whizzes in the middle.

When there is any possibilities of leaving even a few pennies on the table due to inefficiencies, then people like Brian Bonar raise an eyebrow. The reason for this is that due to the millions, billions, and even trillions of dollars floating around in the capital markets each and every day, if you could theoretically capture even a few cents per transaction you would make a pretty big dent in the overall markets.

Brian Bonar is one of the top up and coming individuals within the financial field simply because when it comes time to deal with the current world of finance, you can’t just try to squeeze your way in and do the same thing that everyone else is doing. You need to embrace technology and go after the cutting edge models with respect to finding any sort of advanced computations.

Whether it is higher level algorithms, artificial intelligence, or just more efficient calculations that can give you a much better prediction and better modeling fits for the techniques you are currently using, you have to pursue those sorts of ideas now. Brian Bonar doesn’t just understand this, but with his background at various levels and within various sectors he is one of the main people to truly pioneer injecting technical knowledge at higher levels into finance. If you are big into the field of finance, Brian Bonar is one of the names to know.

You can read more about him at: http://mg2.com/about/people/brian-bonar/

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Skout Gives Skout Users One More Thing to Buzz About

People that are happy with their apps are going to brag. That is just how it goes. The new generation of millennials are going to speak up for what they believe is the best social media app when they are among friends. Tons of app users may voice their opinions on Google+ because they think that this is the best. Others may talk about how much they enjoy an app like Twitter or Facebook.

There are other people that are expressing their interest in an app called Skout. It is the innovative app that takes things a step further by connecting a lot of different people to things like headhunters for jobs and singles for potential dates. That was just the tip of the iceberg though. A lot of other people are impressed with this app because it gives people access to a whole new realm of virtual travel. No other app developers had this in mind. Skout was the first to truly develop a true virtual travel app. People have been raving about this app and they have seen what it represents. They know that the Skout Travel feature is something that people from all parts of the world can appreciate. It really is the most useful app that one can find when it comes to securing a travel app that helps with planning.

Skout has made PR News Wire more than one. There was another instance where people were talking about the way that Skout helped feed the hungry. It is a company that is run by a lot of young people. There are young people that want to give back. That is what makes people take notice of the company. The developers here are doing something good. They are helping people, and they are helping app users maximize their time. The virtual feature is just another enhancement that makes it easy rely on one app. People can go on a virtual trip and meet singles all in the same place. Job hunters can associate themselves with headhunters or befriend those people that can help them find jobs.

Skout has made it easy for a lot of people to avoid the other apps like eHarmony, Facebook, Monster and Twitter. This Skout app is just like one great app that combines elements of all these other apps. Skout has become the only app that people need for social media.

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George Soros the Businessman and philanthropist

George Soros is an American citizen but was born in Hungary. He is famous for his Soros Fund Management company and also for his philanthropic gestures. Besides, he also has a strong influence on politics, not only in America but also in other countries where he has helped reconfigure their political landscape. He has supported the Democrats on opensocietyfoundations.org, especially during the 2004 elections. His influence on politics in other nations has been through his philanthropic organization that he founded in 1984.

George Soros was born in Hungary on August 12th, 1930 to Tividar and Erzebat Schwartz. His father, who was once a prisoner of war, was an attorney by profession. However, George Soros had an intense passion for Esperanto. It is the reason he changed the family name to Soros. Soros means “still soar” and is a future tense for Esperanto. The names Soros was given at birth were Gyorgy Swartz, but he changed to George Soros when he moved to England. In 1947, they decided to relocate to England as family and Soros proceeded to join the London School of Economics. It is while at the institution that he met Karl Popper whose philosophical concepts would shape his philanthropic gestures.

In 1952, George Soros graduated from the London School of Economics on http://www.nytimes.com/topic/person/george-soros and joined a London-based brokerage firm called Singer and Friedlander where he worked as an international arbitrage. His job involved buying securities in one country and selling then in another. George Soros felt he was not earning enough money at the firm and decided to move to New York to raise $500000 and then move back to England after five years. In New York, he joined F.M. Mayer and held the position of arbitrage trader and traded on the Wall Street. His success working in the financial sector made him get a job at Arnhold and S Bleichroeder. It is this job that made him not move back to England. He held the position of vice president at Arnhold and S Bleichroeder till 1973. George Soros on bloomberg together with his assistant at Arnhold and S Bleichroeder formed a partnership that they named Soros Fund Management.

His major accolade is the Soros Fund Management that is one of the best and most profitable hedge funds in the world. The fund was established in 1973 and had grown to over $381 million by 1980 and more than $1 billion by 1985. Besides the Soros Fund Management, he is also known for founding the Open Society Foundation, an organization that runs his philanthropic activities. The objectives of this organization are to support organization involved in the rule of law, independent media and education.

He first tasted the proverbial water of philanthropy in 1979, but it was not until 1984 when he launched OSF offices in Moscow that he started being a serious philanthropist. In 1987, he had spent approximately $3 million on philanthropic activities and by 1992 he has spent over $300 million in just that year alone.

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Wen by Chaz Gets One More Outstanding Review

WEN Hair cleansing conditioner just got another fan in an author for Bustle. Determined to scour the market for the best product to take care of her fine hair, she turned to Wen hair cleansing conditioner for a week long test to see how the product would work out on her hair. She replaced her normal hair care routine and pledged to use Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner exclusively for one week and document the daily before and after results for her hair with a personal review and pictures. It is definitely true that photos don’t lie because the difference is clear on each day that she actually used the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner on her hair. She went on to rave about the extra dose of hydration and bounce that Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner as advertised on QVC infomercials left in her hair and hopes to use the product whenever she wants to really spruce up her hair. As a busy working woman, she is not always able to wash and style her hair everyday, so on the days that she was not able to use WEN Hair cleansing conditioner, she missed out on those amazing results. The ultimate verdict was that Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner is great for anyone looking for an extra bit of volume and shine for their hair.

Wen hair cleansing conditioner has a unique 5-in-1 formula from sephora.com that does the work of five different hair care products at once and delivers amazing results each use. It can be used on a daily basis and has been proved to deliver amazing hair transformations to women with all different types of hair. The product comes with detailed instructions on use and how to gauge how much to use each time based on the exact hair length.


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Recap of the Capital Restructuring | Madison Street Capital Video from Youtube

For being one of the biggest and best banking groups for investments that has hit the market in a long time, Madison Street Capital has a main focus of dealing with middle-market firms that are currently search for solutions for thing to do with corporate funding that are both effective and also very flexible. Madison Street Capital makes sure to look for the most efficient capital structure that come out of the most varied types of funding sources, which can include places like mezzaine lenders, private equity groups, commercial banks and many other types of providers for credit.
Madison Street Capital is a well-oiled machine, the way that they handle things to do with business financing can vary, most of the time it will include financing relationships, corporate valuation expertise and also debt restructuring experience. Combined, these few things are actually very helpful in giving the clients of Madison Street Capital solutions that are the best for the situation at hand, no matter how complicated the problem may seem.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is one of the few international investment banking firms that have made up their minds to commit themselves to working hard and providing service that is of five star quality and also of very intelligent design. The way that they are able to provide advice in the area of financials is amazing, by adding good leadership, integrity and many other great qualities to their services, they are able to provide a unique quality to all of their services rendered.

The services that are provided through the Madison Street Capital company appeared on a youtube video and help the clients that they get to succeed in all areas to do with the global marketplace. When it comes to taking on new projects, Madison Street Capital makes sure to see to it that every client leaves happy and also leaves feeling like they actually accomplished the goal that they had set out to do. Bloomberg reports, the Madison Street Capital firm has earned the trust of many different clients, and to this day, their clients have stated that they are completely satisfied with the end results of their business dealings with the Madison Street Capital business. For many years, Madison Street Capital has helped clients achieve many things, which is probably why they are considered to be the best in the market.


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Correctional Facilities are ready for New Inmate Communications Technology

I know from personal experience that having friends and relatives in jail can be a really tough thing. One of the hardest things that a person has to deal with is trying to keep in touch with this person on a regular basis. In the past, I usually had to wait until the prisoner was able to contact me so we could talk. 

I had cousins and friends who would make collect inmate phone calls to my home. That was not a problem since I could pay the phone bill, but it was an extra hassle. Also, they could only call at certain times and they had to make sure that they did not lose their phone privileges. If you know anything about prison that is not always an easy thing to do.

Not too long ago I discovered the Video Visitation App by Securus Technologies. This app helped to revolutionize the way prisoners communicate with their family and friends. Let me explain. Once I downloaded the app, filled out the information and set up my payment method; I was approved by a correctional facility to contact my friends and family behind bars. This was great. These facilities had the technologies in place for me to make video calls to inmates. 

Keep in mind that the Securus Video Chat App technology only works for facilities that have technology put in place that can handle video calls. Since I can contact a facility with the use of a smartphone, tablet or laptop; the receiving facility must have a computer station that is able to receive and make calls. All facilities that use this type of service must have the technology in place to make it work. 

I recommend that people use these newer forms of inmate communication technologies because they do help to facilitate meaningful exchanges between visitors and prisoners. They are also practical to use at times when people are not able to travel directly to a facility for a visit. Many correctional facilities that have this technology in place claim that it helps to keep prisoners compliant with facility rules and it improves morale. They are for this technology as long as it is being utilized in the right way. 

I did some research on Securus Technologies and found out that is company has been in the communications and security business for years. Their website at Securus Technologies provides more information about their services and the technology that they provide for law enforcement agencies, emergency response operations and information systems. I also provided more information about the Video Visitation App directly from the site as well. If you have incarcerated loved ones then this app is probably what you need to stay in touch with them more often.

It should be noted that Securus Technologies is not affiliated with the Securus America website nor the Securus health supplement.

Learn more about Securus by checking out their BBB page.

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