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VTA Publications and its CEO, Jim Hunt

VTA Publications, a publisher of non-fiction distance learning courses and run by Jim Hunt located in England. They also serve as event organizers that cater to client’s needs for specialized genres.

Established in 2012 they provide their customers with digital and physical innovative information. To accomplish this, they offer free articles and courses in economics and finance. The information in these courses is gleaned from the best experts around the world in their fields. They publish these courses in simple-to-use formats that will allow the customers to receive the information of their tradecraft and experience. They are booking agents that focus on seminars and different events that will also bring this information to their customers.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications has launched a publication that gives the customer a simple strategy to help them identify the impending bear market to be able to receive a massive profit from the drop, called Wealth Wave. Anyone can make money from a falling stock market with the strategy in Wealth Wave on People think that when the stock market crashes that the money is destroyed but that is not the case, it is just simply transferred to someone else or to some other place.

Just because a person knows very little about the stock market and how it works is now reason to be intimidated by it or to invest in some successful venture on The company’s DVD’s are simple to understand, plus they will continue to put different resources at the disposal of their customers, or in short hold their hands while they learn. This all begins with someone showing people just how the stock market works.

Another of his and VTA’s publications is labeled ‘Make Mum a Millionaire in just 10 Trades” He says that if you can invest 1,000 pounds British or 1,250.70 American then you double that 10 times you can make a profit of 1 million British or 125,100 American.

Jim Hunt is the CEO and the Financial Advisor of VTA Publications, and states that if you are an entrepreneur you need to sell things to people and the best way to do that is by solving their problems. After learning how the large banks worked he decided that he would show the little guy how he could prosper and learn to oversee their own financial future on

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