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Meet Vincent Parascandola; a Respected Advisor and Benevolent Giver

Vincent Parascandola is a living legend in the American financial circles. Vinnie, as he’s fondly referred to, began his illustrious career back in 1987 as a sales rep at Prudential. Vincent blended in perfectly at Prudential and two years into the job, he was named the National Rookie of the Year for his outstanding contributions. In 1990, the eloquent orator was hired by the life insurance company, Mony.

Vinnie would spend the next 15 years working at the Mony Securities Corporation resigning in May 2005. He’s held accreditation statuses from the SEC and FINRA oversight committee since 2013 and 2016, respectively. Without a doubt, Vincent’s biggest achievement is being named as a lead broker with the prestigious financial firm, AXA Advisors. AXA has well over 5,400 registered sales agents across the nation. At one point in the 12-year career at AXA, Vincent had over 400 employees under his watch in the firm’s New York Metro Branch.

AXA Fact Sheet

According to the trusted company profiling website,, AXA has total assets of $18.5 billion under their management. The firm controls an estimated 93K investment portfolio with average deposits of $198,500, as of October 2017. AXA is the ideal company to pick if you want to hire the most astute fee-based advisors, employee benefits and annuity brokers, and life insurance professionals.

Everyone’s who’s spoken and interacted with Vincent Parascandola all attest to his charming personality. No wonder, Parascandola often gets invited to give inspirational speeches at schools and universities to aspiring entrepreneurs. According to, giving, awe-inspiring, speeches come almost naturally to this seasoned financial advisor. Vincent was ecstatic upon being honored by his Alma Mater to give the 2014 commencement speech at Pace University.

Charity and Philanthropy

Vincent Parascandola is known for his humbleness despite being one of the city’s most accomplished hotshot broker. He’s an avid philanthropist who’s devoted his personal wealth and energy towards finding solutions to most of the issues plaguing humanity. At AXA, he’s said to have been instrumental in developing and growing the AXA Research Fund arm of the company. The research wing founded in 2008 is tasked with investigating life’s major risk factors and, most importantly, finding solutions to these risks. Visit his Facebook page for more.

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