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How Dr. David Samadi Became A Pioneer In New Methods To Treat Prostate Cancer

Dr. David Samadi is a celebrated surgeon who serves at the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City as their Chief of Robotic Surgery. His specialty is urology. He was born in Iran and his parents raised him in Persia. After the Iranian Revolution he, along with his brother, was made to leave their home and he ended up in Belgium. While they were in Belgium without their parents, they made the best of it with David focused on starting a career in medicine. His specialty as a urologist was set when he observed a prostate cancer procedure as a student and decided that would be his life calling.

It was at the Stony Brook School of Medicine that Dr. David Samadi earned his medical degree. He worked at Montefiore Medical Center to complete his postgraduate training. His specialization in urology was completed at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Over the course of his professional career he has now completed a remarkable 7,000 prostate surgeries. He developed a whole new method of performing these surgeries which he calls SMART which is short for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment. After surgery and follow-up care, about 90% of his patients are free of cancer.

Along with performing surgeries, Dr. David Samadi has also become a popular figure in the media as an expert on prostate cancer and other medical issues. He once was the host of “Sunday Housecall” where he fielded medical questions for five years. He has also had a radio show and a related website where he shares his knowledge. He is also a contributor to Fox News Health on the Fox News Channel where he shares current medical discoveries and other issues in the industry.

The way that Dr. David Samadi treats prostate cancer is unique. His method, which makes extensive use of robotics, is an approach that is less invasive than the conventional surgical approaches used by others in his field. It is not only safer and easier to recover from but it is also more effective as so many of his patients live free of cancer after having him perform their surgery.

Dr. David Samadi says that his career exploded in 2000 after he worked in France for a period of time. Surgeons in France had been using a laparoscopic method to perform prostate surgeries while American doctors were using conventional methods. His pioneering work in laparoscopy is what led to his success in treating patients and getting the attention of media.

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Effective Help Recovering From An Illness With Nobilis Health

Confronting an illness of any kind can require a great deal of time and hard work. Someone who has a momentary bout of the flu can be left with a lack of strength and need serious help from the medical professional for weeks and even months. A person who needs help for a chronic condition of some kind will need even more help as they seek the best possible way to help move back to a state of wellness. The right healthcare company is often an essential part of this process as people discover when they turn to medical providers for help during this process.

Many medical providers understand just how hard it can be for someone to confront an illness of any kind. This is why they are aware of the need to strive to be better providers and assist their patients in helping them to find the best possible standard of care at all times. Many skilled professionals want to be able to help their patients and give them access to care that is both highly technological and yet also allows the patient to feel that they are cared for by people who truly value their lives and want them to get better as soon as possible.

Working a company that has such staffers can allow the patient to recover quickly and feel a sense of happiness as they know that they were given access to high quality care from skilled professionals. One of the nation’s leading providers is that of Nobilis Health Corp, a company that is devoted to providing residents of the Southwest with the opportunity have nearby access to a healthcare center that allows them access to the latest in effective technology and a group of high quality healthcare providers who are able to help their patients receive care that is right for their needs at all times.

A patient will often need to carefully investigate the potential options available to meet their specific health needs and one that is able to provide them with high quality care the moment they step inside a care facility. Many patients facing a chronic illness will need to locate a facility that is designed for such use and one that can help them avoid any potential complications that may arise from treatment that is not delivered well. The patient who knows that they have such healthcare providers on their side is a patient who can spend their days focusing solely on how best to recover from their illness and not worry about other issues such as paying for their care or worrying that a healthcare provider is less than skilled. Working closely with such professionals from Nobilis Health enables the patient to be assured as they go through treatment that they have all that they need to get better as soon as they can. High quality care is ideal for the patient who needs care of kind whether that care is of short duration or for a much longer period of time.