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The Master Architect Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is a renowned architecture with robust accomplishments under his sleeves, and he prides in being an instrumental to different architectural causes. His dedication was recognized by Mississippi Institutes of Arts and Letters nominating him for the Polk Awards. The Award is given to art patrons and performers with Mississippi connection who has exhibited commendable success in performance, creation, and support of art. It’s the first time for an architect to receive the honorably reward.

The announcement of Robert Ivy win was made by Carl Elefante the American Institute of Architect President who acknowledges Robert as the perfect ambassador and symbol to their profession. He also lauded Ivy as a prosperous and industrious man who is an embodiment to the broader architect professional.

Following his winning announcement, Robert Ivy received numerous accolades from different personnel’s who genuinely acknowledged his constant devotion in promoting art. Nancy LaForge, the MIAL President, asserted that Robert was indeed a great performer in making architecture easily accessible to the modern society. She emphatically stated that Robert rightfully deserved to receive the Polk Award due to his life support and also immense devotion of the profession.

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Robert Ivy joins the small list of the previous Mississippi honorees among them includes Morgan Freeman, a dedicated actor who received the award in 2007. Other winners of the ward include writers Shelby Foote and Eudora Welty honored in years 2004 and 2001 respectively. Alongside Robert during the primary and official conferment will be Mr. Andrew Young who is the stained-glass designer of the Pearl River Glass Studios.

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Robert a Mississippi-born is a winning author, and a world-wide commentator on matters pertaining the architectural world. He went to Tulane University for his Masters in Architecture and Sewanee University of the South for his Bachelor of Art majoring in English. He once served as a US Navy officer.

He joined the American Institutes of the Architects in 2011 as the Chief Executive Officer recording tremendously growth and success. During his working career, Robert has been lucky enough to receive various awards from different architecture and journalism bodies.

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