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Current Lime Crime Promotions and Deals

Finding affordable makeup can sometimes be a challenge. Some makeup brands however, make it easy to save money. One of these makeup companies is called Lime Crime they offer specials on their website every month for their customers. Here are some current promotions that they have going on on their site.

One promotion that they are doing is you get a free Velvetine lip stick if you spend over seventy five dollars. All you have to do is use the code LIPPIE at checkout. This discount is good until 2/27/18 at 11:59pm.

Another discount that they are doing is you can get ten percent off your order. If you sign up for their emails you will get this wonderful discount. If you are already going to order something from their site then you might as well sign up and save some money in the process.

If you refer friends to the website and they make a purchase then you get either a five dollars off your thirty dollar purchase or a ten dollar off your thirty dollar purchase. If you refer a lot of friends then this can really add up to a lot of credit.

Lastly, Lime Crime has a promotion going on that if you spend a certain amount of money you get free shipping. You have to spend at least fifty dollars and your shipping is free within the United States. If you live outside of the United States then you will pay an added fee.

Most people want to get the most out of their money. They also want to get the most products for the least amount of money. They want great products that are high quality yet low in cost. Lime Crime offers it’s customers these great promotions. They offer different ones each month. So take advantage of one or a few of them today. You won’t be unhappy that you purchased your makeup with them.

OSI Group has Made a Great Legacy

Osi Group has made a name for itself in the food processing industry. The company began as a meat processing firm in USA. Today, it has extended to other parts of the world. OSI has also acquired other companies as part of growth. The company has a very long history as it is very old. It started as Otto & Sons in 1928 and after Sheldon Lavin took over, the name changed to OSI Group.

The change of name also meant that the approaches, strategies and management would also change. Since then, OSI Group was set to deliver quality, customer satisfaction and increase lean production. The headquarters are in Chicago with other plants in Geneva, California, Iowa, Utah and Wisconsin. These plants have played a big role in increasing efficiency and production.

Corporate social responsibility is an important aspect of OSI Group. CSR in OSI entails sustainability. It encompasses economic, social and environmental practices. OSI Group has come this far because of maintaining this integrity. The company has also been participative in community development. OSI is grateful to the public because it is a stakeholder of the company. Efforts of protecting the environment have also made OSI Group win awards.

Since OSI Group started, it has acquired some other companies. The goal was to increase variety and choices for customers. Quality is also a vital goal for the company. The two companies that have been absorbed by OSI are Tyson and Baho Foods. The company has increased performance and service delivery to its clients. It has also increased OSI’s market share and the growth of the brand globally.

The owner, CEO and chairman of OSI Group is Sheldon Lavin. He has worked hard to bring the company this far. Also, the employees have also played a major role in making the company a success. OSI Group is a great place for career growth and success. The company receives freshly graduated candidates as long as they are passionate about their work.

OSI Group is a platform that promotes inclusivity and diversity. Everyone is different and their contribution is valuable to the company. By pooling all the talent from employees, the company receives the best from the workforce. OSI Group also supports employees by organizing trainings, workshops, seminars and other learning opportunities. OSI Group is glad to be a place where people come to hone their skills as they help the organization achieve its goals.

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A sheriff that did not deserve a presidential pardon

With about $690,000 hard cash invested in two small commercial properties in Scottsdale and Fountain Hills Sheriff Joe Arpaio is definitely a man of means despite being a public officer for almost his entire life and with an annual salary of about 78,000 dollars.

The sheriff was very upset when the story about this two properties was brought to light by the Phoenix New Times. The revelation was done by John Dougherty, an investigative journalist who had been looking at the sheriff’s financial transactions for some time. This revelation was just one of the many that were revealed by his article most of this properties were never disclosed to the public by the sheriff himself.

In fact, the sheriff went to a great extent to ensure that he covered all his tracks and no one would at least easily find out what he owned. The sheriff would threaten the journalist with dire consequences even trying to use the county attorney to use an obscure law to prosecute him. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

The charge would be publishing the address of a law enforcement officer which unfortunately for him turned out to be only illegal if it endangers the officer’s life, and it can only be deemed a crime if the publishing is done online as opposed to print which John Dougherty had done.

This would mark the continued bad blood between the sheriff and the owners of the Phoneix new times. Larkin was CEO of the paper while his partner Lacey was the paper’s executive editor. The sheriff viewed it as there duty to prevent the publishing of such articles and as so he would rope them in as part of those he had a grudge against.

Michael and Jim had a history with the sheriff as they had developed a knack for publishing his misdeeds always putting his actions in check. The sheriff since his election in 1992 had overseen some of the worst race relations in a county that had a substantial number of Hispanic immigrants.

The sheriff operated tent cities which served as jails initially meant to deal with jails overcrowding problems. This jails were known for there human rights abuses and were always grossly understaffed where 1800 inmates were at times overseen by four officers.

This was despite the sheriff running a hundred and forty million dollar operation, i.e. sheriffs department. Money meant for jails was diverted continuously by the sheriff and his cronies which in turn would continue to strain the jails already in existence. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The sheriff knew how to run a PR operation, and by continually inventing threats against his life and maintaining a racist tough on immigration policy he was able to convince the public that he was the man for the job. His bubble would constantly burst under the scrutiny of by Lacey and Larkin who never shied away from reporting what was actually happening at all times.

This remained a thorn in the flesh of the sheriff, and he vowed to teach them a lesson. This would come in the form of arrests effected in the middle of the night but instead of weakening there resolve only made it stronger.

We All Need A Good Bank Account

It doesn’t matter how much money you have. Making a million this year or $32,000 is meaningless when it comes to basic financial services. Everyone in this modern-day needs a bank account. The dynamic of holding money under your bed or solely in your wallet creates a number of different elements than the dynamic of safety in a bank account.

History works in such a way that we don’t see the developments of how banks revolutionized your money. Imagine that you had a balance of $1,000. Now imagine if you walked around with it everywhere you went. You’ll likely spend most of it due the convenience of it in your pocket. If not, the likelihood of being robbed after someone sees you spending are very high.

Starting With A Clear Objective

Every bank account starts with a clear objective, and you don’t have to be a financial major to see the importance of these developments. The modern world is no longer paper only. You have paper, gold and emerging digital currencies. The world is improving in many ways, and it doesn’t take much to catch up. You need the right adjustment and fast.

Bringing together the best of modern banking is the first step. A simple bank account puts your financial future into account. This management takes little time to register, and most professionals have done the work for you. The professionals in banking that you need are found locally and help to grow the expanding Dallas, Texas economy.

Who Is The NexBank Team

NexBank is a local bank in Texas.

The agency is bringing its clients into a better understanding of the powerful forces beginning to identify our city. There’s rapid expansion, and this brings in a world of money, business and opportunities. The opportunities we have for you are grounded on the success you will also experience with our rising city-economy.

NexBank is comprised of world-class professionals. The agency was created through the experience of Wall Street’s most prominent minds in finance. There’s a modern world evolving before your eyes, and all it takes is a simple account to get connected to it. NexBank is ready to show you a way to improve your financial future.

Jeremy Goldstein on incentives programs for workers

The use of stock options is one of the ways through which corporations have been compensating their workers. This method has been used for a long time by many organizations from all over the world. It has been a way of making the employees feel like they are part of the company. Once they feel that they own a stake in the company they are likely to perform well and consequently benefit the company.


Stock options have recently been losing their place in corporate compensation. It is no longer regarded as a method that could benefit the company. The dynamics have changed, and the economic environment is no longer the same as it was. Today, a business must deal with new problems which are changing almost on a daily basis. Depending also on the competition that is taking place in the business environment business organizations cannot afford to use a method that will put it behind competitors. Businesses must strive to remain innovative and come up with plans that will favor them.


Stock options have made it impossible for businesses to save adequately. The fact that stock options can affect the financial status of a company is good enough to push away business organizations.


Stock options also have another disadvantage. There is a lot of accounting transactions associated with stock options. Employees have been opting to have a higher salary than be compensated using stock options. It is easier and better to accept a bigger salary than to take a stock option that no one knows about the outcome. Learn more:


EPS as an incentive method


EPS is an effective way of offering incentives to employees according to Jeremy Goldstein. Its effectiveness, however, depends on the ability of the business organization to implement the program. A business which implements EPS effectively has more chances of being successful according to research. EPS increases the financial capability of a business to offer higher incentives to the employees. EPS attract shareholders to a company if properly implemented.


However, there are two sides to EPS as a compensation method. Those who oppose it claim that it gives too much power to the business executives to engage in acts of favoritism and other business vices. It is easier for CEOs to use illegal means to make the share value look impressive to investors so that they can buy stocks in their companies. There is, therefore, a risk that EPS can be used wrongly to create a false impression about the financial status a business.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer in New York. He is also a corporate compensation adviser. He has worked with many organizations for the last 15 years trying to guide them on the best workers compensation programs they should implement.

Todd Lubar: Creating a Strong Financial Firm

Todd Lubar is a person who wanted to see others succeed, and every time he provides a house for someone, it touches his heart, and it gives him a warm feeling. Todd Lubar is not your ordinary businessman and entrepreneur because he would opt to help someone in need rather than take their money out of nothing and enjoying the pleasure. He has been renowned for his willingness to help people, and he has been recognized for it. He runs in different industries, and he has been a great entrepreneur and businessman, often having the idea of helping someone in his mind. He is the reason why so many businesses have become mighty, and through his company, TDL Global Ventures, LLC, small businesses thrived to become large corporations. Check out Yelp for more.



Today, Todd Lubar is known for being the founder of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. He is also serving as the president of the company, and he has been active in the industry ever since the firm was established. He is also serving the Legendary Investments as the senior vice presidents. For more than twenty years, Todd Lubar has been working with some of the leading real estate companies in the United States and asking them directly for assistance whenever someone wanted to purchase a house. He is known as one of the most excellent mortgage originators in the country, and he is being awarded every year for this distinction. For more details visit Crunchbase.



Being a jack-of-all-trades, Todd Lubar managed to master the art of learning other crafts. He is fond of helping everyone who needs his assistance, to the point of visiting a community and asking them what they need and what they wanted. Todd Lubar has been seen as one of the role models in the industry, and with his assistance, many lives are being transformed. According to some of the people that he assisted in the past, Lubar is one of the few who knows how to manage his skills and expertise well. He is also celebrated for his heart for those who are in dire need, and with his influence, many people are being blessed with something that they never expected. Visit Ideamensch to see more.


Get Help with Life’s Problems with Talkspace

For anyone who has ever wanted to go and see a therapist, you know how difficult it can be to actually get an appointment, let alone be able to afford what you would like to be able to do. Therapy can be incredibly expensive, especially for those who either have large deductibles or no health insurance at all. This is why a New York City company created the app known as Talkspace. Talkspace gives you access to professional and fully licensed therapists from your mobile device.

Once you download the app to your mobile device, you are going to get matched to a therapist who is absolutely perfect for you. You will be asked a series of questions so that you are able to get this wonderful matchup, which you are going to find to be incredibly beneficial in your healing and future well-being. Whether you are dealing with a true mental health disorder like depression or anxiety, or you simply want someone to talk to you at the end of a long day, Talkspace is a great app for you to utilize as often as you need.

Another thing that sets Talkspace apart from any other options that are available to you is that it is far cheaper than anything else that you might have used in the past. Conventional therapy can be downright expensive, costing you hundreds of dollars for just one session with a therapist. When you use Talkspace, you are given a flat rate fee that you will pay each week to make use of the app. You can also cancel at virtually any time without having to worry that there are any penalties or fees involved with this. For when you want to control your mental health and overall well-being, utilizing an app like Talkspace can help you to get started.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Has Given The Online Dating World The Makeover It Needed With Her Bumble Dating App

Whitney Wolfe Herd has changed the way the online dating game works, and in the process has made it a much better experience for women. The first thing that many women notice when using Bumble is that while it looks a bit like Tinder, once you get inside, it is nothing like it. They report that there is a classier vibe, and that the feature that allows women to make the first move is brilliant. Bumble is headquartered in Austin, Texas and while Wolfe Herd was a part of Tinder before she started up Bumble, she is ready to put that part of her history behind her. After her relationship with Justin Mateen and Sean Rad went south, she was forced to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Mateen who continually harrased her through texts and other methods. Eventually, she won the lawsuit and Tinder settled for over $1 million.

After Whitney Wolfe Herd left Tinder, Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo, which is a UK-based dating app, approached her looking for a possible business partnership. When she suggested starting up a teen social media network where only compliments would be rendered, he suggested she consider another dating app. When someone suggested that she name her app Bumble, she actually didn’t like it at first, but she eventually came around and warmed up to the name. She launched Bumble in 2014 as a dating app where women could feel safe, and in an interview, she was quick to point out that while women were the largest commodity for a dating site or app, they weren’t being treated as good as they should be.

Since those early days of Bumble, the company has grown to become one of the largest online dating apps in existence, and with Whitney Wolfe Herd in the lead, it is expected that the company will continue to grow.Whitney Wolfe Herd is the CEO and founder of Bumble, which is a dating app that allows women to make the first move. Bumble is also launching BumbleBizz and BumbleBFF, the latter which is for finding friends rather than love interests. In 2014, Business Insider named her one of the 30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech, and she was named one of Elle’s Women in Tech in 2016. Wolfe Herd studied at Southern Methodist University and majored in International Studies. She also started her own business while attending college at the very young age of 19.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Replaces Lzaro Brando For The Post of Chairman

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is set to take the place of Lázaro Brandão this year, as the Chairman of the largest financial institution in Brazil. Lázaro Brandão, aged 91 years, has dedicated a better part of his career as an employee of Bradesco and he has recently made a statement that he will no longer continue being the chairman of this reputable Brazilian bank. The financial mogul will continue owning his share in the group stakes as well as holdings.

The internal recruitment of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi set in motion a chain reaction, as with him as the new Chairman, Bradesco would soon begin looking for a new CEO. While the current set age for the retirement of the CEO of Bradesco is 65 years, the waive ensured that at the age of 64 years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi would not wholly exhaust this age limit.

In March 2018, the hunt for a new CEO will commence wherein existing leadership from within the company will rise the ranks based on both their past works and merits. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was considered as the first and only choice by Lázaro Brandão for his old post as the tenured professional has spent the last 48 years remaining dedicated to the growth of Bradesco. Not only has he been an integral part of core teams in the firm but during the years 1999 to 2009, he has also been employed as Bradesco’s Investor Relations Expert. He has also been a part of the Board of Directors and strives on a daily basis to aid in the betterment of the firm.


The Bradesco Group has seen many changes in the last few years, with the latest development being the race for the new CEO of the firm. In a conference, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi made a statement that the appointment will have to go through its natural course and the selection process hasn’t yet been begun. Many of the eligible professionals that are working for Bradesco are contesting to become the next CEO. One of these candidates is Mauricio Minas, and as quoted by O Estado de S, a local publication, this candidate had in the past ventured into new avenues and helped in implementing new technological advances for the firm. Another candidate in the runner-up category is Mauricio Minas, and through him the merger with another reputable bank was possible. He was also in charge of the project of building the firm’s internet banking system.

While the jury is not out as yet, there are an additional six candidates, all of whom are vice presidents of the firm. The people shortlisted for the post include but are not limited to Octavio of Lazari Junior, Alexandre da Silva Glüher, and Bradesco Seguros. Every one of the members has headed their departments for an extended tenure and have also aided in varying amounts for the fiscal and overall development of the firm. The HSBC merger was possible due to the efforts of a few of these banking professionals and other significant developments in the last decade were also possible due to the individual efforts of a few contestants.

Although the new Chairman of Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will have a significant vote in deciding who will be his replacement for the CEO post, the final decision will be made on a combination of crucial factors. These factors will include, the experience each contestant has, the skills set of each candidate and the number of years as well as the amount of knowledge each professional has in working with the corporate governance structure.

Search more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:á-presidência-do-conselho-do-Bradesco.htm

Dr. Rod Rohrich to Hold Key Roles at Three Educational Symposia in 2018

Rod Rohrich, one of the most celebrated aesthetic surgeons In America will hold key roles at three of the most innovative and prestigious symposiums in plastic and reconstructive surgery in 2018. In addition to his worldwide notoriety for his unmatched ability to undo the effects of time on his patients’ appearances, Dr. Rohrich is a premier educator and prominent member of the specialty’s academic and professional associations. His roles as presenter, planner, facilitator, and organizer for the events highlight his distinguished approaches in surgical practice and dedication as a professor and mentor.

Moderator, Lecturer, and Panelist at the 52nd Annual Baker-Gordon Educational Symposium, Miami, FL February 8th-10th, 2018

The Baker-Gordon Symposium is one of the oldest and largest educational and surgical theaters in the world. Dr. Rohrich will moderate two of the sessions, Pragmatic Solutions in Lower-Lid Blepharoplasty-Lectures with Video Demonstrations and the Elegant Outcomes in Body Contouring panels. He will also serve as on the lecture panel for the Elegant Solutions in Rhinoplasty and What Works-Facial rejuvenation programs.

Chairman and Organizer for the 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting February 28th-March 1st, 2018

The Global Cosmetic Surgery Meeting features emerging techniques and upgrades to current practices in aesthetic body contouring, liposuction and rejuvenation for both face and body. Surgeons will practice new skills in the meeting’s premier fresh cadaver lab under guidance from renowned practitioners in the arena of rejuvenation and reconstruction.

Chairman for the 35th Annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting, March 2nd-3rd, 2018

The Annual Rhinoplasty meeting contains hands-on training and presentations by a faculty of the most recognized authorities in facial reconstruction. Innovations in laser surgery and the prevention and resolution of common issues in practice will be discussed. Participants will also review anatomy and perform procedures in a fresh cadaver lab. Rod Rohrich earned his medical degree from Baylor University College of Medicine. He performed his general and plastic surgery residencies at the University of Michigan Medical Center. He has specialized fellowships from Oxford University and Harvard in pediatric aesthetic surgery and hand reconstruction. In addition to his surgical practice in Dallas, TX, he is a tenured professor and founder of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center.Rohrich is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the current president of the Association of Academic Chairmen of Plastic Surgery. He has also served as president of the Dallas Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons. An active educator, he has served in leadership capacities at numerous educational symposiums in the US and other countries. His repertoire of awards and nominations include Best Doctors in America by Good Housekeeping, Best Doctors in Dallas, Texas Super Doctors, and Best Doctors in America.