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Ricardo Tosto- Bridging the Gap

The regularization of your assets abroad covers 13,254 laws according to Ricardo Tosto, the founding partner of one of the famous law firm in Brazil. The repatriation of assets that’s dated 2016 January 13th opens the precept way of having technical exchanges between the foreign lawyers and Brazilian lawyers. Layer Ricardo Tosto the partner of Leite, Tosto’s and Barros law firm states that the move is a positive partnership and joint efforts of making the necessary actions and documentation to repatriate the Brazilians resources easily.

Gil Vicente Gama, the partner of Nelson Williams Advogados and Associates, agrees with lawyer Tosto and point’s outs the beauty of having the law of repatriation between foreign and national lawyers as a way of creating transparency. For Gil Vicente, the technical partnership can quickly facilitate the processes and procedures of involving at least two countries in resolving the repatriation of individual resources. The resources repatriation project faced long trajectory before being approved by the Congress with a reduced rate of 15% income tax and 15% in fines according to the current exchange rate between the involved countries.

Ricardo Tosto highlighted the possibility of the individual getting acquittals for various crimes like tax evasion, money laundering and misconduct provided by the law provision section 13.254. According to the law norms, only the serious crimes that involve corruption and illicit activities like drug trafficking and smuggling will not receive amnesty. Ricardo Tosto believes that the amnesty becomes fundamental between the international and national lawyers partnership harmonizing the map and laws for individuals who may hide their resources.

Given the concealment, the lawyers may opt to carry out a detailed investigation of the original of the resources and the main reason why an individual may want to hide them from Brazilian Government. Hiding resources abroad without the knowledge of Brazilian Government is a crime.

Ricardo Tosto is famous for his leadership in litigation, commercial, contracts, business criminal, banking operations law. He has presented and offered the performance of high value and complex issues associated with litigation in both Brazil private and government associates. He is LACCA approved lawyer, the international Bar Association member, and others.

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