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Genetic Biomakers of Lung Cancer and Eric Lefkofsky

Both genetic and ecological risk factors influence the advancement of lung cancer. Smoking tobacco is the most prominent ecological risk aspect associated with lung cancer. A recent study conducted by Dartmouth research group has indicated that gene-smoking connections play a vital part in the etiology of lung cancer. In their research, variations in the DNA, or three novel single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that trigger the vulnerability of developing the disease, were spotted in the contact analysis, in addition to one SNP for squamous cell lung cancer risk and two SNPs for non-small cell lung cancer risk.

While this research was limited to a particular Caucasian population and the outcome may not be comprehensive to other ethnic groups due to the various genetic backgrounds, the research group intends to test the spotted interaction effect further using other populations’ genotype. Dr. Yafang Li, the leader of the team, says that the limited connection between replication genotype and discovery genotype may have downgraded the influence in the validation study. He continues to state that they believe that as more genotype data develops in the future, they will be in a position to discover more significant gene-smoking interrelations in lung cancer disease.

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the tech figures and influential entrepreneurs in Chicago. Eric is the founder of Groupon and Tempus, his newest venture. Tempus is a technology startup whose objective is to create a foundation to enhance cancer treatment. Having obtained 70 million dollars in funding recently, Tempus has assisted Chicago to go beyond its yearly funding amounts for both 2015 and 2016. Founded recently in 2015, Lefkofsky has subsequently developed to a 200-people firm, and it has succeeded to the top ten tech startups in Chicago.

The burden of cancer on the society has become extensive enough such that almost everybody is related or knows someone who has suffered from the disease. Per se, any developments in cure and treatment effort are significant. Moreover, data on the treatment of cancer patients lack optimal storage. The data storage is in the form of lab test results, remissions, diagnosis, exacerbations and doctor’s notes. This form of storage brings a disconnection between the data collected and its utilization in the growth of efficient customized treatments.

Tempus shares its ranking with some companies such as Outcome Health, a healthcare tech, IRI, a market research firm that offers clients retail, shopper, consumer market analysis and intelligence, Avant, a private firm in the financial tech industry. Other companies in the category include SMS Assist, a cloud-based platform that assists customers in reducing the maintenance costs of properties, and Analyte Health, a company that assists patients to obtain and appreciate healthcare information as confidentially, cost-effectively and conveniently as possible.


The Richard Mishaan Design Style is Showing Up Everywhere

In the past, interior design mandated that certain rules must be adhered to. It was important then to never mix time eras or decor schemes as that would look unprofessional. Today, many younger upstarts, in the interior design field, are basing their new looks on the thirty year popular Richard Mishaan Design. This former architect takes bold shades and several pattern choices and puts them in a room filled with modern furnishings that are as plush as they are refined. As an avid art collector, Mr. Mishaan will incorporate fine art pieces whenever it is possible. Richard Mishaan is famous for his colorful expressions of eclectic fabrics, furniture and focal accents.

People are amazed at how smoothly a Richard Mishaan Design comes together even though the individual design elements seem unrelated.When this master artistic designer puts his hand on a project, the result is a gorgeously elegant decor that melds unique differing styles into one cohesive and authentic theme.This Richard Mishaan Design phenomenon is wildly sought after right now. Richard Mishaan looks to his native country for ideas on eye-popping color combinations and captivating architectural lines.

This look, along with intricately created patterns and rich textures. was a common find in historic Columbia. As a trained architect, Richard Mishaan purposefully looks for beautifying structural elements, like high wooden beams, and weaves a story around this with his original design visions.Only Richard Mishaan Design can pull off such extravagant design basics that come across like a gentle refreshing breeze. Richard is a magician that blends his colorful and opulent style mixtures to reveal a completely new and stunning design that demands respect and attention. Somehow, every Richard Mishann Design has unforgettable character, beauty and refinement. His looks are never repeated, giving each creation an authentic vibe that’s one-of-a-kind.

Norman Pattiz introduces an 360-degree video platform to the loyal fans of PodcastOne

PodastOne new introduction of a 360-degree video platform has made the shows broadcasted by the broadcasting company gain more viewership from both new and old fans. This new video platform gets accessed through an application that the company provides free of charge on Google Play store. The app can also get downloaded by people with Iphone’s on Apple app store.

From this new video application software will go ahead to enhance the experience that listeners enjoyed before, and in addition to this, they will have the chance to appreciate additional new features. The other new features include an interactive social platform that gives the users an opportunity to chat and exchange ideas about the shows. The feature also allows for instant communication between the users and the people hosting the shows being broadcasted by PodcastOne.

In addition to the excellent features that the software provides users with an opportunity for them to hear and get to watch a broad range of high-quality shows broadcasted. After thy view them they can directly open up discussions pertaining the show or the video they have seen. Furthermore, the application also allows its users with a chance to view lovely photographs found nowhere else.

Another fantastic and unique thing about the software platform is that the broadcasting network also has many uses for it. For example, the network can carry out important surveys. They viewers get the chance to participate in the polls, and the PodcastOne team will have the opportunity to use the feedback given positively in improving their shows and broadcasts. The exercise itself gets enabled through the personalized messages that the app allows each user to receive or send. These personalized messages are also used by the users to chat amongst themselves securely and privately.

All these new developments that PodcastOne viewers and listeners are enjoying so far can be accredited to Mr. Norman Pattiz who for years has worked so hard to ensure the broadcasting company succeeds. Accredited for many things Norman Pattiz has had a rather successful career in radio broadcasting and has been able to work as the Chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors. His other achievements apart from being the founder of PodcastOne include the establishment of Westwood One which became the largest network in the United States of America. He also married and stays with his wife Mary in Southern California and maintains an active role in all his investments. Learn more:


George Soros’ Accomplishments in the World of Philanthropy

About George Soros

George Soros is one of the world’s famous philanthropists, having donated over $12 billion to charity work. His organization supports individuals and agencies across the world to advocate for accountable government, freedom of expression, transparency, and promote justice and equality. George Soros’ donations often focus on people facing discrimination. He supports groups representing Europe’s Roma people, and others advocating for human rights such as LGBTI people, sex workers, and drug users.George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He lived through the Nazi occupation of 1944 and 1945, which resulted in the murder of nearly half a million Hungarian Jews. George Soros’ family survived by concealing their background and securing false identity papers. In 1947, Soros left Budapest for London where he would work as a night-club waiter and rail porter to support his studies at the London School of Economics.

In 1956, he moved to the United States where he made his fortune in the world of investment and finance.Later on, in 1970, George Soros founded Soros Fund Management, his first hedge fund and made his way up to become one the most influential investors in the United States.George Soros leveraged his success in the world of finance and investment to create the Open Society Foundations. It comprises of a network of projects, foundations, and partners in around the world. Its name and mission reflect George Soros’ perception about the philosophy of Karl Popper, a philosophy he encountered at the London School of Economics. One of the approaches at the Open Society Foundations is to allow for freedom of expression, democratic governance, and respect for individual rights.George Soros philanthropic journey began in 1979 when he gave scholarships to black South Africans under the apartheid.

He would provide photocopiers to reprint banned texts as a way of facilitating the exchange of ideas in the Communist Eastern Bloc. Over the years, George Soros has provided school fees for thousands of promising students from marginalized communities. In fact, Soros has gone beyond his foundation by supporting independent organizations such as the International Crisis, the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Global Witness, and the European Council on Foreign Relations.Today, Soros continues to actively participate in the initiatives of the Open Society Foundations, traveling widely to advocate for policies to transform the world’s leadership. Throughout his philanthropic legacy, George Soros commits to battling the world’s most intractable problems. He focuses on issues for which a complete solution might never be found. George Soros’ success in financial markets has given him a degree of independence. That independence has helped him to propel his ventures to greater heights and support other humanitarian organizations.

Jose Auriemo Neto – Leading JHSF to Success Globally

JHSF has been one of the biggest real estate development firms in Brazil since its inception in 1972. The company has developed many landmark buildings in the country and has also contributed to the infrastructure development of Brazil. One of the reasons why JHSF has become so famous among the people and in the real estate world is because of the company’s focus on quality and developing a unique architectural style. The design of the projects that JHSF undertakes are always unique and at par with the models produced in highly developed countries. JHSF is even known to rope in the best of architects from across the globe to ensure that the results are highly marketable, unique, and of international standards.

Over the years, JHSF has completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects in Brazil. Thanks to the rapid growth and expansion of the company’s business in the last few years, it has been able to manage to enter the real estate business in other countries as well, including in Uruguay, Salvador, and the United States. JHSF is currently developing projects in Punta del Este, Salvadore, Miami, and New York. One of the reasons behind the massive success of JHSF in the past few years is the leadership skills of the company’s CEO, Jose Auriemo Neto. He is the third generation in the family to lead the business, and he has been able to do so in a very refined manner.

As soon as Jose Auriemo Neto took control of the JHSF’s business, he managed to implement some of the much-needed reforms that were long overdue. It helped the company to perform efficiently and managed to get past the loopholes that were embedded in the company’s affair for long. Recently, Jose Auriemo Neto relocated to the commercial capital of the United States, New York. The decision was made to ensure that he can oversee the company’s new project being developed on Fifth Avenue carefully. Jose Auriemo Neto had moved to the United States along with the family, so it means that he would be around for a long time.