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A new solution for applications-NuoDB SQL

Companies are increasingly migrating their applications from conservative environments to cloud-based applications.
As far as the infrastructure for many Information Technology companies, storing of data and data manipulation are one of the major requirements for the database administrators and developers. They are sometimes a big headache for the owners of the company in the financial sense as well.

Regardless of the existence of various data storage bases, many companies are still wondering how to make the most efficient way for their interactive applications in the most efficient way.
Significantly different from traditional solutions, NuoDB SQL has a new way of approaching to container-based application environment nowadays.
It is an excellent solution for both the firm and the developer. Compared to the classic solutions, there are no major changes to development and that does not require additional investment in training people. For company owners, the use of NuoDB SQL means money savings and performance on demand.

NuoDB SQL has several important features :

-The NuoDB SQL base works in the cloud and it is available everywhere;
-No need for recovery system or additional storage solutions in the emergency;
-It can be shared between different platforms and run in different location ;
-It works independently of hardware and software potential malfunctions

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