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Norman Pattiz introduces an 360-degree video platform to the loyal fans of PodcastOne

PodastOne new introduction of a 360-degree video platform has made the shows broadcasted by the broadcasting company gain more viewership from both new and old fans. This new video platform gets accessed through an application that the company provides free of charge on Google Play store. The app can also get downloaded by people with Iphone’s on Apple app store.

From this new video application software will go ahead to enhance the experience that listeners enjoyed before, and in addition to this, they will have the chance to appreciate additional new features. The other new features include an interactive social platform that gives the users an opportunity to chat and exchange ideas about the shows. The feature also allows for instant communication between the users and the people hosting the shows being broadcasted by PodcastOne.

In addition to the excellent features that the software provides users with an opportunity for them to hear and get to watch a broad range of high-quality shows broadcasted. After thy view them they can directly open up discussions pertaining the show or the video they have seen. Furthermore, the application also allows its users with a chance to view lovely photographs found nowhere else.

Another fantastic and unique thing about the software platform is that the broadcasting network also has many uses for it. For example, the network can carry out important surveys. They viewers get the chance to participate in the polls, and the PodcastOne team will have the opportunity to use the feedback given positively in improving their shows and broadcasts. The exercise itself gets enabled through the personalized messages that the app allows each user to receive or send. These personalized messages are also used by the users to chat amongst themselves securely and privately.

All these new developments that PodcastOne viewers and listeners are enjoying so far can be accredited to Mr. Norman Pattiz who for years has worked so hard to ensure the broadcasting company succeeds. Accredited for many things Norman Pattiz has had a rather successful career in radio broadcasting and has been able to work as the Chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. His other achievements apart from being the founder of PodcastOne include the establishment of Westwood One which became the largest network in the United States of America. He also married and stays with his wife Mary in Southern California and maintains an active role in all his investments. Learn more:


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