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Notable Achievements Of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison currently serves as chief compliance officer at financial investment and wealth management firm Hall Capital based in San Francisco, California. The west coast wealth management firm manages almost 24 billion dollars in investor assets, making it one of the biggest investment and management firms on the west coast. Helane Morrison was appointed to the position of chief compliance officer after an opening appeared in the company. 

Mrs. Morrison explains that she could have gone to much bigger firms that would have offered much bigger salaries and benefits. She could have also worked in a different position that would prove to be much more lucrative. Yet, the feisty former Securities and Exchanges Commissions prosecutor decided to accept a post at Hall Capital in San Francisco, California. Why is that you may ask? As you will find out Hall Capital proved to be highly tempting to Morrison for other reasons besides money. 

Helane Morrison describes Hall Capital as being extremely progressive in its treatment of women and minorities in its corporate structure. The financial world is dominated by men at the top, no so with Hall Capital. The firm has many women at the top and treats minorities and immigrant workers very well. Helane saw this and immediately saw a perfect fit for herself at Hall Capital where she works alongside numerous other female executives who have now become her best friends. 

Let’s take a look briefly at some of Helane Morrison’s work as a federal prosecutor while working at the Securities and Exchanges Commission on the west coast of the United States. She managed to shed light and was a key player in the case against the insurance company American Amicable. The company was found to be guilty of selling false financial securities to over fifty thousand members of the US Armed Forces. Helane Morrison also investigated and successfully proved auditors at Ernest and Young altered and destroyed audit papers at the company. The auditors were found to be cooking the books and were indicated on corruption and falsifying financial statements. 

Helane Morrison also fought stringently on the behalf of senior citizens and helped crack down on fraud that targets seniors. She also helped abolish insider trading that essentially led to rigged markets and great profits for insiders and heavy losses for honest investors. Mrs. Morrison has also prosecuted and helped dismantle market manipulation by corrupt traders. Helane Morrison’s record at the SEC has given her a reputation of fighting for justice and holding firms accountable for their actions.