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EOS Lip Balm A History of Empowering Women

As a creative visionary who felt there was a huge gap in the lip care market, being that the most people buying the product (women) weren’t being catered to in a straight forward manner, Craig Dubitsky sought out a way to do exactly that and now his pastel orbs of delicious flavored lip balms are taking over the world in a fury!

Sold for a much more affordable price than most beauty products on the shelves of Target and Ulta these days, these $3.29 colorful creations in delicious flavors like Sweet Mint and Summer Fruit are made to impress and please each of the five senses most commonly recognized by every individual: sight; smell; taste; touch; sound.

Strawberry sorbet;


With the use of pastel colors, Craig Dubitsky was able to achieve the general soft and clean feel of the product he envisioned. Smooth lines and and a simple finish as well as the unique circular design made women everywhere swoon.


Taking scents that soothed and made into a personal touch instead of just smelling and tasting like medicine, EOS Lip Balm was able to design something that didn’t only catch eyes, but caught the mouths and noses of women everywhere.


Through the use of soft plastic orbs instead of hard tubes EOS Lip Balm was able to connect to a core part of our daily lives, how we physically feel. According to, this design idea really separated them from everyone else by way of creating something that an individual could roll in their hands and be calmed by.


The final touch and possibly the most satisfying was the click that Craig Dubitsky figured would make for that extra “umph” to set things over the top and make for an unavoidable sense of accomplishment and enjoyment in every wear of the product that empowered women.


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