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A sheriff that did not deserve a presidential pardon

With about $690,000 hard cash invested in two small commercial properties in Scottsdale and Fountain Hills Sheriff Joe Arpaio is definitely a man of means despite being a public officer for almost his entire life and with an annual salary of about 78,000 dollars.

The sheriff was very upset when the story about this two properties was brought to light by the Phoenix New Times. The revelation was done by John Dougherty, an investigative journalist who had been looking at the sheriff’s financial transactions for some time. This revelation was just one of the many that were revealed by his article most of this properties were never disclosed to the public by the sheriff himself.

In fact, the sheriff went to a great extent to ensure that he covered all his tracks and no one would at least easily find out what he owned. The sheriff would threaten the journalist with dire consequences even trying to use the county attorney to use an obscure law to prosecute him. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Jim Larkin |

The charge would be publishing the address of a law enforcement officer which unfortunately for him turned out to be only illegal if it endangers the officer’s life, and it can only be deemed a crime if the publishing is done online as opposed to print which John Dougherty had done.

This would mark the continued bad blood between the sheriff and the owners of the Phoneix new times. Larkin was CEO of the paper while his partner Lacey was the paper’s executive editor. The sheriff viewed it as there duty to prevent the publishing of such articles and as so he would rope them in as part of those he had a grudge against.

Michael and Jim had a history with the sheriff as they had developed a knack for publishing his misdeeds always putting his actions in check. The sheriff since his election in 1992 had overseen some of the worst race relations in a county that had a substantial number of Hispanic immigrants.

The sheriff operated tent cities which served as jails initially meant to deal with jails overcrowding problems. This jails were known for there human rights abuses and were always grossly understaffed where 1800 inmates were at times overseen by four officers.

This was despite the sheriff running a hundred and forty million dollar operation, i.e. sheriffs department. Money meant for jails was diverted continuously by the sheriff and his cronies which in turn would continue to strain the jails already in existence. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The sheriff knew how to run a PR operation, and by continually inventing threats against his life and maintaining a racist tough on immigration policy he was able to convince the public that he was the man for the job. His bubble would constantly burst under the scrutiny of by Lacey and Larkin who never shied away from reporting what was actually happening at all times.

This remained a thorn in the flesh of the sheriff, and he vowed to teach them a lesson. This would come in the form of arrests effected in the middle of the night but instead of weakening there resolve only made it stronger.

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