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The Reviews On NewsWatch TV Are Glowing, And It’s No Wonder Why

NewsWatch TV, a news outlet of good repute, is exclusive to two networks: ION and AMC. Since its rise in 1989, NewsWatch TV has the won the affections of many while offering a wide variety of gripping, thought-provoking, and informative 30-minute segments. Andrew Tropeano, the man with the mic, is the company’s host. Tropeano works alongside Eric Forrest, Susan Bridges, and Amanda Forstrorm, the special reports team. Together, these four deliver a factual and riveting account of the news. Some areas they touch on include health, technology, entertainment, travel, celebrities, charities, and new product releases.

Perhaps their most compelling segments include appearances from Hollywood’s A-list celebrities. Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Lawrence, Ted Danson, and Bradley Cooper are among a few. Though celebrity appearances undoubtedly boost consumer engagement, NewsWatch TV’s objective deliverance of the news serves as the ultimate hook. In the many years they’ve been in the industry, NewsWatch TV has reached millions of people. In fact, that number is estimated at 700 million. What’s more, the stellar work NewsWatch TV has done for brands only further underscores their eminence. In fact, Tropeano set out to gather feedback from companies they’ve worked with as an attempt to highlight NewsWatch TV’s best assets.

For the most part, NewsWatch TV has assisted companies with their campaigning needs. Said organizations include Avanca, Contour Design, SteelSeries, and Saygas, among others. Overall, the reviews were emphatically positive, and each company commended NewsWatch TV for their intimate involvement in promoting their products. What’s more, many were over the moon with the results NewsWatch TV produced, stating that they “went above and beyond expectations.” In fact, most exceeded the goals they’d initially set. Above all else, NewsWatch TV’s profound knowledge proved most impressive. SteelSeries went as far as to say that it was great working with a team who had a firm understanding of “how PR really works.”


White Shark Media uses its Customers’ Complaints to build a better Communication Strategy

Any company can use its customers’ complaints to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction. When the customers see that their voices matter, they are more likely to become loyal to the company. This approach to complaints creates cordial relationship between a firm and its clients.

Among the most imminent complaints to White Shark Media was that customers do not receive adequate communication from the company. The company acknowledged that their core business being consultation, they needed to enhance the way they communicated with clients.

To curb the complaints, the company has introduced a new policy requiring supervisors to hold monthly meetings with clients using GoToMeeting platform. Before each monthly meeting, clients are provided with a copy of the month’s campaign performance.

The video below shows more about White Shark Media:

The company assigned senior strategists the task of meeting with the clients on GoToMeeting platform. The platform allows a strategist to share a screen with the client as she or he discuss the performance of the client’s campaign.

Communication has also been boosted with the introduction direct communication between clients and their contact persons. The supervisor to the contact person is also available to receive complaints in case a client feels dissatisfied by the services offered by his or her contact person. Both the contact persons and supervisors can be reached directly on phone for prompt discussions.

The issue of customers loosing contact with their Adwords campaign has also been addressed. The company agrees that there are no proper channels for small businesses to assess and review the progress of their campaigns. The firm further assured clients of quality by introducing SEM supervisors.

Once a client signs up, a SEM supervisor is assigned to his or her account to track and review every process to ensure the right steps have been executed.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

White Shark Media introduced a system that enables clients to review when and how campaigns are executed. Supervisors are also available to offer more information on campaign progress. Finally, the firm has provided clients with guidelines on what to do in case they need to review the performance of their campaigns.

To sort out complaints that old campaigns are better than the updated optimized campaigns, White Shark Media Complaints team stated that they strive to make sure that all campaigns were performing optimally. The optimized campaigns were introduced in an attempt to improve clients’ results. However, old campaigns are to remain active until the new ones start delivering results.

Finally, some customers complained about the lack of SEO services in the company. The company maintained that it will not provide SEO services but encouraged clients to approach it for a comprehensive review of SEO companies and services.

White Shark Media Maintains A Positive Reputation By Taking Customer Satisfaction Seriously

Advertising online has become one of the most effective ways of marketing a business or product nowadays. White Shark Media is a company that offers services to clients and businesses that are working on increasing their awareness.

The company offers services for creating SEO content on websites while maintaining a positive standing with their clients and handling all their concerns with care.

The steam at White Shark Media Complaints team have learned how important it is to maintain a good relationship with their customers. This is something that is especially important for building a reputation as an online marketing firm. The company has a blog set up through their websites where clients can look at how they have handled customers concerns in the past.

For instance, there were customers who were unhappy with not being able to see their campaigns for Adwords through White Shark Media.

The company used this feedback to improve on their service and now they explain how things work with each clients fully before things get started between the two parties. This lets the clients know what to expect from start to finish as well as allowing them to check in on their campaigns status. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

A common concern for many clients in the past was that they didn’t have any good way for direct communication with the company. Following up on this feedback, the company decided to schedule call sessions on a monthly basis with their clients as well as allowing them to request meetings if they feel they need to speak with an expert.

The firm uses a tool for online conferencing to hold the meetings online when providing clients with their campaign information. In this manner, the clients can see information on a duplicate screen that details out their reports while speaking with a representative.

White Shark Media welcomes all feedback and wants their clients to lets them know their concerns to improve their services. Customers are given information to directly contact their representatives to ask questions, and they are also able to use their social media sites to communicate with them as well.

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