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OSI Food Solutions wins the Globe of Honour Award

OSI Food Solutions received the Globe of Honour Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council for its excellent management of the environment. The company has played green technologies as part of its plan to meet the high demand for food products. The award shows the commitment that this company is putting in the preservation of the environment. OSI was one of the 18 organizations which received the award in the whole world. The award does not come easy as the companies which are shortlisted have to go through a thorough process of verification to ensure that they are the best.

OSI Food Solutions in the same period initiated plans to expand operations further. The company started with the acquisition of Tyson Foods plant located in Chicago. The plant will enable the company to meet the high demand for food products in North America. The company is also using this as a chance to increase its productivity in the region by incorporating, more food products. Although the plant was designed for the production of chicken products, OSI is expected to use it for production of all its products. This is just one of the attempts that the company has taken in recent times to increase food production in the local market.

OSI Food Solutions has expanded its plant in Toledo with a mission of increasing its production of chicken products. There is high demand of these products in Portugal and Spain, and it can only be right that the company invests in the production of more products so that it can meet the high demand that is coming from the customers. When the customer wants more of something, it is upon the business owners to provide. OSI Food Solutions has now doubled the production of chicken products. It will now be producing over 24,000 tons of chicken products annually.

OSI Food Solutions is now a leading company in the world in the production of food products. The company has created job opportunities for over 20,000 people in all its branches. In the recently expanded facility in Toledo, 20 more jobs opportunities have been created. 160 employees will now serve the plant. The expansion of this plant was praised by the COO of the company David McDonald a step that will take that company closer to the people. They will also be able to increase the products portfolio. Going into the future, it seems that this company is in the right direction and will continue doing well.

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Mina Ebrahimi’s Successful Career Journey

Mina Ebrahimi is the founder and also the Chief Executive Officer of Saint Germain Catering. The business has been in operation in Washington area for more than twenty years. Ebrahimi has over the years been a recipient of some awards due to the success of the catering business. She was once named the Enterprise women of the year award winner and also appeared in the list of top 40 under 40 business journals. Saint Germain catering with Ebrahimi as its CEO can handle all events whether in or outdoors of whatever size. The firm with its able team ensures that everyone who seeks their services get the full attention and quality ones.


Before starting Saint Germain Catering, Mina Ebrahimi used to work at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC and also in her family’s Bistro French Café. In the year 1988, Mina played a part in the establishment of the family café and Catering in Virginia. The Bistro had a bakery, a restaurant, and an operational catering which offered full meals. At the hotel, she was working as an attendant and a caterer. She was then moved to the room service where Ebrahimi was the supervisor. In the hotel, Mina also started the transport department and was in charge of all guest services. This greatly gave Ebrahimi the experience that she needed to venture into her catering business.


Besides her successful entrepreneurial side, Ebrahimi has also been involved in multiple voluntary works over the years. In the year 2013 for instance, she was named an acting board member of the University of Pennsylvania Vet School. Mina was able to contribute to bringing positive change that was needed for animal medicine. In the same year, she joined the Marketing and Development board which is the largest animal hospital in any university as a member. It is there that she was able to start the Jack Ebrahimi Interventional Radiology Minimally Invasive Department. In 2014 she also started the Mina Ebrahimi Foundation where she can mentor and empower women to be entrepreneurs. The foundation runs up to date and has women in diverse areas of business.


The Development of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is a company dealing with processed quality beef, chicken, and pork products. The predecessor of Otto and Sons started in Toledo, Spain in the year 1990. Today, the company has more than 17 facilities in various countries. Early this year, the firm completed first phase of extension. Initially, in the ‘90s, the firm could serve only Illinois as a local company, but now it is an international food company. Still, the company is a work in progress to improve on the customer networking and services. In March 2018, OSI Group increased the productions of quality chicken by a double from 12,000 to 24,000 tons per year. Similarly, the total output of quality beef, pork, and chicken products raised to 45,000 tons per year. The expansion led to the contribution to the community by offering an increase in job opportunities by 20 positions on the current 140 workers.

The extension of the production at OSI Food Solutions was to respond to the rising demand for quality chicken in Portugal and Spain. According to the research conducted recently, it is clear that the market will continue to go even higher. OSI Group is preparing to enhance their services to remain relevant as the leading food company globally. Thus, in the additional 20 positions, we have the development product manager, who should run the current products and introduces new products in the company’s portfolio. OSI President David McDonald was happy to be able to embrace such an improvement to cater for the future of the company.

The company also expanded its physical location by 22,600 square feet. Other facilities include shipping and receiving area, refrigerated rooms for waste container storage, supply storage, hot water and nitrogen tanks, and social space for employees. OSI Food Solutions has come up with new, modernized kitchens, where we do product test by our well-skilled and qualified staff of chefs. Also, the firm improved the surveillance system by introducing indoor and outdoor cameras.

In the year 2016, OSI Food Solutions acquired the Tyson Food Plant. The purchase of the plant showed the willingness to increase the company’s services to North America. In California, OSI Group opened a processing industry for rice, tofu, and beans. In the U.K., the group purchased Flagship Europe and made it the primary distributor of processed food. The plant got renamed as the Creative Foods Europe. Also, the company acquired the leading position of Baho in the Netherlands.


OSI Group Success Story

OSI Group is one of the prestigious companies in the food processing department. This company has been in the global sector for many decades, and it has managed to facilitate the kind of changes everyone has been dreaming about. According to Osi Industries, more than twenty thousand individuals work in different positions in the global firm. OSI Industries has successfully managed to open sixty five facilities that are in seventeen countries. The story of OSI Industries shows that it is possible for an ordinary investor to rise from his humble beginnings and introduce a corporate business that impacts the lives of the whole world. The food processing company has grown from a simple meat store to the largest meat provider in the competitive American market.

Otto Kolschowsky is the influential person behind the successful organization. Otto is one of the few German immigrants who decided that they were going to settle and look for a way of making money in Chicago. There were many people with Germany origins in Chicago, and Otto was one of them. The city was doing quite well with the rising number of Germany immigrants, and everyone was looking for a business opportunity that was going to change the economy of the city and the lives of the immigrants who were coming into the country with the hope of getting greener pastures. Most of these immigrants were interested in starting farms in the plains.

In 1909, Otto felt that he was ready to start a meat retail shop in the city so that he could easily serve the people in his small community. The businessman was motivated about the growing number of immigrants, and he did his best to make the lives of his people better. Otto worked so hard, and in ten years he was running one of the leading meat wholesale stores in the area. The growth of the business made him to rebrand the firm and name in Otto& Sons. With a lot of dedication, the meat company continued to thrive and become more successful in the local department.

When Sheldon Lavin joined the meat processing company several years ago, he could see that the organization was in a position to grow and offer customers in the global market excellent services. With the assistance received from the businessman, OSI Industries has expanded and reached so many consumers living in many parts of the world. The products from the company are tasty and of high quality.

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OSI Industries Offers Great Expertise to Food Companies

OSI Industries is a highly rated food processing company that has embraced a growth mindset as a key aspect of their operations. Their steady growth over the years has led them across the globe where they maintain 65 facilities in 17 countries. Their approximately 20,000 employees are a big part of extensive resources and abilities.

One innovation that the company employs is their Global Councils which help them communicate ideas and share best practices. This helps drive the company’s commitment to excellence and outstanding service to their customers.

OSI Industries has three significant areas that illustrate their substantial capabilities. They have extensive culinary resources, product development abilities, and an excellent infrastructure for food processing. All of this gives their clients the quickest path to market success and allows their product visions to become a reality.

The growth mindset of OSI Industries has been carefully nurtured by their long-serving CEO Sheldon Lavin. His vision for the company has been global in scope and under his leadership, they have become one of the foremost food processors of their size and ability. He has also emphasized an entrepreneurial mindset that has spread throughout the company. Despite their size, they think like a small, lean company that can move quickly to satisfy their customers.

One example of their expansionary vision is their recent purchase of the noted Dutch company called Baho Food. This has given them a stronger presence in Europe and deepens their abilities in this key market. David McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer for OSI Industries and indicated that this acquisition was a great fit for the company.

Another important piece of the puzzle for the company was the extra 200,000 square feet of production capacity that they received when they purchased the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. This facility is near their other locations in the city and strengthens their infrastructure for growth.

Sustainability is an important issue for the company and it is a central feature in all of their processes. The British Safety Council has singled them out with an award that goes to remarkably few companies. In 2016 they received a Globe of Honour for their exemplary environmental record in managing risks. The fact that they excelled in one of the toughest environmental jurisdictions speaks volumes regarding their commitment. OSI Industries continues their innovation and commitment to food quality as they maintain one of the industry’s finest environmental records.

About OSI Industries :

OSI Group’s David McDonald Believes It Is Critical To Never Stop Working To Improve:

David G. McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group, an American and world leader in processed food distribution to the food service industry, servicing notable clients such as McDonald’s Restaurants. Since the completion of his animal science degree at Iowa State University in 1987, he has been with OSI. Starting at the bottom and working his way to the top, David is a forward-thinking businessman who has spearheaded numerous expansion and company growth during his long tenure with the food powerhouse. David was involved in the expansion push from his earliest time with the company, originally hired as a project manager with the directive of expanding business in Asia and Latin America.

David McDonald On the Record:

Speaking with CEOCFO Magazine, David gave some insight on his entrepreneurial career, spoke about what OSI’s strategy was to grow the company to its current strength and what the future holds for OSI Group. David talks about the fact that when he first joined the company, there was a vision that revolved around growth. He maintains that this vision has not waned at all today as the company continues to search for the right opportunities to continue to increase its global footprint. David emphasizes that the company’s partners and customers are at the heart of what has allowed OSI to grow. He also wants to emphasize that OSI’s ethic of going above and beyond to serve its customers remains as strong today as ever. On the subject of how this kind of culture can be set into place with such a large number of employees and facilities, David points out that initially, the company grew from numerous formal partnerships. OSI worked with partners that new the tastes and the culture of the varying worldwide regions the company was operating in. OSI continues to actively encourage entrepreneurial spirit and innovation and David attributes this to the company’s customers. He truly believes that OSI’s customers inspire its employees to be creative and innovative. Regarding the future, David asserts that OSI will continue to innovate while still doing what it has always done in the past. The company will continue its aspirations of always improving, all the while maintaining its unwavering commitment to top notch customer service.

Huge Acquisition in Europe with Purchase of Baho Food:

Baho Food is a Dutch food company that has recently been brought under the OSI Group banner. David McDonald asserts that this acquisition is all about continuing OSI’s tradition of constant improvement in the food processing industry. The products this acquisition adds to the OSI portfolio give huge additional value in OSI’s constant drive to provide its clients with the best in customer service. David feels that Baho Food’s list of brands is a perfect compliment to OSI’s processing abilities. He asserts that the acquisition gives OSI a much broader presence in the critical European market.

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OSI Group is a privately owned food company with its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It is a meat processing company, and its products include pork, fish, poultry, dough products and Pizza. Its processing plants are located in Geneva, Chicago, Oakland, Wisconsin, Riverside, California, and Utah. It deals with world renowned food brands by packaging and co- brand. Being the largest private food processing company, it develops, source and distributes foods around the world.

Acquiring the Baho Foods

OSI Group primary way of expanding its empire is by acquisition. Recently, the company acquired the Baho Food, a food company based in the Netherlands. Baho food deals with meat products and has plants both in Germany and the Dutch. The Baho Food has five subsidiary companies with over 60 years of experience in the retail food industry. It serves customers in over 18 European Countries. The CEO of OSI Group Mr. David G. McDonald said adding Baho Food means expanding its market to the larger European area. He said Baho Food company complements their strength and increases their capabilities to serve their customers best demand.

Acquisition of Flagship Europe

The Flagship Food Group is a portfolio that deals with the supply, processing food products to customers in the UK. OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe as a way to increase its position in the European market. Flagship Europe deals mainly with sous vide products, pies, mayonnaise, sauce and frozen poultry. The CEO of Flagship Group said that it was an exciting development for his company for the acquisition means resources and finances will be available to them along with the increase in the global market. He said being part of the OSI Group more opportunity will be available and will help them serve their customers well.

OSI Award

Being on the front line in managing environmental risks, the OSI Group was awarded the Prestigious Globe Awards for 2016 by the British Safety Council. The award was presented to them at the Drapers’ Hall in London. Lynda Armstrong, the chairperson of the British Safety Council, congratulated the OSI Group for its performance in the conservation industry and winning the Award.