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Tips On Throwing A Party From Professional Party Planners

A successful party is made up of several components from impressive food to an alcohol selection that’s on point. With so many moving parts, things can get a little stressful to say the least. This is especially true when you’re trying to stay within a tight budget.


Luckily, we gathered some industry professionals to share their favorite party-planning tips. These professional party planners know what it takes to throw a party that won’t leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. These tips will ensure that your guests have a blast and that you will have a headache-free night.



  1. Come Up With A Theme


Creating a theme for your party is a great way to capture the imaginations of your loved ones and put everyone in a festive mood. By coming up with an imaginative theme early on and sticking to it, you’ll be able to make the big decisions like catering and decor based on your theme.



  1. Create A Signature Cocktail


If you’re planning on serving alcohol at your party, develop one signature cocktail that will leave an impression on your guests. Serving a creative signature cocktail to guests as they walk in is a great way to get them to loosen up right off the bat.



  1. Serve Simple Appetizers


Just because you want to feed your guests doesn’t mean that you have to spend days in the kitchen leading up to your party. Buy some ingredients that are already made like pickled olives and specialty dips. Your guests will be more concerned with whether or not the food tastes good than whether or not you slaved over it for hours.



  1. Provide Favors


Who doesn’t love party favors? Come up with a fun and affordable way to let your guests know that you appreciate their presence. Small candles or homemade baked goods are always appreciated.



  1. Consider Hiring A Planner


If you’d rather hire a professional to handle all the tough decisions, consider hiring a full-service planning company. Twenty Three Layers in New York City can handle parties of any size. They provide every service under the sun from entertainment to decor. Plus, they can handle the small stuff as well such as tracking the guest count and helping you stay within your budget.



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