Bruce Levenson And AHBE Are Still Straightening Out The Final Details Of The Sale In Court

Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment organization sold off their shares of the franchise back in 2015, a deal that gained them quite a profit when all was said and done. But in the aftermath, Levenson and AHBE found themselves in a battle with their former insurance company, AIG regarding a contract buyout. When the team was sold, AHBE opted to buy out general manager Danny Ferry’s contract, and under certain titles in AIG’s policy, AHBE was allowed to file a claim for losses in that situation. But so far AIG has not paid them a single cent. AHBE promises to take as long as it they need to make their case in court that they had the right to the claim.

Bruce Levenson started out as a journalist and an entrepreneur prior to buying the Atlanta Hawks in 2004. He got his education at Washington University, and later American University where he went to study law. He never practiced law but instead followed his interests in journalism. Along with his friend Ed Peskowitz, Levenson published Oil Express, a newsletter that would be the start of Unified Communications Group (UCG). UCG published a variety of newsletters on various industries, and later started up the GasBuddy app.

Levenson is active in the Jewish Community, and groups he has been involved with include the Jewish Federation, the SEED Foundation, and Birthright Israel. He was one of a group of people who asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to collaborate with US Secretary of State John Kerry in a peace initiative that would enhance the country’s security. According to, Levenson also is a major contributor to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC, a cause that hits close to home because of his family heritage. He also chaired Hoop Dreams and the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership.



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A Brief Synopsis of the Professional Career of Ricardo Tosto

The Brazilian legal system has made impressive strides over the last couple of decades. This institution has really matured and come of age. The Brazilian legal system was introduced by the Portuguese who adopted from the Romans. The progress and the milestone achievements would not have been possible were it not for people like Ricardo Tosto.


A Classical Rugs to Riches Tale

The attorney has risen through the ranks and status quo to now become the most sought-out-after law experts in the country. Tosto mainly specializes in both formulating and implementation of corporate litigation strategies. In the course of his career, he has represented Brazilian multinational corporations, politicians, and non-governmental organizations. Tosto has also played an integral role in influencing policy in the South-American nation. He remains to be instrumental in the creation and adoption of numerous legal mechanisms.

Ricardo has mentored most of the renowned attorneys working in his law firm. After gaining the necessary skills and experience, they become partners in his firm. These partners are now engaged in a myriad of high-profile cases. For instance, they are currently involved in a legal tussle with the Swiss banking authorities. The criminal litigation case, still in session, at the countries’ Supreme Court seeks to withdraw the evidence given by the Swiss authorities for what the lawyers claim to be a violation of protocol on behalf of their clients.



Saving Dams and Forests

The partners spend lots of time and energy dealing with environmental lawsuits. Environmental issues are very critical to Brazilians. They also tackle labor-law related cases. To give back to society, the lawyers in this particular law firm are heavily involved with Pro Bono cases. These free-of-charge services are given to nonprofit organizations, for instance, Best Buddies.




About Ricardo’s Law Firm

Ricardo was the recipient of the ILO Client Choice 2013 Award issued by the International Law Office. Well over 2,000 respondents did the voting. The ceremony was held in London. The main offices are situated in the city of Sao Paulo. The firm also has branches in Rio de Janiero and Brasilia. The firm started operations in 1991. Ricardo is an alumni of the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. After attaining his law degree, he proceeded to the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University for his BA.


Ricardo in facebook :

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Can Dallas Bank Increase Low Home Ownership Rates?

Why doesn’t Dallas have higher home ownership rates? Great city, great weather, great jobs and great sports teams – Dallas seems to have it all, right? Thankfully, a local Dallas financial institution is working with Habitat for Humanity to rectify this situation.

“Dallas Has Low Home Ownership Rates”

Only about 56.3% of Dallas Fort Worth residents own their homes, according to the United States Department of Commerce Census Bureau for fourth quarter 2014. The United States average homeownership rate is about 64%. Thus, the Dallas rates are quite low compared to other major cities. Richmond, Pittsburgh and Albany all have rates above 70%.

The Census Bureau reported that Dallas Forth Worth added 144,704 residents between the dates of July 1, 2014 and July 1, 2015. This was the second-highest rate in Texas – behind Houston.

NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes To Expand Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

“Habitat for Humanity Builds Dallas Homes”

Many low-income Dallas residents cannot afford the homes because few are being built for them, until now. Habitat for Humanity has built more than 1,600 homes in Dallas, but when the city adds more than 144,000 residents each year, there is still a shortage in the low-income market. Fortunately, Habitat for Humanity has just gained a new financial partner: Nexbank.

Recognizing the paucity of home options for the Dallas poor, Habitat for Humanity has worked with Dallas Neighborhood Homes and NexBank to improve the number that are being built. Habitat for Humanity has averaged about 50 homes built each year in Dallas; the goal is to increase this to 100 homes.

NexBank will provide some of the closing costs up to $2,000 per loan. At times, low-income residents can be surprised by all of the title, legal and administrative closing costs associated with completing their home purchase. Now, they have a friend with NexBank.

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Tips for an Effective Online Reputation Management Revealed

The reputation of a business is something every customer checks before they decide to purchase any products or services. Just like it is said, 75% of clients avail to services of a company because of word of mouth. With the internet forming the main word-of-mouth, information about your business can travel at speeds of light. Your business’s reputation online has a significant impact on customers that buy from you. This is why an effective online reputation management is critical.

The first important point to note is that it is better for you to be proactive than reactive with your online Reputation Defender. Trying to repair the reputation once it has been damaged could take countless hours and may never be possible. It will even be costly compared to starting before things get out of hand. It is wise to actively search for your business online to find out what people online are saying. Apart from this, you should also find strategies that can generate a lot of positive information about your business. Positive information about your business can be arrived at through review sites and local business directories.

Building an online reputation could be as simple as asking a satisfied customer to go online and write reviews about your business. Although many people like posting negative information online, people will post great information if they enjoyed your products or services.

The power of social media is strong in our generation. With over 2.1 billion active users online, it is worthwhile to make the most of these platforms to build an excellent reputation. For social media, you can post interactive and engaging content. An immediate response to customer questions should influence the strength of your account. A good social media account shows credibility; this will be highly effective even with negative comments.

In case the reputation of your business has been tarnished, it may take some time before the momentum picks up. Slow business growth due to a poor online reputation could cost you losses in thousands of dollars. Building an online reputation can take a lot of time but is always worth it. There are lots of online reputation management tools ( you can find to make your work at the internet way easier.


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A Life of Giving and Caring: A Heartwarming Tribute to Dick DeVos

In this world, there are “doers” and those who prefer to “wait and see”. Unfortunately, as a nation, we see too much of the wait and see approach. Is the hesitancy due to laziness, indifference, or something else? In the case of Betsy DeVos, none of these attributes apply. This fact is a boon for the underprivileged citizens of our country, thanks to Betsy DeVos. In an article titled, “Interview with Betsy DeVos, the Reformer” we see a strong person who, together with her husband Dick DeVos, has changed a once bleak outlook for children and their parents’ right to choose the best school for their children. In the interview, Mrs. Devos eloquently states in no uncertain terms just how she has led the changes to greatly improve the chances for parents to have a choice in the decision of which is the best school to send their children. Mrs. DeVos also discusses how, in the beginning of her journey for school of choice that enjoyed vast Republican support, Democrats had a different outlook on this hot issue. However, with even-handed discussions and positive proof, she has gradually changed the minds of countless Democrats who now see school choice in a better light, thus making the issue a non-partisan effort.


The effort put forth by Dick and Betsy DeVos to make our world a better place is evidenced by their compassion for their fellow human beings. I lived only a short distance from Amway’s Headquarters in Ada, MI, in Lowell, MI. By living so close to the Amway World Headquarters, I enjoyed regular updates from their employees about how the company was changing the lives of everyday citizens of America and beyond. In fact, several times a year, I witnessed a large group of visitors from around the world visiting Amway Headquarters. After all, Amway is a world-wide company. This brings into focus how large Amway is. Amway was founded when Dick was only a young child. He has been with the company his entire life. His generosity, compassion, and caring for others was taught to him from an early age. His memories of the early days of Amway give us a glimpse of how he grew up to be the man he is today.


As a way to give back and to share his compassion, Dick is known for his philanthropy for good causes. For example, as President of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation located in Grand Rapids, MI, the foundation donated many thousands of dollars to various organizations since 1990. To name a few: Kids Hope USA, the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Mars Hill Bible Church, Potter’s House, and the Grand Rapids Christian Schools. This is a short list, as Dick continues his purposeful mission of helping those less-advantaged individuals and families.


As further indication of Dick DeVos’s passion for giving, in 2010 he opened the nation’s first public aviation charter high school. Dick said that because the school is a charter school, it’s public and no tuition is required. To be sure, the idea of the school was Betsy’s, but the school was borne out of the couple’s commitment to education and Dick’s love of aviation. The West Michigan Aviation Academy opened in 2010 and is located on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Kentwood MI, a suburb of Grand Rapids. When he was interviewed about the school, he is quoted as saying, “The world is such a different place when you can see it from 5,000 feet. I want young people to experience something that might broaden their world.”



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IAP Worldwide Service Group

IAP worldwide is a popular professional services provider in the areas of technical consultancy, facility management, and logistics. With a workforce of approximately 2000 workers in over 25 countries, the company has established itself as a global leader in solving the problems faced by public and private organizations, their response to unexpected events, and natural calamities to overseas operations. The company has enough experience in installing and managing military and civilian facilities within the shortest time possible. IAP would provide the expertise, the workforce and the technology needed for successful installation of such facilities.

Corporate Responsibility
The corporation has never overlooked the importance of treating people well. It does not only provide exception good treatment to the customers and its workforce, but it accords the same treatment to everyone.

Mission and Values
The client’s ultimate goal is the goal of IAP Worldwide. The company does what must be done to ensure that the aspirations of the customers are met as soon as possible.

Read more: Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

The company always recruits top-notch employees. It creates cohesiveness from the expertise, skills, and knowledge of its workforce to bring about the best from every person in the company. The employees of IAP Worldwide are trained on how to commit to the mission of the company so that they form part of the force driving the group into the prosperous future. The workers are engaged daily in programs aimed at solving global problems.

The employees are empowered with the right knowledge and resources to make them more effective and safer. An employee is guaranteed a supportive atmosphere with good cooperation and rewards on jobs well done. Applications on Bloombergare open to anybody who is interested in any advertised vacant position. Minorities, people with disabilities, women and cared-for veterans are encouraged to apply and given more priority.

Expansion Strategy
The firm believes in growth. This is in terms of the number of satisfied customers and in its size. According to PR Newswire’s article published on November 05, 2015, IAP had acquired two business units from DRS Technologies Inc. The move was good in terms of improving the company’s capabilities and enlarging target market.

The same PR website published another article on July 26, 2005, which addressed IAP’s involvement in Afghanistan on It stated that the company developed air traffic control system at Kabul air control centre. These two articles show that IAP worldwide means serious business and delivers as it has promised. The group has extra benefits to present to this and future generations.

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Bustle Article Puts Wen by Chaz To A Test recently posted an article about a woman that did her own test on a popular hair care product for one week. She uses the cleansing product by Wen for one week. Each day she lets her followers see the results. Her hair looks better and fuller each day. Believe it or not, she uses the product for the whole week and lets everyone know how it works.
Wen by Chaz Dean announced a product that not only cleanses hair but also conditions hair all in one bottle. He shows America how the product works when he uses it on some models on television recently. The product shows remarkable improvement in the condition and style of each model’s hair. This is because normal shampoos and conditioners weigh hair down. It strips the necessary oils from the hair and causes it to fall out. The amino acids and nutrients in Wen by Chaz are good for the hair and helps hair improve. Check out Wen products list on Amazon.

The young woman jumps in the shower and applies the Wen to her head. She massages it in well and rinses it out. After her shower she allows her hair to dry to its beautiful state. There is a noticeable improvement from the first day. Each morning she crawls out of bed and looks in the mirror to find her hair needs a shampoo again because her hair looks dirty. Having to wash her hair every day is inconvenient but goes along with the testing. The one day she is running late, her hair is a greasy mess. She does not take the time to wash her hair at home but washes it at work with her old shampoo. Immediately she can tell a big difference in the hair quality. The last few days of the test prove that Wen is improving her hair. It proves that Wen by Chaz is a wonderful product and can give hair a second life.

Everyone notices the difference in her hair and comments on it. The woman explains the test she is doing with the product. Follow her test on

For more info, check out the website and the Wen official YouTube channel.


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ConnectUs By Securus Is An Astonishingly Compelling Innovation

The best solutions are sometimes the simplest ones. There is elegance in simplicity which allows those who aren’t routinely engaged with a new solution to yet understand it. Securus Technologies has developed one of the most innovative and easy-to-use ways of keeping track of inmate paperwork that’s available on the market today. In fact, it may very well be the best solution of its kind that exists contemporarily.

Securus Technologies is based out of Texas, and over the thirty years of their operation has grown to encompass some 2,600 correctional facilities across the country. Their innovative technological solutions are ongoing, and those who run the organization continuously strive to ensure that the most cutting edge options be made available. With inside knowledge of the correctional facility industry, Securus has been able to develop a solution to interior paperwork that has the potentiality to save many millions across the country in the next several years.

ConnectUs Automated Forms is designed to help deal with things like complaint and grievance forms, medical forms, signup sheets, and a variety of other paper-related areas. Through ConnectUs, inmates can file forms and monitor their progress remotely, without having to take up valuable employee time doing so. On average, inmates file some 13.8 complaint/grievance forms every month. In a facility with thousands of inmates, that can add up very quickly.

Securus Technologies understands that in addition to providing such time-saving utility, security is an absolute must. To that end, they’ve made their new ConnectUs platform completely customizable. Administrations can individualize their version of ConnectUs to control access times and privileges, ensuring no underhanded activities take place on the part of inmates requiring corrective care. When secure, time-saving technologies like this become available, budgets can be expanded due to freed-up assets, and better rehabilitative programs can be brought into practice throughout a given facility.

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IAP Worldwide Takes Global Logistics By Storm

IAP which stands for Ingenuity and Purpose, leads in worldwide logistics, extending its reach across the globe. This global company also leads in the management of facilities, along with technical and professional services.

By employing over two thousand enthusiastic employees at more than one hundred brick and mortar locations in over twenty countries, we are equipped to solve challenging issues and deliver gratifying results.

As mentioned on our website, IAP Worldwide has well over sixty years of experience has enabled Ingenuity and Purpose to grow and be able to handle a challenge on any scale. Military and natural disasters are no match for IAP and our extensive laboratories, research facilities and civilian stations.

Ingenuity and Purpose brings our customers the program support and technology needed to strengthen our demands from customers all over the world.

At IAP we find it of the utmost importance to show our gratitude to our customers and our employees alike. Our outreach does not end there, as we have the philosophy to treat all well.

Read more: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc.

Merging with Ingenuity and Purpose creates a bond between your goals and our company. We have an invested interest in watching your goal flourish and come into their own. Our hard work will go far, and we will not stop working hard because we will bring you the results that you deserve.

The recently acquired companies, DRS Technologies Aviation and Logistics business and Tactical Communications and Network Solutions on Bloomberg is a promising partnership to further help our company better serve you.

Since attaining DRS Technologies Aviation and Logistics and Tactile Communications and Network Solutions, this has enabled Ingenuity and Purpose to shift its outreach and coverage by twice the amount it has previously held.

By combining with the leaders in the growing logistics industry, IAP is quickly and effectively setting a high standard in this business. Our customers are very important to us and the bottom line is always going to be met when using IAP’S much sought after services. We welcome you to become a part of the IAP family and try our services out for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide:

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Autism Rocks festival to raise awareness

Sanjay Shah is CEO and founder of Solo Capital Markets, which is an international financial services company in London, England. Before breaking into the financial industry, Sanjay Shah Denmark studied medicine but decided that he had no interest in becoming a doctor. He and his wife had a son who was later diagnosed with autism in 2011 at the age of 4. Soon after, he had an epiphany and founded Autism Rocks. Sanjay had also been funding kids in India for over 10 years but never had an idea of how he could be of more help until now.


Autism Rocks was founded in 2014 by Usha and Sanjay Shah, it is a festival to raise awareness for autism. The couples goal is to change the way that autism is perceived by society. The initial thought that Sanjay had when his son was diagnosed was how he could fix things. He then realized that the best way to help was to donate money towards autism research. Sanjay had worked as a banker for Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Rabobank for over a period of almost 20 years, so donating was no issue for him. He would do whatever he could to help his son in any way possible. For Sanjay, just donating was not enough and he wanted to do more which led him to helping studies that try to increase the understanding of autism. He believes that it is helpful that there are many support groups for families that have a loved one with autism, but felt that not enough money was going towards actual research. Sanjay wants more money to go into the research of the initial cause of autism and how we can help those suffering.


In April, they held their annual festival “Autism Rocks“, for Autism Awareness Month. The festival included a live concert and charity. Autism Rocks has raised over $600,000 by putting together concerts that our youth could relate to, this included Flo Rida and Tyga among others. The festival also included fun events such as laser tag, horse rides, face painting and a petting zoo.


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