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Fortress Investment Group: Advancing In The Markets

Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998. It main business was private equity. As the firm grew it placed itself in the financial markets as a trendsetter. The company had an IPO back in 2007 and was one the first largest of its kind for a private equity firm. It took the New York Stock exchange by storm when it went public. As of today, the business has diversified global investments putting them at the helm directing over $43 million in assets. They have over 1,750 investors either in a permanent capital vehicle, private equity or even hedge funds. The idea behind the concept for Fortress is “strong risk adjusted returns”.This allows investors to reap the benefits long term. Fortress has a staff of nearly 900 people in their New York Headquarters. Head principals include Randal Nardone, Wes Edens and Peter Briger. Fortress has a specialty in the following:

  • Capital Markets
  • Operations Management
  • Asset-based investing
  • Sector-specific knowledge of institutions and companies
  • Corporate Mergers and acquisitions

As for asset-based investments with Fortress, they make up a range of diverse assets that involve real estate, financial vehicles and capital. All of these are designed to create a very long term cash flows. Inside the investments are credit funds and private equity. Fortress has significant talents when it comes to owning, pricing, financing and even balancing the finance and physical assets. Management operations for the group are robust tools geared for extracting all of the value from the high investments it often will make.

The Fortress Investment Group excels at being able to evaluate strategic facts on the ground when it comes to their portfolios. The company employees have specialized skills that weigh heavily in the sector focused arena on a global scale.It’s been over nearly 20 years and the Fortress Investment Group has garnered a deep understanding and skill in managing acquisitions and mergers. Staff are professional and knowledgeable. They have helped to maintain relationships that stretch from corporate stakeholders, board members and management professionals. Fortress Investment Group is a true specialist when it comes to the capital markets.

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