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OSI Food Solutions wins the Globe of Honour Award

OSI Food Solutions received the Globe of Honour Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council for its excellent management of the environment. The company has played green technologies as part of its plan to meet the high demand for food products. The award shows the commitment that this company is putting in the preservation of the environment. OSI was one of the 18 organizations which received the award in the whole world. The award does not come easy as the companies which are shortlisted have to go through a thorough process of verification to ensure that they are the best.

OSI Food Solutions in the same period initiated plans to expand operations further. The company started with the acquisition of Tyson Foods plant located in Chicago. The plant will enable the company to meet the high demand for food products in North America. The company is also using this as a chance to increase its productivity in the region by incorporating, more food products. Although the plant was designed for the production of chicken products, OSI is expected to use it for production of all its products. This is just one of the attempts that the company has taken in recent times to increase food production in the local market.

OSI Food Solutions has expanded its plant in Toledo with a mission of increasing its production of chicken products. There is high demand of these products in Portugal and Spain, and it can only be right that the company invests in the production of more products so that it can meet the high demand that is coming from the customers. When the customer wants more of something, it is upon the business owners to provide. OSI Food Solutions has now doubled the production of chicken products. It will now be producing over 24,000 tons of chicken products annually.

OSI Food Solutions is now a leading company in the world in the production of food products. The company has created job opportunities for over 20,000 people in all its branches. In the recently expanded facility in Toledo, 20 more jobs opportunities have been created. 160 employees will now serve the plant. The expansion of this plant was praised by the COO of the company David McDonald a step that will take that company closer to the people. They will also be able to increase the products portfolio. Going into the future, it seems that this company is in the right direction and will continue doing well.

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End Citizens United Projects Beto O’Rourke May Upset Ted Cruz

Look out Ted Cruz, here comes Beto O’ Rourke. According to a poll by political action committee End Citizens United, O’Rourke is catching up to the Republican incumbent. In an election year that has already seen thirty-four Republican seats go Democrat, such a story is beginning to trend. Although Cruz is still in the lead to maintain his long-held seat, O’Rourke is gaining momentum and could very well eclipse Cruz before it is all said and done. As Cruz would join a list of long-standing seat holders to be ejected, this election year could prove fruitful for End Citizens United and its quest for campaign reform. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase

End Citizens United is the offensive response to the 2010 Citizens United vs. FEC Supreme Court ruling. This is the ruling that mandated corporations as people, allowing the unrestricted flow of money into U.S. elections. The ruling gave big business the ability to form PACs and Super-PACs that now influence both minor and major elections. Such an unfettered influence can allow such corporations to buy elections, and then garner legislations that benefits their end game. End Citizens United’ end game is to stop that from happening by revoking the 2010 ruling. Such a large-scale goal cannot be achieved in the legal system, as the highest law of the land already ruled, but that does not mean legislation cannot hamper it. Therefore, ECU uses grassroots funding to advocate for candidates that support election reform. Candidates like Beto O’Rourke.

O’Rourke does not take money from Super-PAC’s and is against unfettered political contributions from corporations. End Citizens United supports reform candidates like him to gain seats. The more seats such candidates win, the more reform-oriented legislation can be passed. ECU was formed in 2015 and has worked hard every election year to get its candidates elected. Most of these candidates are Democrat, as the left side of the political spectrum is more geared to reform. O’Rourke has a good shot, and certainly would be a jewel for ECU’s election crown, but even if Cruz retains his seat they will not stop fighting for what they believe in.



The Master Architect Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is a renowned architecture with robust accomplishments under his sleeves, and he prides in being an instrumental to different architectural causes. His dedication was recognized by Mississippi Institutes of Arts and Letters nominating him for the Polk Awards. The Award is given to art patrons and performers with Mississippi connection who has exhibited commendable success in performance, creation, and support of art. It’s the first time for an architect to receive the honorably reward.

The announcement of Robert Ivy win was made by Carl Elefante the American Institute of Architect President who acknowledges Robert as the perfect ambassador and symbol to their profession. He also lauded Ivy as a prosperous and industrious man who is an embodiment to the broader architect professional.

Following his winning announcement, Robert Ivy received numerous accolades from different personnel’s who genuinely acknowledged his constant devotion in promoting art. Nancy LaForge, the MIAL President, asserted that Robert was indeed a great performer in making architecture easily accessible to the modern society. She emphatically stated that Robert rightfully deserved to receive the Polk Award due to his life support and also immense devotion of the profession.

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Robert Ivy joins the small list of the previous Mississippi honorees among them includes Morgan Freeman, a dedicated actor who received the award in 2007. Other winners of the ward include writers Shelby Foote and Eudora Welty honored in years 2004 and 2001 respectively. Alongside Robert during the primary and official conferment will be Mr. Andrew Young who is the stained-glass designer of the Pearl River Glass Studios.

More about Robert Ivy

Robert a Mississippi-born is a winning author, and a world-wide commentator on matters pertaining the architectural world. He went to Tulane University for his Masters in Architecture and Sewanee University of the South for his Bachelor of Art majoring in English. He once served as a US Navy officer.

He joined the American Institutes of the Architects in 2011 as the Chief Executive Officer recording tremendously growth and success. During his working career, Robert has been lucky enough to receive various awards from different architecture and journalism bodies.

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GreenSky Credit

GreenSky Credit is a financial program that was founded in Atlanta, Georgia. In fact, the most interesting aspect of GreenSky credit is that it was built by a 14 year old. The company emphasizes in helping customers find the best financial options for their needs. GreenSky Credit also focused on the importance of integration technology into the way we view payments and credit. With the use of online loans that are easy to access, GreenSky Credit can help individuals increase their financial freedom and allow them to live a much higher quality of life.

Why Choose GreenSky

GreenSky Credit is an optimal choice for your financial needs due to their commitment to high customer service. GreenSky is committed to helping businesses thrive and develop by offering financial solutions that are easy to access online. The GreenSky core values emphasize this goal. GreenSky focuses on delivering:

High Quality Customer Service

– Anticipating the needs of customers fully and completely

– Growing with businesses and adapting to meet their needs

Satisfying businesses and their customers

Making an Impact

– Making an experience that is effective, but of a high quality

– Online services that are efficient

Enthusiastic Team Members

– Staff that is committed to being positive

Consistent service and satisfaction

Being an Advocate

– Staff advocates for the needs of their customers and community

– GreenSky is consistent and reliable

Who Does GreenSky Service

The GreenSky Credit program can accommodate the needs of a variety of different individuals and businesses. Whether you need assistance with home improvement or health care, you can trust GreenSky for your financial needs. GreenSky has a variety of different resources to respond to the needs of individuals in numerous different situation.

When it comes to shaping your financial future, GreenSky is an excellent choice for finding the best lending opportunities for your needs. Ensure your success and secure financial freedom with GreenSky.

Adam Milstein Came To America With A Specific Goal In Mind

Adam Milstein came to America from Israel with a specific goal in mind. He wanted to make an impact and use his education to do something meaningful in the world. Adam has established himself in the United States as a premier figure in real estate. He is based in Los Angeles and is the managing partner of his own real estate firm known as Hager Pacific Properties.

Adam Milstein grew up in Israel as the son of a real estate developer. He learned a great deal from these experiences. Adam was educated in his home country. He also served an obligatory term in the Israeli Army before deciding to move to the United States.

Adam Milstein migrated to the United States with his family in 1981. They set up shop in Southern California where Adam began working on a master’s degree. He obtained an MBA from the University of Southern California and looked to enter the real estate industry.

Adam Milstein entertained several corporations when looking for a job. He was not impressed with the offers that were being made to him. Adam did not think the pay was very much. He also did not believe that these companies would develop him into the businessman that he wanted to be.

Adam Milstein had studied to be an entrepreneur at USC. He decided that this was the route he needed to take. Adam went out on his own after a brief stint as a real estate broker and started making investments.

Adam has achieved the level of success that he desired and now spends a great deal of his time in philanthropy. He believes in doing work within the community. Milstein was a founding member of the Israeli American Council. He also sits on the board of the Israeli On Campus Coalition. Adam and his wife founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The organization looks to mentor young people and encourage them to maintain an identity with the home country.

A Brief History of Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi was born in New York City and first began his career in finance in 2009 when he became the founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. It’s an investment management firm based out of New York that is dedicated to helping correct misconceptions regarding over-hyped shorts as well as undervalued stocks that people often overlook. Under his leadership, the company has expanded to include many new divisions such as biotechnology, telecommunications, and mining. Besides his work at Kerrisdale, Sahm Adrangi also serves as the keynote speaker at various conferences throughout the nation such as the distressed debt investing conference and many others. He is also notable for being featured in such high-profile newspapers as the Wall Street Journal.

Recently, the company increased its stake in an enterprise known as Luxoft Hldg Inc by 19.27% and it doesn’t seem to be a good investment for them. They bought a total of 118,600 shares in the company. Not long afterward, the stock of the company plummeted by a total of 26.09%. Fortunately, the company managed to retain 734,056 shares by the end of the first quarter of the year. Of course, these are expensive stocks valued at over $30 million which is a significant increase from last quarter. Sahm Adrangi has given no indication that he wants to pull out of the stock market but it does seem like it would be a smart move if this declining trend continues on.

Sahm Adrangi has been investing in Luxoft for a few months now and they currently have a market cap of $1.3 billion. The stock increased by more than half during the last trading session where it peaked at over 38 million dollars. However, Luxoft has found their stock to be decreasing by over 50 percent since July of 2017 and it doesn’t look to be increasing anytime soon. Additionally, Saratoga Research & Investment Management has also been experiencing a decrease in their stock values. The company has been investing in Coca for the past few months and it doesn’t seem to be paying off but hopefully, things will pick up.

Freedom Checks – Investment Solution by Matt Badiali to Secure Your Life Financially

Investing is an art that you need to master with time if you want to live without any financial worries. Trusting what the leading financial gurus have to say is one way to go about it. Make sure that you continue to keep track of where the financial markets are going in order to know which financial products are worth investing in and which to stay away from. If you are a novice in the field of finance, then you might want to get the subscription of financial newsletters such as Real Wealth Strategist. It is one of the leading financial newspaper in the United States and is edited by Matt Badiali, a renowned geologist as well as financial advisor.

As a natural resources expert, he has been able to track the natural resources companies that are growth oriented and highly profitable. He names such companies in his newsletter, so that the readers gain the knowledge and the information needed to make smart investments from time to time. It is in his newsletter that he has named some of the top MLP companies as well that provide the investors with more than ninety percent of their net income. It is these dividends that the MLP companies pay out is what he refers to as Freedom Checks in his recent advertisement.

Freedom Checks through investments as per his advice are almost sure to come and it would help you stay financially secure through your life. Having a regular income is needed in these days when the financial market continues to remain unstable and prices of just about everything is going up frequently. Freedom Checks through investing in MLP companies seems like a good solution to your financial worries. Matt Badiali has done considerable amount of research to ensure that the readers do not get misled and lose money. Having a financial anchor like the Freedom Checks strategy that Matt Badiali provides more details about in his newsletter is highly essential in today’s time. It would provide the financial cushion you need to keep you and your family protected financially during rainy times.

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The DeVos’ Dedication to Change

The Crain’s Report on Dick and Betsy DeVos

The Crain’s Detroit Business recently did an article article about Dick and Betsy DeVos and their dedication to the state of Michigan. Dick and Betsy DeVos are two individuals who both have lead highly successful personal and public lives. Dick DeVos inherited his family’s company and became CEO of Amway from 1993 to 2002. Presently, Betsy DeVos is serving as the Secretary of Education in the United States.



Sticking to Their Ethics

Dick and Betsy DeVos campaigned against a multipurpose sports and convention arena in Grand Rapids Michigan. They felt as if the arena would be detrimental for to city, and their campaigning led to the formation of Grand Action. This is a group of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business leaders that helped with the construction of several facilities in the state of Michigan. These facilities included the DeVos Place Convention Center, and the Grand Rapids City Market at Michigan State University Medical School.


The Giving Spirit

Dick and Betsy DeVos are two individuals who have been dedicated to philanthropy for decades. They formed the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989. Over the course of several years, this foundation has given away more than $130 million. This is a foundation that focused on health and human services, religion, and art and culture. Apart from that, Dick and Betsy DeVos made a donation of more than $12 million towards the construction of the Children’s Hospital in the Spectrum Health System in Grand Rapids Michigan. The construction of this Children’s Hospital helped several families to be able to stay in Michigan and continue working while their children were receiving medical attention. Before the construction of this hospital, families quite often had to drive to Minnesota to go to the Mayo clinic or to Chicago to go to Ann Arbor.


Education Is Key

Dick and Betsy DeVos are two individuals who are highly dedicated to education. They are both campaigners for education reform. Dick DeVos founded the Grand Rapids international Airport School, and Betsy DeVos has fought for charter schools in the state of Michigan and beyond. Betsy DeVos is a true advocate for choice in school selection. She advocated for school vouchers around the country, and because of that, a large number of states have voucher programs for private schools. DeVos’s drive for education is the reason why President Trump chose her for the Secretary of Education.


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Infinity Group Australia Uses a Cash Based Budgeting Strategy to Help Families Get Back on Track

Joseph Roberts published the article “Financial Fitness with Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia” on the Analyst of Finance daily finance news website. The article reveals how the Broker Graeme Holm and his partner, Rebecca Walker, spent half of 2013 developing an integrated business plan to help address the issues in the Australian mortgage nice. Holm is one of the Top 100 Brokers in Australia.


Throughout their research, the partners recognized that many families did not have the information or support to maintain the mortgage. In many instances, Holm felt that the families were not getting a good deal from the financial industry. This led Holm to begin the Infinity Group Australia where he hoped to change the norm in the mortgage market. He wanted to provide families and individuals with a training program that would help people develop financial knowledge and fitness.


Graeme Holm became the director of Infinity Group Australia after spending ten years in one of the Big Four banks. He has worked in the financial industry for more than 17 years. After joining Infinity Group Australia, Holm noticed that many families in the area were struggling with money, often living paycheck to paycheck. The families were so strapped for cash that they were only able to make their minimum loan repayments for their 30-year mortgage term. With his passion for the financial world and a deep passion for helping Australian families get better deals, he developed Infinity Group Australia. The company was created with a client-first mindset where the company helps the average Australian reduce their debt while simultaneously securing their future.


The company has a unique manner of helping families get the results they need. They provide help and resources, which leads the average customer to pay off more than $41,000 in debt within a year. This process has helped the company win a variety of awards. They provide services from retirement strategies, property investment, debt reduction, and even wealth creation. They seek to ensure every customer’s success by providing as much guidance and support as they need.


Infinity Group Australia’s process is incredibly different from the normal brokers. They investigate in detailed research on the household expenses of each client paired with an in-depth discussion of the family’s needs and wants. The meetings help focus the client on creating action. The meetings lead to the customers implementing a cash-based budget for typical expenses like entertainment, travel, fuel, and groceries to keep them accountable. Learn more :

Upwork Wants To Help With Getting Everything Crossed Off That TO-Do List

Upwork is a global platform for freelancers looking for jobs. The platform allowed businesses and independent contractors to connect and work together. The freelancers on the site can provide over 3,000 different services. It is considered one of the largest websites for freelancers. Upwork understands that one of the best ways for a freelancer to earn money is to be organized, and one of the best ways to do that is to create a to-do list. However, not all to-do lists are created equal. Here are some steps on how to get a do-list to function as a valuable resource.

Put in all down on paper

When creating a to-do list, put everything on that list. This way there is no need to try to remember everything that needs to be done. This frees the brain to focus its energy on other matters, instead of focusing on a list that you are trying to remember.

Make the list at night

Most people have a surge of energy in the morning. Instead of wasting that energy on list making, use the energy for completing tasks. Decide the night before what tasks have the highest importance and place them on the top.

Get all the lists in one spot

Take the notes off the laptop or other places that you write things down, and get them in one spot. Make one master list. Also, when creating the list, add as much detail as possible. Besides deadlines, add how much time will be needed to complete the task, at what time of day the task will be worked on, and if other supplies are needed to complete the task. It is also easier to break down larger tasks into subgroups. Cross off the mini-tasks when completed as you continue to work towards completing the main task. Do the same action for all tasks. If phone calls are needed, doing this all at once will save a lot of time that can be used for other tasks.