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Meet Vincent Parascandola; a Respected Advisor and Benevolent Giver

Vincent Parascandola is a living legend in the American financial circles. Vinnie, as he’s fondly referred to, began his illustrious career back in 1987 as a sales rep at Prudential. Vincent blended in perfectly at Prudential and two years into the job, he was named the National Rookie of the Year for his outstanding contributions. In 1990, the eloquent orator was hired by the life insurance company, Mony.

Vinnie would spend the next 15 years working at the Mony Securities Corporation resigning in May 2005. He’s held accreditation statuses from the SEC and FINRA oversight committee since 2013 and 2016, respectively. Without a doubt, Vincent’s biggest achievement is being named as a lead broker with the prestigious financial firm, AXA Advisors. AXA has well over 5,400 registered sales agents across the nation. At one point in the 12-year career at AXA, Vincent had over 400 employees under his watch in the firm’s New York Metro Branch.

AXA Fact Sheet

According to the trusted company profiling website,, AXA has total assets of $18.5 billion under their management. The firm controls an estimated 93K investment portfolio with average deposits of $198,500, as of October 2017. AXA is the ideal company to pick if you want to hire the most astute fee-based advisors, employee benefits and annuity brokers, and life insurance professionals.

Everyone’s who’s spoken and interacted with Vincent Parascandola all attest to his charming personality. No wonder, Parascandola often gets invited to give inspirational speeches at schools and universities to aspiring entrepreneurs. According to, giving, awe-inspiring, speeches come almost naturally to this seasoned financial advisor. Vincent was ecstatic upon being honored by his Alma Mater to give the 2014 commencement speech at Pace University.

Charity and Philanthropy

Vincent Parascandola is known for his humbleness despite being one of the city’s most accomplished hotshot broker. He’s an avid philanthropist who’s devoted his personal wealth and energy towards finding solutions to most of the issues plaguing humanity. At AXA, he’s said to have been instrumental in developing and growing the AXA Research Fund arm of the company. The research wing founded in 2008 is tasked with investigating life’s major risk factors and, most importantly, finding solutions to these risks. Visit his Facebook page for more.

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Madison Street Capital is a company that has focused on serving only the needs of investment banking in the middle market thus earning a remarkable reputation within the industry of finance. The company is also known for its expertise, quality services, and integrity. The company upholds comprehensive understanding especially on intricacies of corporate finance. Madison Street Capital has its headquarters in Chicago.

Madison Street Capital has mainly majored in mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy services, tax compliance and many others. The company has grown and now has other offices in Oregon, Ghana, and India.

Executives of the company bring together their vast knowledge and analytical set of skills to every transaction they make. Clients are never disappointed when they are in the capable hands of the company. MSC has served a leader company in software analytics known as DCG Software Value as a financial advisor during its merger with Spitfire Group. DCG Software Value has its headquarters in Pennsylvania. The company leads in the value management industry, software estimation services as well as project support. Learn more:

DCG Software Value was founded in nineteen ninety-four and has been meeting the software management needs of both big and small enterprises. Spitfire Group is a company that is based in Denver, and its merger with DCG Software Value was projected to benefit both of the firms. Madison has earned several honors in the M&A Advisor Awards that take place annually. The company was recognized for achieving distinguished achievements in the sector of corporate finance. MSC has won top honors for the role that it played in the Dowco Group’s acquisition of Acuna and Associated. Learn more:

The company has also received nominations in the boutique investment banking sector. The President of ARES Security; Ben Eazzetta appreciated Madison Street Company for its diligence; thus he viewed the company as an ideal financing partner.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that is known globally.It delivers advices of corporate finance to both public and privately owned businesses. The company understands time sensitivity in the corporate finance sector and responds as fast as they can to opportunities. This approach has created finance transactions where both the company and business investors and entrepreneurs benefit mutually. MSC has experienced and expert employees who create good relationships to match both buyers and sellers and to match the financing and capitalization structure to suit every client needs.

Madison Street Capital has come up with methods that reflect both substantial expertise and experience in all the sectors of corporate finance.. The company has an excellent understanding in the areas of corporate finance and corporate governance thus making it a leading industry in financial advisory services and M&A.The company currently has offices in North America, Asia, and Africa and provides equal emphasis to both the local businesses and international businesses.

Keith Mann: CEO and Advocate

Keith Mann is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners. Dynamic Search Partners helps to pair the right candidate with the best position for them in equity firms. This staffing agency has a large database in the alternative investment industry and fills over 200 positions each year in Europe, Asia and the United States.


Keith grew up in New York City which is home to many large executive towers. He has always been driven to be his own boss. He once worked as a trading assistant at a bank and did not enjoy working under someone else.


As CEO of Dynamic Search Partners he is a very busy man. Much of his time is spend in meetings, on the phone or reading and responding to email. He spends time with each client individually to find them the best possible candidate for each position. He has a passion for his work and always goes the extra mile to achieve his goals.


Technology has been a huge milestone in the way we do modern business Keith Mann embraces technology and is a fan of LinkedIn and Goggle software. He is invested in the future of business through technology and stays up to date on new software platforms as they become available.


When Keith is not at the office he can be found being an activist in the animal liberation movement. He is against animal abuse and passionate about preventing it. He once broke into a lab to save mice that were going to be used for experimentation. He saved the lives of these poor creatures. And believes the only way human kind is going to evolve is if we treat all living things with respect.


Keith is also a support of the New York City Police Department. He made a positive gesture and send the 54th precinct lunch when there were protests going on. He tried to boost morale and turn a negative time into a positive one. His wife’s uncle also works as a detective. Keith is concerned about violent acts against the police department and believes the police should be treated with respect because they are doing their job.