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Insightful facts about Betsy Devos

Betsy DeVos is the current and the 11th secretary of education of the United States. She was born in 1958, and she is also a rich business woman, activist, and politician. Betsy started her career as a politician back at Calvin College, where she played various roles in the school`s politics and since then, she has grown to be a prolific politician. DeVos has over the past years led many campaigns and committees to address political issues as well as organized parties as part of her career. Besides, the politician served as the chairman of the Michigan for close to six years, and her husband has also motivated her in her career as he also plays various roles in politics.Betsy is a member of the Republican Party and works towards bringing the best education to all individuals in the United States. She also works hard towards providing school vouchers to people as well as providing various education forums and charters to schools.

Betsy serves as the Republican committee woman in the early 1990`s before taking her role as the chairman of the Michigan. Due to her passion and concern for better education in the united states, Betsy serves as a board member of the of the foundation for excellence in education. Besides, she also takes part in the Detroit charter school system, where she acts as an advocate.The politician believes in the art of innovation and has played a huge role in bringing up inventions as well as new ideas to help bring a change in the social lives of all individuals. Besides. She has profoundly contributed to the change in the way of life of many Americans, through her wind quest group company, which mostly targets on issues like technology, clean energy, and manufacturing. Besides, Betsy works hard towards bringing a reform I the way of doing things and has contributed to the change of life of many individuals through her perfect heart to help people.

She also has joined and taken part in many charitable organizations, through which she contributes to cater for people with various issues, and as a result, she has brought hope in such people’s lives.Through her school voucher programs, Betsy has helped to fund the education of many individuals in the United States, and as a result, over twenty-five thousand students have benefited from the program. Besides, Betsy together with her husband Dick have worked hard to bring a change in the education sector, and through the scholarship forum that they started a few years ago, they have seen many students especially those from not very well up families go to school with a safe environment and pursue their dream careers.


Eva Moskowitz: The Woman Working To Improve The Education System In The Country

Eva Moskowitz is someone who is dedicated to the field of education and the school system in the United States. She is the person who founded the Success Academy Charter Schools. The Success Academy Charter Schools owns one of the largest chains of schools in the city of New York. The organization has over thirty-four public charter schools under their belt. Most of the work that Eva Moskowitz does is centered around education. She was one of the people who was at the forefront of the School Charter Movement, a campaign which was launched to be able to provide children all over America the access to high-quality education. She is of the opinion that education is something that can help the entire society develop and can put America on the path of global progress.


One of the first schools that Eva Moskowitz opened up was in 2006 and went by the name of the Harlem Success Academy. Seeing the success of the school, she decided to open up more schools in New York. She was of the opinion that even though the locality in which she was setting up her schools was well established, the same could not be said for the schools that they had there. She was of the opinion that to meet the standards of the people living there, the schools would need to be revamped, which is why she saw it fit to set up her charter schools in the city of New York. Today, the schools that Eva Moskowitz had started are doing extremely well, and she has managed to make all of them successful in the education sector.


In addition to education, Eva Moskowitz is also heavily focused on other aspects and hobbies like writing and directing. She is, in fact, a published writer who authored the book In Therapy We Trust. The book revolves psychological problems and tries to give the readers viable solutions which will enable them to function normally once again. She also was the director behind a documentary that elaborated on the sociological aspect of women and the roles that they started to play in society after the commencement of World War II.

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