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Mikhail Blagosklonny, Securing the Health of Future Generations

Discoveries have for the past centuries made lives better. For a long time, diseases have been the biggest threat to human life, killing millions in their wake. Today, cancer is regarded as a global catastrophe, primarily because it so happens to be a silent killer. With many strains of cancer in existence, it has been almost impossible to diagnose and treat the disease. To this end, individuals like Mikhail Blagosklonny have been thinking of better ways of dealing with the ailment. As a University Professor with in-depth knowledge in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Experimental Medicine, Blagosklonny has come up with many scientific theories that try to explain different phenomena. However, it is Mikhail’s TOR Signaling theory that has caught the world by surprise.


For years, medical practitioners have considered Rapamycin a drug that can be made use of to suppress pain that comes with cancer. However, Mikhail Blagosklonny, through his TOR Signaling theory tries to explain to the world that Rapamycin can be used to stimulate the growth of stem cells in the body, especially in parts affected by cancer. Additionally, Rapamycin is effective in slowing down the aging process in human beings. Although the theory has not yet undergone serious scrutiny, it seems to hold much ground due to Mikhail Blagosklonny’s outstanding portfolio.

Since 2009, Mikhail has been part and parcel of the Roswell Park Institute where he works as the Professor of Oncology. Before landing a job at the institution, Mikhail was formerly an employee of the New York Medical College as well as the Ordway Research Institute. With an advanced knowledge in disciplines centering on apoptosis, anti-cancer therapeutics, mitosis, ontogenesis, cell cycle, and tumor suppressors, Blagosklonny has been able to play a significant role in the production of the content of PLOS ONE, the American Journal of Pathology. Above all, Mikhail Blagosklonny has contributed significantly to the production of more than 300 articles, concentrating on topics ranging from clinical investigations to molecular biology. His pieces have also paid great focus on Oncology, cell cyclotherpy, and chemotherapeutic engineering.

As a university professor, Mikhail Blagosklonny has achieved significant milestones mainly in the field of medicine. Apart from helping deal with cancer, Mikhail Blagosklonny has made the world have a deeper sense of understanding as to what causes aging. Mikhail acknowledges that by using Rapamycin in the correct amounts, you can deal with the effects of aging. It is because of Mikhail’s findings that medical practitioners across the world now consider Rapamycin as the ‘fountain of youth.’ Rapamycin has been found to be so useful to the extent that it can cure autoimmunity, Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis, metabolic disorders, and cardiovascular ailments.

Blagosklonny’s discovery comes at a time when the world was almost giving up on cancer. However, we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, and if future testing proves the TOR Signaling theory to be correct, then many lives will be saved. Above all, suppressing aging will mean that fewer people will suffer from diseases associated with advanced age. Therefore, there is a lot for us to gain from Mikhail’s Tor Signaling theory. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo – Who?


Decides on marketing and telecommunications and is one of 30 promises in the 30 Expansion; YOO is one of the projects of the director of Economic Analysis and Special Projects of the company.

Porfirio sanchez


Business Group Televisa

Position Director General of Economic Analysis and Special Projects

Age 39 years and counting

Birthplace Mexico Distrito Federal, DF

Alfonso de Angoitia, executive vice president of Grupo Televisa, called Porfirio Sánchez, then advisor to the finance secretary, Francisco Gil Diaz. Sánchez was about to leave his post to accept a job offer at the World Bank. “He said, ‘Come here, it’s more fun,'” he says.

Sánchez accepted and is now general manager of economic analysis and special projects of the group, where he makes the decisions in marketing and telecommunications. One of its projects was YOO, a marketing strategy that packaged television, internet and telephony channels, and initially unified the price of the basic plan into four cable companies.

“It proposes new methods of commercialization,” says his former boss, Gil Diaz. Ernesto Piedras, director of the consulting firm The Competitive Intelligence Unit, met him at Avantel.

Job History

Present Job

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo


Cruz Manca, Ciudad de México, México Medios de difusión

Past Jobs

Mexican Finance Ministry


Carnegie Mellon University


Mexican Finance Ministry

Minister’s Chief of Staff

December 2000 – November 2006


Business Strategy


Strategic Planning


Carnegie Mellon University

Institute for Software Research

2012 – 2012

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Executive Education, Stanford Executive Program

2011 – 2011


BS, Applied Mathematics

1994 – 1998

Groups and Board Memberships Joined in His Lifetime Thus Far

Doctors Without Borders | MSF USA

Additionally, Porfirio has more than 500,000 business and professional – and even personal – contacts that may be found throughout multiple business and social networks, respectively. He is truly a man of talent. He is also a leader with a unique vision for amplified success – both individual and corporate. He’s well-known in his country.

How Dick and Betsy DeVos are changing lives in their community

Dick and Betsy DeVos lift the veil on their $139M in philanthropy

Dick and Betsy DeVos have always attracted a lot of attention. This can be attributed to their donations on political platforms. This however is very small in relation to the many contributions that they make to charity drives across the country.


When their contributions to republicans are being investigated the two are making contributions to charity through their foundation. They have lifted the veil on philanthropic giving that was there before giving millions in donations. Compared to the $5.3 million that the couple donated to campaigns, the couple has donated around $11.6 million to charitable organizations through their family foundation. They are part of a family dynasty that has involved themselves in republican politics for many years.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have always prioritized their giving to education. This is clear looking at the over $3 million that they gave to education causes. They also gave a significant amount of donations to groups that are dedicated towards reforms in the education sector. The couple says they prioritize education reforms because they have noted that the current system does not fulfill the American dream. They saw the problem as a civil rights problem.


The couple says that they want to address the platform of ‘one size fits all’. They say that the platform has failed but the same should not be taken as a criticism of the workers noting that there are many teachers that are dedicated to their work.


Contrary to what critics say that the donations are meant to drive the Devos’ agenda through, the couple maintains that the donations meet the criteria of being called charitable organizations. They say most of the donations are meant for assisting the targeted people directly.


Dick and Betsy DeVos changing institutions, and the face of their hometown

The Devos’ have been at the forefront of changing the fortunes of their community and their hometown in general. This can be seen when they opposed the contraction of a multipurpose sports facility and arena in 1991. They opposed the idea because they thought that the construction would have the same negative effects as other previous constructions that had been done before in the same area.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have used their family fortunes to try and change the fortunes of their community through policy change and changing of institutions. They have used their donations to influence the change of state laws that have an effect on education and labor.


One of the major successes that they have had is the transformation and expansion of charter schools. Their transformation agenda is geared towards the goal of having children from poor families have the same opportunities as their other counter parts.


I just got my HVAC from Goettl

Finding the best HVAC system to suit your preference can be a challenge. Balancing temperature with bills can be tricky. However, you should know that Goettl is a reliable solution. Gone are the days and now let Goettl the experts do the job. As a matter of scratch my back I scratch yours, you are provided with tips to improve your AC systems experience in the summer. The tips require one to carry out AC maintenance, also consider the use of ceiling fan or get smart of by getting an automatic thermostat.

Consider keeping your HVAC system under a shade and replace worn out parts. Have radiant barrier insulation installed, try to maintain thermostat set close to 78 degrees, apply tint window film in occasions where your windows lack low-emissivity, weatherize your home by replacing old insulation and have Goettl tune up your system at least once in a year.

Failing being another way to prevail, the Goettl faced a challenge in the 2000s. The problems were a result of being owned by a state company that only paid attention to profit making, and they were not good at delivering customer care services, therefore in 2013, Ken Goodrich purchased the company and with his ideal strategies, their revenue per year has grown, changing the culture of employees too.

The philanthropy work done is a significate feature to note, The College of Southern Nevada and an elderly local woman who depended on a swamp cooler are beneficiaries of donations from Goettl. Founded in 1926 by Adam, John, and Bill Brothers, the firm is an industry leader in AC systems. With their unique way of work, the company has expanded to own the Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical Inc. They provide a unique method which determines the date of production and age of Goettl systems. With a vast means of reaching their clients, link up with them on social media and have your HVAC now

Whitney Wolfe Breaks Away From The Crowd

Bumble is the company that is setting the dating at world on fire. Whitney Wolfe is the entrepreneur that started this company, and she is making a name for herself as one of the hottest trendsetters in the dating app industry.

She is also one of the youngest people to gain social media buzz as a business leader. Whitney Wolfe has been in the business arena for several years, and her star just seems to be shining even brighter as she expands the business that has taken a detour from the mainstream.

When people look at dating apps and the way that these companies are positioned in they will have to admit that Whitney Wolfe has taken an alternate route. While most of the big businesses for dating apps are located on the east and west coast, Whitney Wolfe took a journey back to her native state of Texas. She opened a headquarters for Bumble in Austin. This was a big departure from what everyone else was doing, but this is exactly what Whitney Wolfe has based all her decisions on. She wanted to do something different than what everyone else was doing in every aspect.

She has called her app a dating app for feminists. This is something that had never been done in the dating world. She also put women in charge of making the first move. This was another first for the dating app industry. Whitney Wolfe has proven that she has a lot of innovative ideas, and they appear to just keep coming as she makes her way to the center of the dating app industry. One thing that she has done recently that has gained a lot of attention is talk about the expansion of her company.

Whitney Wolfe knows that she has the attention of single people, but she realizes that she wants to be more of a social media force. In order to do this she needed she would have to expand beyond dating and consider the possibility of bringing Bumble to people that were looking for opportunities to network or make friends.

Purina Beneful Is The Best

If you’ve been on the search for a reputable dog food brand and don’t like the harmful ingredients that most companies use in their food then look no further. Purina Beneful offers some of the best selections of food available for dogs. They sell wet dog food, dry dog food, and even different treats and snacks. Their products can be found world wide and are always set at a great price through the Walmart chain.

Both wet and dry dog food come in the same flavors. They have real beef, real chicken, and even real salmon with a healthy weight option. If you couldn’t tell, all of their food and snacks are made with real ingredients. Price varies based on the size and blend, but not on the flavor. For example canned dog foods are a different price than dry foods because they sell different sizes and weights based on packaging.You can pretty much just google Purina Beneful coupons and coupons will pop up from all over. The Beneful website has coupons offered from their main page and Walmart has coupons specific to the Walmart franchise. Right now they have three coupons that offer a huge among of savings. You can also buy dog food Online :

The Philanthropic President of Nabors, Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the serving President of Nabors Industries. He is a happy family man, married to his college sweetheart Cynthia Carafa. Cynthia is a film producer and soap opera actress. Anthony and Cynthia participate actively in philanthropic activities, and together they have funded the neurological research center in Texas Children Hospital giving a donation of $7 million.

The charity work was inspired by their daughter who was born prematurely and suffers from cerebral palsy. According to them, every day is a miracle, for every time their daughter wakes up in the morning and does something as simple as chewing, they are amazed. This gave them an insight into the struggles of parents raising children who suffer similar condition and might not have the financial capability to take care of their children who have special needs.

The research center funded by Anthony and Cynthia carries out pediatric research in various institutions across the world like UCLA. From the findings of the research, Anthony concluded that there is the need for translational research to make a difference, but no one is doing it. He takes note of the fact that there are few brain research centres for adults but none for children.

Anthony Petrolle was elected in the executive committee and Board of Directors of Nabors Industries in the year 1991 and has served as the C.E.O since 2011. Anthony is also a director at Texas Children Hospital. He has served as the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board since June 2012. Nabors Industries is among the world’s largest drilling contracting firms.Nabors Industries Ltd is based in Hamilton, Bermuda. The company drills natural and geothermal gas in America, the Middle East, and Africa. Nabors also provides onshore well servicing and offshore drilling rig servicing in North America.According to Anthony’s college roommate, Lloyd Grove, Tony was a skinny boy with a loud mouth, and he had a Jersey accent. He was a very jovial student making jokes over lunch break and sometimes he would laugh at his jokes. He believes Anthony still has a remarkable sense of humor just like those days.

Larkin & Lacey

Imagine being an unnamed human being, reduced to bones and fragments of your story along the contentious border of Mexico and the United States.

Moreover, a dream to reach a land in hopes of receiving a welcome from a collection of immigrant pioneers; deferred in utter failure.

Coupled with increasing tensions from the outcry of many to seal the door shut on the faces of dreamers. Given these points, a Border State like Arizona is home to many tireless warriors that uphold the ideals of America that many either ignore or are not fully aware.

In a word, groups that advocate for civil, human and migrant rights are at the forefront of change. Likewise, some groups support the souls that perished along the way. In essence, identifying and giving dignity to the dead is as important as rescuing those detained.

In a word, groups like the Colibrí Center for Human Rights undertake the heartbreaking task of locating missing people that sought to cross the U.S.-Mexican Border via The Missing Migrant Report.

And partnerships bring a collective consciousness and power. As a matter of fact, two journalists that locked arms with the Colibrí Center for Human Rights redeemed an incident of abuse against them for exposing the many wrongs against immigrants.

Uniquely, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin took journalism, courage and tenacity and in an amazing display of alchemy launched the Frontera Fund. And this advocacy group puts economic power behind their efforts to empower the Mexican Immigrants that have been so severely ravaged by inequities in a system that seems like a Goliath.

But the Colibrì Center for Human Rights and the Frontera Fund are holding the Three Smooth Stones that are taking the giant of discrimination down!

Awareness is fundamental in changing the hearts and minds of Americans to defeat xenophobia, especially in the younger generation. After all, technology meets activism and a lot can be accomplished by the use of smart phone technology. Read more: Phoenix New Time

Therefore, these groups are very active on social media and update the public on the ever changing landscape of these issues. Likewise, these platforms do provide Spanish Language content as well.

Furthermore, the people that make up these groups are so impressive and come from stellar backgrounds in anthropology, policy, journalism, forensic science, economics, geography and art. And with such a kaleidoscope of achievement and compassion; Immigrants have dedicated partners in human rights that are reminding America to be American.

Please look these groups up and join in the conversation and roll up your sleeves if you are called. The Colibrì Center for Human Rights can be found at and the Frontera Fund at

Learn more about Michael Lacey:

The Dallas Zoo Gets a New Addition

The Dallas zoo now has a new addition-The Hippo Habitat. It was no small feat and has been over a decade and a half in the waiting. The Dallas residents are pretty excited for the new addition and it was made possible by the generosity of James Dondero and Highland Capital Management.


James Dondero along with his firm, Highland Capital Management, made a very generous donation of $1 million to the hippo cause and it helped to aid in the expensive construction of the new habitat. The donation made it possible to construct the 5,000 square foot “Highland Capital Lodge” that can be used for private events. All of the proceeds gained from any functions held in the new outpost will go towards improving the zoo.


It cost $14 million to bring the hippos back to the zoo and it was worth every penny. The new improvements will draw in lots of people and this means that more money will go into keeping and improving the zoo. The habitat is a 2.1 acre plot with a 120,000-gallon African waterhole habitat with a submerged viewing area. It is now home to Adhama and Boipelo, two lovely hippos who are lucky to have such an amazing home to live in. You can read more about the story of how the new habitat came to be here


Highland Capital Management is known for their generous donations to good causes and they are thoroughly invested in their community. Dondero has donated millions of dollars to various development projects within the community including the recent hippo project. Dondero’s always happy to help and is continuously working with Dallas residents to make their communities better.

James Dondero has three decades of experience in his field of expertise and is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He’s on the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote. He is also Chairman of the board of Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank, and NexPoint. James Dondero holds his majors in accounting and in finance and graduated form the University of Virginia. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Management Accountant.

Providing a Strong Education Foundation with Orange Coast College

When you think of the sport of Rowing, you think of eight people sitting a narrow boat, working in tandem to cut through the water as quickly as possible. This is the sport of elite athletes, and they forge bonds that transfer over into all aspects of the student’s lives. Orange Coast College has a little-known but legendary rowing team that is quickly gaining a reputation for being one of the best teams in the United States. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

Since rowing became popular 60 years ago, Orange Coast College Rowing teams have captured 11 national titles, with the latest one being taken in 2016. Orange Coast College has seen ten rowing students go on to compete in the Olympics and the World Championships. Rowing team members started out at Orange Coast College, and have gone on to prestigious schools like UC Berkley, Stanford, and Boston University. Read more: Orange Coast Colleg | Facebook

There are typically 80 men and 40 women who start out the school year on the teams, and by the end of the year, half are gone. They are unable to commit the time and dedication this sport demands.

Orange Coast College will go against 40 other teams, most from four-year universities; and the main event will feature boats flying 2,000 meters in just under 6 minutes. The winning school will take the national title, and Orange Coast College is hoping to live up to its nickname of ‘Giant Killer’ once again.

Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is a 164 acre campus located in Southern California in Costa Mesa. It was founded in 1947 and opened its doors to students in 1948. Since opening, it has grown into one of the nation’s most well-respected community colleges.

Orange Coast College offers 135 career choices, with half of the student’s enrolling in one of the Career and Technical Education programs. Coast Colleges ranks first in successful academic transfers to the University of California and the California State University systems.

Orange Coast College’s Mission

Orange Coast College has a mission to always strive for academic success. They want to transform student’s lives through excellent education and give them the foundation they need to transfer to a four-year university and thrive. This college relies on community involvement and community support to do the best it can by its students, and Orange Coast College will continue to provide a steady foundation for students for generations to come.