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What Money Amounts Up To For Sheldon Lavin

$6 Billion In 2016

The 2016 financial and business year saw the OSI Group bring in more than $6 billion in revenue. This is an outstanding feat that’s made possible only through the agency’s CEO and leader. Sheldon Lavin is a world renown CEO and for having worked with nearly 45 years as a professional.

His insight and know-how, brought to the business world, was developed during his work in the financial markets. It makes sense that a leading professional like Sheldon got his career start as a successful financial professional. The legacy we see in the OSI Group is a direct result of a mathematical perception.

The fine details we see occurring in the OSI Group are plans made with the single objective toward a financial outcome. The precision couldn’t be better for Sheldon Lavin. The exact place in time that we find the OSI Group in is a time of world expansion that defines how the world economies are being unified.

What It Means To Have A Great CEO

This expansion within the OSI Group couldn’t be possible without a figure like Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon began his work with the agency as a new component to the firm’s expansion but within United States’ borders. His work enabled the agency to see the entire U.S. market exhausted.

What could be accomplished in the States was then maximized by Sheldon Lavin and through the legacy we recognize today. The next step for the agency is one only a financial professional can take, and Sheldon was in the right place at the right time. The international market boomed, and OSI was there to profit.

Still Building A Large Infrastructure

The OSI Group works in the United States as the largest processed food supplier. The agency’s clients are primarily large food chain restaurants. These food chains are also among the biggest businesses in the United States. Serving the food agency allows the OSI Group to operate with an extensive market.

It supplies packaged meats and other processed deliverables in an attempt to work as a mediator in the food business. As long as the OSI Group can organize contracts with meat farmers for a butchering process, a packaging process and a distribution system, the agency can remain with its business platform today.

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The Entrepreneurial Past of Sheldon Lavin

43 years back, Sheldon Lavin was an outsider in the food processing industry. As a trained finance and accounting professional, Lavin envisioned owning a business in the same path. The current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, OSI Group, began his career working in investment banking and finance.

In 1970, he structured the financing of Otto& Sons, now OSI Group, to build a meat processing plant to increase its supply capacity. Then, Otto& Sons wanted to become the lead supply of hamburgers to McDonald in the Midwest. Sheldon Lavin worked as a consultant and a partner at Otto & Sons. As the business continued to register significant growth, he invested his resources full time managing and strategizing. The company expanded to North America, South America, and Europe.

By the early 1980’s, Sheldon Lavin became half partner after buying the stakes of from one of the Otto brothers. The other retired and Lavin took over control after a vote cast. At the time, he purposed to transform OSI group into a market leader and an internationally recognized brand. Sheldon Lavin began pursuing various growth strategies in the late 1980s. He focused on growing OSI Industries’ international presence, product offerings, revenues and operational capacities. Lavin led the company in opening new plants, acquisitions, and mergers and signing partnerships and agreements with international producers and distributors of food.

Sheldon Lavin’s efforts registered successes for the company. By the late 1990’s, the company had diversified its product offerings to include fresh vegetables, baked goods, pork, poultry, and fish. The company also became an international producer and distributor of food commodities. Sheldon led the company in acquiring Flagship Europe, Boha Foods, Netherlands and creating partnerships with local businesses in India and Philippines. Today OSI Industries serves over 17 countries.

Lavin is a passionate entrepreneur and describes OSI as an entrepreneurial venture. He has encouraged a culture of innovation, consultation, collaboration, open communication and continuous dialogues in the company. The company also encourages ownership of goals and visions. The employees are the most valued assets in OSI Industries. Sheldon Lavin also leads the company’s initiatives to impact communities it serves positively. He contributes to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

He is a recipient of the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from RSM US for his dedication to service and the greater Chicago business community. The India Vision World Academy recognized his efforts through the Global Visionary award. The award is in appreciates his input in developing OSI Industries into a global giant. During his tenure, OSI has received the 2016 Globe of Honor Award, certifications in environmental sustainability and recognition in service, employment, and safety.

Sheldon Lavin’s current ambitions are to continue growing the company and achieve world-class results in all the areas of operations as well as mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Sheldon Lavin – The Innovative Chair and CEO at OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer and chair at OSI Group, LLC. He is overly experienced and holds a renowned profile in both food and meat processing industries. Additionally, Lavin is the president at OSI International Foods Ltd and hold various other key roles in the company’s operations. Besides, Lavin has gained extensive skills from his line of work financing Otto & Sons which later became OSI Group.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin holds degree in Finance and Accounting. Besides he has received several other awards from his ventures and other related non-profit industries. As a philanthropist, Lavin has greatly contributed to several charities that include; Inner City Foundation, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Jewish United Fund, and United Negro among others.

For the record, OSI Group now operates in over 60 different countries across the globe. In direct recognition of his efforts, India Vision World Academy presented Lavin with a Global Visionary Award in 2016. This prestigious award won in 2016 was an honor to Lavin’s distinguished commitment to OSI Group welfare.

Apparently, OSI Group is experiencing massive growth in profitability, scale of operation and employee base. To sustainably accommodate all this positive changes, Lavin is now focused in improving the overall quality of the products through extensive research. This move is timely considering the rise in the number of investors in the food processing industries in the global market.

Through a culture of inclusivity, OSI Group has continually retained its talented and loyal team of experts in the industry. Lavin’s office has also played a crucial role in mentoring, training and motivating the workforce. Good relationship in at OSI Group has resulted to productive family in the course of striving to meet the set goals.

Sheldon Lavin is passionate about his managerial role at OSI group. Because of this, the company has received several sustainability and environmental awards. Lavin is actively involved in other endeavors such as McDonald House charities. Lavin is supportive to his wife and their three children. Through his wisdom and role at OSI Group, Lavin also plays a fundamental role in supporting the community.

About Sheldon Lavin:

OSI Group Purchases Tyson Food Plant in Chicago

OSI Group is one of the most reputable food processing companies in the world. The company is headquartered in Aurora, and it has transformed food industry. Just recently, the private firm announced that it has decided to purchase the Tyson Food Plant. According to the institution, the plant is found in Chicago, and it will help the company to reach its customers in the region. The documents that have been filed at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds show that the food plant cost OSI Group seven million dollars.

In November, the food plant managing team announced to the public that more than five hundred individuals were going to lose their jobs if the facility stopped operating. There were plans to close the plant in October. Caroline Ahn, the spokeswoman of Tyson Foods, says at the moment, there are two hundred people who were still working at the plant. These individuals were supposed to complete the production in the institution. Caroline says that the other employees were already working at the OSI Group in different positions. This proves that the organization is right to take care of all the remaining employees in the plant.

Alison Kovaleski, the spokesperson from the OSI Group, confirmed the news from the food plant. However, Alison could not confirm the exact number of employees serving in her company. Alison also said that she was not allowed to comment on the subject because the food processing company does not like disclosing the information concerning its products and clients to the public.

Before the OSI Group acquired the food processing plant, it made its announcement through its website in June. Alison believes that this information was enough for the public, and nothing more should be disclosed.

The OSI Group is a very successful private institution that provides clients with several meat products. The privately owned company was established several years ago, and it offers employment opportunities to people from all over the world. The food processing company is famed for its delicious bacon and breakfast sausages. The company has branches in different parts of the world.

OSI Group Products:

Jason Hope’s Tech Based Approach to Entrepreneurial Success

Jason Hope’s career as both a futurist and a tech base entrepreneur has been quite interesting to watch. While Hope has yet to breakthrough into the realm of ‘household name’ his work has gotten to the point where it stands for itself. In fact, you can push that one step further. The work that Hope decides to back ends up becoming a bigger deal. Jason Hope is well known for his work with the mobile comms company, Jawa, as well as his position on the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a development within the tech field that, you will soon find out, is well worth paying attention to.

The Internet of Things, if you take Jason Hope’s word for it, might just become one of the most important changes in the tech field for the next couple of years. The Internet of Things, for the uninitiated, refers to the way our world connects to the internet. We aren’t just talking about the typical devices like our phones or computers, we are talking even more generally — everything that can connect to the net, will.

If you look at the way the tech industry has been going in recent years you can see that we have seen smart technology start to really take over. Smart technology has begun to connect us to the web in ways that we never would have anticipated before. Think of smart shoes that track your routes and your health data. Think of the way you can have a thermostat installed on your house that connects all of the environmental controls within your home. Jason Hope calls this the Internet of Things and the industry might just call it the next big thing in general. Hope believes that the industry will begin to overtake everything else in our life and that could lead to huge, beneficial, and efficient changes. Learn more about him:

Jason Hope’s work with the SENS Foundation has also been coming under the microscope lately. His faith in the Internet of Things makes it likely that the SENS Foundation will begin moving in that direction as well.


The Dallas Zoo Gets a New Addition

The Dallas zoo now has a new addition-The Hippo Habitat. It was no small feat and has been over a decade and a half in the waiting. The Dallas residents are pretty excited for the new addition and it was made possible by the generosity of James Dondero and Highland Capital Management.


James Dondero along with his firm, Highland Capital Management, made a very generous donation of $1 million to the hippo cause and it helped to aid in the expensive construction of the new habitat. The donation made it possible to construct the 5,000 square foot “Highland Capital Lodge” that can be used for private events. All of the proceeds gained from any functions held in the new outpost will go towards improving the zoo.


It cost $14 million to bring the hippos back to the zoo and it was worth every penny. The new improvements will draw in lots of people and this means that more money will go into keeping and improving the zoo. The habitat is a 2.1 acre plot with a 120,000-gallon African waterhole habitat with a submerged viewing area. It is now home to Adhama and Boipelo, two lovely hippos who are lucky to have such an amazing home to live in. You can read more about the story of how the new habitat came to be here


Highland Capital Management is known for their generous donations to good causes and they are thoroughly invested in their community. Dondero has donated millions of dollars to various development projects within the community including the recent hippo project. Dondero’s always happy to help and is continuously working with Dallas residents to make their communities better.

James Dondero has three decades of experience in his field of expertise and is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He’s on the board of MGM Studios and American Banknote. He is also Chairman of the board of Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank, and NexPoint. James Dondero holds his majors in accounting and in finance and graduated form the University of Virginia. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Management Accountant.