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Sheldon Lavin Rose Alongside The OSI Group To A Global Corporation

More than four decades ago, Sheldon Lavin took up a leading position at OSI Group, helping the corporation become the giant that it is in the food industry today. His skills in banking and as an investor were top notch, bringing in a whole new level of innovation to the company. Sheldon is one of the main reasons behind the companies global expansion since the 1970’s. At a time, Sheldon controlled a portion of the company with two other partners, which turned to one and then eventually just Sheldon was left to control the leading interest in the company. This is when he made some dramatic changes to take the company to new heights. Sheldon Lavin has stayed fully committed to his work and his contributions to philanthropy for decades despite the fact that he is more than 80 years old today.

He has and will continue to promote better social responsibility throughout the OSI Group and to other organizations around the world. Sheldon has taken the time to be apart of various noteworthy causes over the years, including charitable donations to various organizations.Before the company became the OSI Group, it was known as Otto & Sons. This company was run by a German native and his three sons for many years and in 1955 it made a contract with McDonald’s and became their patty supplier. This was a big step for the company and majorly increased their profits over the years to come.

During this time, the company was looking to expand further and the owners even wanted to reach global territory. McDonald’s at the time was growing at a fast rate, which boosted the rate at which the company was expanding.Not that long after Sheldon Lavin joined in with the company it was renamed to the OSI Group with permission from the previous owners for the change. This happened in the 1970’s and it helped rebrand the company for the global expansion that was coming for the next couple of decades thanks to Sheldon Lavin. By 1990, the OSI Group had expanded to various territories around the world, including Germany, Australia, Brazil, Poland, Spain, Mexico, and China.

OSI Group Is Continuing To Make The Right Acquisitions And Mergers

Some interesting news has been released recently that covered an important merger between OSI Group and Turi Foods, which formed Turosi Pty Ltd. The merger will combine the expertise of both companies so that can help to better serve their customers. Turi Foods is known for their poultry farming in Australia and will be looking forward to working with OSI who will be able to offer Turi a much increased reach. The companies will continue to run their facilities in Victoria, Geelong, and Thomastown, and the merger was a success partially because of the work of Grant Thornton. Both companies have a sterling reputation and expect great things to come from their combined efforts. OSI Group was founded in 1909 by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky.

The company started out as a small deli and meat market that served the west side of Chicago but rapidly grew as it became more popular. The business prowess of Kolschowsky and his sons, who he brought into the business, allowed the company to secure a deal with McDonald’s before the fast food giant was even a fraction of what it is today. As one of the earliest suppliers of meats and food products for McDonald’s OSI Group cemented in a business partnership that lasted for years to come and through the current day. Otto & Sons was the name of the company before the 1970’s. During that decade many favorable changes took place within the company, and along with changing its name to OSI Group, the brothers also hired on Sheldon Lavin, who eventually became the CEO of OSI.

From the start, Lavin had a mission to expand the company as quickly and efficiently as possible, and part of its original expansion efforts saw OSI building new plants in the United States and then overseas. Today, OSI Group is one of the largest American food companies, which operates all over the world. OSI continues to expand while focusing inward, at the same time, on ensuring that its operations are sustainable and as friendly to the environment as possible. If Otto Kolschowsky could have seen into the future, he would be mighty proud of his little business from the west side of Chicago that is now a global force to be reckoned with.

Mike Baur – Shaking the Entrepreneur World

Mike Baur is a Freiburg entrepreneur with expertise in startup and tips for budding company founders. He is the board member and co-founder of the famous and renowned Swiss Startup accelerator factory that deals with offering both mental and financial support to Swiss start-ups. The 42-year-old believes that behind any successful startup there is a brilliant idea natured spontaneously.


Mike Baur states that most successful ideas are not searched, but they come when needs for service or product arises. It makes an individual discover a specific gap and the need to come up with an ideal way of closing it. The idea turns into a startup. The technology has made doing business easy since to implement a plan you need a website to market it and people to test it before the initial launching.


The affordable and available communication and the immense power to technology give favorable conditions for any startup to succeed. A person needs to embrace failures, work hard and ignore all the naysayers. Additionally, you need to break one or even all the rules for you to triumph and always share the idea and tips you have with your family and friends. Sharing of your plan is an inspirational character, and it helps receive valuable feedback. They people help you view your startup project from a different perspective. Talking to others may lead to partnership making the startup more comfortable and affordable creating on enormous thoughts of networking.


According to Mike Baur starting your business in the wrong decisions only means you get up to analyze the wrongs and also embrace failing again but a better failure than the previous one. Failing enables you to learn, and every startup passes through this process and after some time you get up again, analyze and then succeed.


Mike Baur and his business partner Max Meister are the brains behind the success of Swiss Startup Factory, and they have utilized their professional knowledge and unique sets of skills with innate characteristics to create a successful company. The duo offers Swiss Startup the platform they need to make their ideas turn into very productive companies by providing connections both locally and internationally, funding, resources, and mentorship.

Mike Baur worked on Swiss banking industry before venturing into entrepreneurship and letting his passion for helping others lead to creating the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 when he was only 39 years old. He attended Rochester New York University and the University of Berne where he attained his Master’s Degree.


Dr Sergio Cortes Tours Worst Hit Areas

Sitting at the desk with a pen in hand State Health Secretary, Dr. Sergio Cortes makes a list wealth use monitoring all health actions for the recently floated Xerém and the surrounding areas of the state. He is tasked with a very difficult and hard to accomplish the goal. After unseasonably heavy downpours and torrential rains due to the weather phenomenon known as El Niño, the entire region has suffered increased flooding and some landslides as well.

State Sec. Sergio Cortes tells Extra.Global that due to the flooding and the vast amounts of accumulated garbage that the a looming health crisis is eminent. The garbage service in the area has not been very functional since the flooding and has been adding to the problem. With the new threat of the Zika virus can now be added to the list of several other diseases that are typically found in the region. Dengue fever, hepatitis A and the Chikungunya are currently being transmitted throughout the area by mosquitoes. A person that is infected with Zika virus for example does not become contagious to other humans. However if a person that is infected with Zika virus is bitten by a mosquito, that mosquito becomes able to transmit the disease to whomever it bites. Dr. Cortes explains that one of the very best proactive actions in his plan to remedy the crisis will be to actively control the mosquito population in the region.

The female Aedes aegypti is the mosquito that is the culprit that has the ability to transmit the Zika virus, dengue and even the Chikungunya virus between humans. That is why this phase of Sec. Cortes’s crunchbase plan is a crucial. By going after the breeding grounds for mosquitoes and by trying to disinfect the contaminated waters in the area combined with early detection of the symptoms, Dr. Sergio Cortes believes that the health crisis can be contained eliminated. The doctor also explains how eggs from the Aedes aegypti mosquito can remain inert for up to a year when in a dry place. The case can then be activated by merely touching one drop of water. Travel warnings have been given to women traveling in the area that are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Several countries have gone as far as to ask women to try not to become pregnant for up to three years. Due to the almost 4000 birth defects from complications due to the Zika virus.
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