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Greg Secker Teams Up With Champ to Make a Positive Impact

Recently, entrepreneur and philanthropist Greg Secker met up with former boxing champion Nonito Donaire in the Philippines to hand over 100 new homes to survivors of Typhoon Yolanda. Donaire, backed by the Greg Secker Foundation, came up with funding and resources to help typhoon victims who suffered devastating losses in the city of Lloilo. Donaire was drawn to Secker’s cause because he wanted to show that boxers can do much more outside the ring and be an inspiration for other athletes to take interest in social causes. Secker, who is also a financial expert, author, and speaker, has used his foundation to address many critical social projects in the past, including rehabilitation programs. This latest project is also known as the Greg Secker Foundation Village.

Secker began his path to success in the mid-1990’s as a trader with Thomas Cook Financial services. There he became an expert in the development of trading systems for use with foreign exchanges. His efforts resulted in Virtual Tracking Desk, a system that earned him the prestigious British Telecom Award. He further increased his trading expertise at just 25 when he became Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation. After retiring from Mellon a few short years later, he set up a trading floor in his home and devoted his time to Forex trading and mentoring others. Greg is consistently in demand for his opinion and has appeared on market channels such as CNBC and Bloomberg. He also owns companies SmartCharts Software, Learn to Trade, and Capital Index.

Secker’s successes led to the establishment of The Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit organization charged with making a positive impact to people on a global scale. It also supports communities’ efforts in developing life skills, leadership abilities, and education when such needs are identified. Secker was also recognized in 2017’s list of the 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs.

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