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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Changed The World

As a result of the world’s political climate, nations around the world remain on the brink of war. This remains attributed to numerous factors. In particular, nations around the world remain affected by global commodity prices, political turmoil, inflation, and poverty.

Therefore, the fate of the world remains uncertain. In particular, nations such as Syria have gone from bad to worse. With that being said, Syria remains the product of a failed state. Moreover, the nation remains embattled in a civil war.

For those unaware, the war has killed thousands of people. In parallel, nations such as North Korea remain in equally dire situations. To expound further, North Korea remains a nation led by a dictator that does not care about the well-being of his people. Furthermore, the nation continues to provoke its neighboring countries into going into war with them.

In fact, the nation has captured the attention of the United States due to the various threats it made towards them. Due to North Korea’s nuclear program, it may serve as a catalyst to a global war. Moreover, the United States remains an undisputed world power.

For almost 300 years, the nation has remained in existence. Furthermore, the nation has made opportunities possible for people that previously remained impossible. In spite of the nation’s numerous successes, it came at the expense of countless people.

In particular, millions of Native Americans lost their lives due to the acquisition of the United States. Furthermore, the servitude of African Americans and Latino also played a pivotal role in America’s global ascension. Read more: Phoenix New Time

For those unaware, African Americans and Latinos have remained the victims of systemic racism. Historically, both of these groups have remained disenfranchised from the American experience.

Moreover, women and the LGBT community have also remained disenfranchised from the American experience. As a result, more and more activists have sprung into action to fight for the rights of millions of Americans. Although an insurmountable amount of activists exist, only a handful of them can compare to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

For those unaware, both Micahel Lacey and Jim Larkin remain the co-founders of Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times. In addition, both of these men have contributed a significant amount of money to support the rights of migrant workers.

Due to an unruly arrest made by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, these men have dedicated the settlement money arising out of their arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to fund migrant rights organizations throughout Arizona.

In fact, these men won $3.75 million dollars due to this unlawful arrest. To expound further further, both men were illegally taken from their homes and brought into custody by police in Maricopa County. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

This remains attributed to their knowledge of grand jury proceedings that exposed the corruption of the sheriff. In addition, the subpoenas of the grand jury requested to identify people who read the stories pertaining to the sheriff. Fortunately, both men won their case and continue to fight for the rights of migrant workers.


Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Attempt to Cleanse Arizona of Joe Arpaio

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin refuse to put Joe Arpaio behind them, even after winning a 3.75 million dollar lawsuit from Arpaio and the county that elected him sheriff.


During Joe Arpaio’s long career as Sheriff of Maricopa County he has been accused of dozens of horrible crimes. Arpaio has been accused of negligent homicide, assault, battery, and a large variety of conspiracy charges. For over two decades, Joe Arpaio used his position as sheriff for personal gain and profit.


2007 was a big year for Joe Arpaio. He arrested three individuals that made national headlines in all the wrong ways.


The most controversial arrest was a Mexican citizen who was visiting America legally. The Mexican tourist was minding his own business when Arpaio arrested him purely because of the color of his skin. The illegal arrest eventually lead to criminal charges against Arpaio.


The other arrests made in 2007 were Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two journalists at The Phoenix New Times. Arpaio disagreed with their methods of journalism. When Lacey and Larkin published content that portrayed Arpaio in a negative light in their paper, Joe Arpaio sent in his goons to make the arrest.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin created The Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidentiality in order to continue to combat Joe Arpaio and others like him. Front Page Confidential is a newspaper that devotes its efforts to informing citizens about corrupt politicians and issues relating to the topics of civil rights, migrant rights, and human rights. The Frontera Fund is an even more altruistic effort. Lacey and Larkin, through their fund, assist dozens of charities in Arizona and surrounding states.


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