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Jason Hope, Compelled To Invest In Humanity’s Well Being

Jason Hope is praised as a skilled futurist, and with a background in finance and business administration he fits the role. Only, he is also known for his self-compelled demeanor towards advancing humankind far beyond its limits. He is also passionate about helping entrepreneurs realizes their ambitions, and has a deep focus on high school and college seniors. Growing up in Tempe, Arizona, Jason Hope has contributed time and some of his resources to his local community as well, in the hope of seeing it thrive as much as his global community. A graduate from Arizona State University, he currently resides in Scottsdale.

When it comes to humankind, Jason Hope is adamant about his desire to help people live longer and healthier lives. He believes that the medicines most organization focus their efforts on developing aim to treat pre-existing treatments. The SENS Foundations is one organization that is thinking outside of the box. They aim, instead, to prevent certain diseases from ever occurring in the first place. Their philosophy revolves around treating key illnesses that contribute to aging, which can be considered a disease itself. Some of these would include Alzheimer’s, lung and heart disease as well as cancer. They often lead people to live much shorter lives, and without them, Jason Hope and the SENS Foundation could succeed in their goal.

When it comes to entrepreneurs, one of the most significant breakout revolutions is the internet of things. Cut straight out of the pages of science fiction, IoT is not only giving birth to new start-ups and young minds, but they are changing the world around us like never before. Jason Hope once remarked how IoT is beginning to change the airline industry. By giving Airlines more innovative ways to solve everyday issues, helping to better control costs and improve the customer experience. For example, IoT integrated into jet engines help airlines to stay ahead of the maintenance needs of their craft, and small connected devices can enable customers to check on their pets stores below deck.

Jason Hope is a futurist who sees the potential in not only combating another-aging now, and in the future, but also the young minds that will shape our world sooner than we think. He also sees how small, Internet-connected devices can transform industries across the board like no other technology before it. The future is now, not tomorrow or even a week for today, and it’s incredible.

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