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10 Reasons You Should Try Out For The Brown Modeling Agency

Have you ever thought about being a model? In this tech-infused age of information, models of all shapes and sizes are needed more than ever. The Brown Agency, which is a modeling and commercial talent agency located in Austin, is opening it’s doors to you! You can attend an open call for talent and see if you have what it takes to be a real, live model! Here are ten fun reasons that you should head over to an open call and show this agency what you are all about!

  1. You Don’t Need To Have Experience

If you are tempted to dismiss this idea as ridiculous because you don’t have any modeling experience, think again! You don’t need to have experience in order to be signed by this agency. They accept beginners as well as experienced models, and since the agency also develops their talent you will be in good hands!

  1. Bragging Rights

Wouldn’t it be great to casually drop the phrase “my modeling career” into everyday conversation? Imagine the way that would feel. It is only possible if you take the first step and make yourself available.

  1. You Could Land A Huge Gig

Justin Brown, the founder and president of the Brown Modeling Agency, is not afraid to step out into very big arenas. If you have been thinking of working on small campaigns, you might need to think a little bit bigger. Have you ever dreamed of being a model for Louis Vuitton? How about Toyota, or Dell? Brown has supplied talent to all of these brands, and by working for his agency you will be within the pool of potential models for these impressive gigs.

  1. Have Fun While You Work

Since coming to Austin in 2010, the Brown Agency has upped the levels of modeling within the city and surrounding areas. The Brown Agency now works with Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, and other local events. Have a blast working with other like minded individuals to present exciting fashions on the runway! This is more than work — it is a fun, thrilling and rewarding experience.

  1. Develop New Relationships

Every Thursday from three to four pm to Brown Agency opens it’s doors to people like you. By showing up at their business location, 100 Congress Avenue Suite 100, you will invite new relationships to your life. You will meet new people, and make connections that you otherwise would not. Regardless of whether your career progresses (or starts) or not, you will have met some new faces and had a chance to network.

What do you have to lose? By attending one of the Brown Modeling Agencies weekly calls for talent, you could be recognized and then placed into great modeling work. Or, you could not be accepted and will have had an exciting experience in which you met some new people. This is a win-win! Visit their Instagram for more.

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