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Co-founder of TMS Health Solutions Ara Chackerian

Entrepreneur Ara Chackerian is an investor and philanthropist. He has over a decade of experience in the business side of the medical industry. Chackerian is a Managing Partner of the early stage healthcare company investment firm ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. He is also the co-founder and a board member of TMS Healthcare Solutions, a company that is bringing the groundbreaking medical treatment known as transcranial magnetic stimulation, to the public.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is a procedure that uses magnets to affect areas of the brain. It has proven to be an effective treatment for major depressive disorder. Chackerian learned of transcranial magnetic stimulation when one of his associates suggested that Chackerian invest in the procedure as well as outpatient psychiatric spaces.

Chackerian was no stranger to creating treatment centers. He and his business partner Brad Hummel had created a number of outpatient diagnostic radiology centers in Northern California. When Chackerian and Hummel began to look into transcranial magnetic stimulation, they were shocked by its results. They were also astounded that it was not widely available to the common person.

Upon meeting with transcranial magnetic stimulation expert Dr. Richard Bermudas, they learned some of the issues that kept the procedure from widespread use. Firstly, the procedure is complicated, and so hiring and retaining qualified technicians is a challenge. Secondly, because the transcranial magnetic stimulation is a somewhat new technique, many insurance companies do not yet provide coverage for the procedure. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Chackerian and Hummel decided to try and spread the availability of transcranial magnetic stimulation, and have since gone on to open seven TMS treatment centers, located in San Francisco and Sacramento. You can visit their website arachackerian

Ara Chackerian wants to expand into even more branches of health care. He has recently begun to study digital healthcare. He hopes to one day increase the prevalence of telemedicine and digital assisted healthcare apps.

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Ms. Martinez: A new Force in the Latin Music Industry

Norka Martinez has always found pleasure in singing. This has been so ever since she was a little girl of only eight years. From her profile, we learn that her parents made her sleep to tunes from some of the greatest Latino musicians. Additionally, they paid extra for her instrument, singing and dance classes. This early exposure to art has been instrumental in shaping Norka Luque’s career.


Norka Luque was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on February 7th, 1986. The 30-year-old singer started participating in dance, instrument and singing competitions while in preschool. According to her profile, she participated in competitions such as the “School Festival of Gaitas” which is a Venezuelan folk music contest and “The Golden Voice.”


Since her childhood, she has never stopped singing, nor has she stayed too far from this passion of hers. She recalls thinking of singing while studying Business Administration at a French University. She also remembers dreaming of becoming a professional pop artist while working in the banking sector of Monaco. During her years as a University student, she created time to perform in different French night clubs. She also joined a punk and funk group known as Bad Moon rising as a lead singer.


Ms. Martinez relocated to Florida after she quit her banking career. In Florida, the beautiful Venezuelan dabbled in fashion, culinary arts and marketing. However, she soon channeled all of her energies towards becoming a professional musician. She became famous when she met the Latin music director Emilio Estefan.


Mr. Estefan put together a professional team that included personalities such as Gaitan Brothers, Archie Peña and Luigi Giraldo to produce Norka Luque’s first album. When the album was released, it sold several copies in Puerto Rico, Venezuela and the United States. The album had several hit songs including “Como lo haces tú” and “Miracle.”


“Miracle” was a massive hit that was released to the masses in three different stages including Salsa, Dance and Urban remix version. The salsa version was very successful, holding the top position on Venezuela’s Record Report for 14 weeks. It’s dance version that was done in English climbed to the 11th spot on the Dance Club Billboard. The urban remix version which was a fusion of reggae, Caribbean and Mediterranean sounds also went platinum. It received massive airplay in the US, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.


Norka Luque’s future as a pop artist is bright. We expect to see her break new ground in the coming years.

Maryann Reimund Throws Young Star Wars Fan a Party

One day, Ms. Reimund from Wauseon, OH was on Facebook, and she came across a blog called Dane’s Diary, written by Janey Allen Dunford about her six-year-old son, named Dane Dunford who has to be one of the youngest Star War’s fans. Dane Dunford of Liberty Center, OH was diagnosed with Stage 4 osteo carcinoma cancer in January 2015. Most recently, the young boy decided to stop his chemo treatments because he was sick from them. Having a big heart and knowing that Dane does not have much time left, Maryann Reimund decided to throw a Star Wars party for young Dane in the gym of the local high school. She learned through contacting Jon Urbana, Dane’s favorite characters were from Star Wars. Reimund was so excited that she posted the day and the time of the party for her Facebook friends to see.

There were many Star Wars characters there, including a Princess Leia who looked exactly like Carrie Fisher did back in 1977. There were robots, androids, a wookie, and Yoda at the party to entertain Dane Dunford and his friends. Ms. Reimund orignally wanted to make a quilt with Dane’s favorite story character on it, but suddenly it grew into a Star Wars party.