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Mike Baur – Shaking the Entrepreneur World

Mike Baur is a Freiburg entrepreneur with expertise in startup and tips for budding company founders. He is the board member and co-founder of the famous and renowned Swiss Startup accelerator factory that deals with offering both mental and financial support to Swiss start-ups. The 42-year-old believes that behind any successful startup there is a brilliant idea natured spontaneously.


Mike Baur states that most successful ideas are not searched, but they come when needs for service or product arises. It makes an individual discover a specific gap and the need to come up with an ideal way of closing it. The idea turns into a startup. The technology has made doing business easy since to implement a plan you need a website to market it and people to test it before the initial launching.


The affordable and available communication and the immense power to technology give favorable conditions for any startup to succeed. A person needs to embrace failures, work hard and ignore all the naysayers. Additionally, you need to break one or even all the rules for you to triumph and always share the idea and tips you have with your family and friends. Sharing of your plan is an inspirational character, and it helps receive valuable feedback. They people help you view your startup project from a different perspective. Talking to others may lead to partnership making the startup more comfortable and affordable creating on enormous thoughts of networking.


According to Mike Baur starting your business in the wrong decisions only means you get up to analyze the wrongs and also embrace failing again but a better failure than the previous one. Failing enables you to learn, and every startup passes through this process and after some time you get up again, analyze and then succeed.


Mike Baur and his business partner Max Meister are the brains behind the success of Swiss Startup Factory, and they have utilized their professional knowledge and unique sets of skills with innate characteristics to create a successful company. The duo offers Swiss Startup the platform they need to make their ideas turn into very productive companies by providing connections both locally and internationally, funding, resources, and mentorship.

Mike Baur worked on Swiss banking industry before venturing into entrepreneurship and letting his passion for helping others lead to creating the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 when he was only 39 years old. He attended Rochester New York University and the University of Berne where he attained his Master’s Degree.


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