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Vijay Eswaran and His Philosophies About Fear

Vijay Eswaran explains that everyone is afraid of something, and nobody is totally exempted from being fearful of the unknown. There are others who are at peace with the things they fear in life but majority of the populace are overshadowed by the things they are afraid of. The main distinctions among the two groups are that the first one learns how to live with the things they know they cannot control. This gives them a semblance of comfort that allows them to move beyond their capabilities. The second group, however, have chained themselves within the confines of their respective limitations, unable to grow and expand their horizons.

Fear can either make or break you. And according to Vijay Eswaran, the only fear that anyone should have is for today, so it is important to do whatever you are able to do today because that is only the thing that matters.

Vijay Eswaran shared how fear gripped him when he was on a holiday with his family at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. He recalled having swam too far from the comfort and beauty of the reef, that when he realized there was a chance he was going to be pulled out to sea by the current, fear gripped him. And because of that fear, he tried his best to swim back to the secure area of the reef. And fortunately for him, he made it.

Occasionally, it is essential for us to feel fear in order to realize the things that are really essential in life. And it is vital to remember that there are three facts everybody must keep in mind about fear.

1.Excitement is a Concealed Form of Fear

The feelings of excitement and fear depends on how an individual opts to see the world. Children are a lot less fearless than adults due to the fact that as we grow older all kinds of fear have taken residence in our hidden consciousness. So, try to channel you fear into excitement.

2.What Energizes You, Does Not Paralyze You

Fear often makes things much clearer. It tells us that we need to focus on things that hamper our growth. Do what needs to be done and move forward.

3.Fear Motivates Growth

Change is the only constant factor in life, and many of us fear change since it spells strangeness and uncertainty. Leave the confines of security you have been used to in order to mature and develop.

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