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I Swapped My Cleaning Lady For Handy Services Instead

The lady that cleaned for me for many years had suddenly taken a leave of absence, and she never called or came back. I didn’t bother calling her anymore because I had work that needed to be done and couldn’t wait for her to come back. As far as I was concerned, she was fired. I started searching the phone book for cleaning services, but everyone had prices that were too high or didn’t have anyone available immediately. I needed someone to come out to my home within a day or two, and that’s when I learned about Handy when I started searching online on nyctechmommy.

Handy has now become my favorite company because I never have to worry about anyone taking a leave of absence because I can always make an appointment and will get a different person to clean my home. I go to the website whenever I’m ready to create an appointment, and making any appointment only takes a few minutes. As long as I know when I want my house cleaned, I can make a payment for the cleaner to come out, and my house will be cleaned the way I want it cleaned. The Handy workers are very reliable too.

On top of being insured, the Handy workers are extremely professional and really know how to clean my home, so I have no doubt that my house will look great when they come out to clean for me. I had one lady that cleaned so well that I tipped her $20, which is the most money I’ve ever tipped anyone for such a service. I don’t miss my cleaning lady at all, and I will only use Handy from now on. Another good thing that I have to mention is that Handy has other services that I started using as well.

One service that I really needed was assembly services, especially since I had done some holiday shopping and bought some items that needed to be put together. I couldn’t believe that I can go to the Handy website to create an appointment, but I was able to have someone come to my home within a day to assemble the entertainment center that I bought. Handy has really helped me out a lot, and I will only use their services when I need anything done in my home, no matter what it may be because they do just about everything.


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