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Rocketship Education

Rocketship education facility became operational in 2006 shortly after it was founded by Preston Smith and John Danner. The school has an external board of governors, who take all the necessary decisions regarding the school. According to the board of governors, the school’s excellent performance was attributed to the dedicated teachers. Good academic performance was further attributed to the low-income students who were enrolled as the first batch. According to reports, analyzed, the education facility expanded rapidly and opened six more chartered facilities in San Jose over a span of five years. The managerial team, the Heads of Teaching and learning spent precious time in training the untrained staff to be able to fulfil the guidelines of the Teachers Standards hence a contributing factor to the continued expansion of the schools and creation of more networks.

The facility has a numerous threats and opportunities facing it. The external threats that have Rocketship Education have been encountering include the threat of increased competition. The facility has been facing an adverse increase in competition from well established education facilities. With the need to expand, the management faces a shortage of material and human resources thereby challenging the expansion and networking regionally. With an increased government regulations on facilities, this institution has faced a significant threat because at times the competitors are better positioned. Apart from the threats being experienced by Rocketship Education in the region, the institution also has some opportunities. The facility has had an excellent academic progress, this is accompanied by the high number of innovations that has demonstrated the outstanding academic capability. The increased demand and applications for enrollment in this facility has also been an opportunity where it’s positioned to fill the niche. A number of strengths and weaknesses also affects the operations of this institution regionally. For instance, the facility has had joint ventures with different corporations and institutions which has enabled to invest and expand more. Despite facing a tough challenge from the competitors, the company enjoys the strength of holding a strong position and higher position from the government which is a competitive advantage. There are also weaknesses that have been pulling Rocketship Education back being bureaucracy in its culture and structure, having a limited market presence in developing countries and also limited education diversification.


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