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How Is David McDonald Involved In Sustainable Growth of the OSI GROUP?

David McDonald is the current president and COO of the OSI group. He was born and grown in the Northeast Lowa where he studied and graduated from the Lowa State University in 1987. Upon graduating, he started his career with OSI industries. He has since served in different capacities all the way to becoming its president. Previously, McDonald had performed as chairperson of the North American Meat Institute and which is a member till date. He is a current director of the Mafrig Global Foods SA.

Role of McDonald in attaining sustainable expansion of the OSI group

OSI Group is a leading global supplies company for processed foods based in Aurora Illinois. The company operates in 17 countries with 80 branches. It supplies food to companies such as McDonald, Papa John’s, Burger King, Subway, Starbucks, and Yum.

Under the leadership of McDonald, OSI group has extended its operations to Geneva and Hungary. The recent launch of two poultry plants in China is set to make it the country’s largest producer of poultry products. He had also helped in the development of the beef processing plant in Poland. In India, he pioneered the development of the frozen foods processing plants.

The markets, capabilities, and efficiency of the company have been enhanced through acquisitions. The acquisition of Baho foods was the recent undertaking under the leadership of McDonald. Baho Foods has operations in Netherlands and Germany. David’s view on the acquisition of Baho foods was that it would improve the company presence in the European markets. David said that they would retain the employees of Baho foods since their expertise and experience are vital in enhancing the group’s service delivery and products development.

David has ensured collaboration between the company regional managers and in-house teams. The regional managers are entrusted with monitoring the local tastes and cultures. They should also pass the information to the in-house team. The in-house team is charged with the development of products that rhymes well with the local tastes, cultures, and preferences. This is the approach the OSI group has used to ensure that it does not suffer diseconomies of scale. Among the things that can affect how a global food industry performs in local conditions include government regulations, talent pools and skills, tastes and cultural nuances. A one-approach-fits-all cannot therefore work.

The company celebrated its 20years anniversary in China in 2012. The first operation in China was in 1992. In 2008 Beijing Olympics, the company delivered 113 tons of beef, chickens, onions, pork, and eggs with zero complaints. With the economy of China growing fast and the high population, OSI group under the leadership of David McDonald is aiming to serve the market to its best.

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