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End Citizens United Projects Beto O’Rourke May Upset Ted Cruz

Look out Ted Cruz, here comes Beto O’ Rourke. According to a poll by political action committee End Citizens United, O’Rourke is catching up to the Republican incumbent. In an election year that has already seen thirty-four Republican seats go Democrat, such a story is beginning to trend. Although Cruz is still in the lead to maintain his long-held seat, O’Rourke is gaining momentum and could very well eclipse Cruz before it is all said and done. As Cruz would join a list of long-standing seat holders to be ejected, this election year could prove fruitful for End Citizens United and its quest for campaign reform. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase

End Citizens United is the offensive response to the 2010 Citizens United vs. FEC Supreme Court ruling. This is the ruling that mandated corporations as people, allowing the unrestricted flow of money into U.S. elections. The ruling gave big business the ability to form PACs and Super-PACs that now influence both minor and major elections. Such an unfettered influence can allow such corporations to buy elections, and then garner legislations that benefits their end game. End Citizens United’ end game is to stop that from happening by revoking the 2010 ruling. Such a large-scale goal cannot be achieved in the legal system, as the highest law of the land already ruled, but that does not mean legislation cannot hamper it. Therefore, ECU uses grassroots funding to advocate for candidates that support election reform. Candidates like Beto O’Rourke.

O’Rourke does not take money from Super-PAC’s and is against unfettered political contributions from corporations. End Citizens United supports reform candidates like him to gain seats. The more seats such candidates win, the more reform-oriented legislation can be passed. ECU was formed in 2015 and has worked hard every election year to get its candidates elected. Most of these candidates are Democrat, as the left side of the political spectrum is more geared to reform. O’Rourke has a good shot, and certainly would be a jewel for ECU’s election crown, but even if Cruz retains his seat they will not stop fighting for what they believe in.



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