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End Citizens United

End Citizens United Reveals the Voices of Americans in a Report of a Recent PPP Poll

Voices of the American people are heard clearly in a recent poll conducted by PPP involving interference in last year’s presidential election and President Trump firing of James Comey, former F.B.I. Director of the United States. Political Action Committee, End Citizens United (ECU) reveals the results of the poll in percentages of Americans who support an independent investigation and have faith in the country’s political system. Participants in the poll were asked their opinions about Comey losing his job, and, if they believe our democracy was threatened by foreign interference. The results were announced by End Citizens United, in a May 15th, 2017 press release. Tiffany Muller, the executive director and president of ECU said the poll shows the American people’s faith in the government and political system is very low.

Muller also said the people believes there was some involvement of Russia interfering in the presidential election, thereby, compromising democracy in our country. The majority of the poll participants opposed President Donald Trump firing James Comey, last Tuesday, May 9th. Americans greatest concern is that the individual who once headed the investigation is now fired. PPP’s poll shows 61 percent of Americans support the investigation into Russia and Trump’s campaign interference in the 2016 election. End Citizens United and their members are pushing for an active independent investigation for truth and to restore trust of the American people. The PAC Group and Every Voice are joining forces and acting immediately to keep the investigation active and their members informed.

End Citizens United successfully raised $4 million in contributions, during the first quarter of 2017. Since the PAC was established in 2015, the group has raised more than $29 million to support Democratic candidates, including former Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. ECU set a goal to bring in over $35 million before Congress elections, in 2018. They had enough funds to cover a recent campaign launch, Independent Investigation Now and pay for advertisements. Every Voice helped to launch the campaign and joins ECU in pressuring Senators to demand an investigation of Trump’s campaign and Russia interferences in the election.

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