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Jeremy Goldstein on incentives programs for workers

The use of stock options is one of the ways through which corporations have been compensating their workers. This method has been used for a long time by many organizations from all over the world. It has been a way of making the employees feel like they are part of the company. Once they feel that they own a stake in the company they are likely to perform well and consequently benefit the company.


Stock options have recently been losing their place in corporate compensation. It is no longer regarded as a method that could benefit the company. The dynamics have changed, and the economic environment is no longer the same as it was. Today, a business must deal with new problems which are changing almost on a daily basis. Depending also on the competition that is taking place in the business environment business organizations cannot afford to use a method that will put it behind competitors. Businesses must strive to remain innovative and come up with plans that will favor them.


Stock options have made it impossible for businesses to save adequately. The fact that stock options can affect the financial status of a company is good enough to push away business organizations.


Stock options also have another disadvantage. There is a lot of accounting transactions associated with stock options. Employees have been opting to have a higher salary than be compensated using stock options. It is easier and better to accept a bigger salary than to take a stock option that no one knows about the outcome. Learn more:


EPS as an incentive method


EPS is an effective way of offering incentives to employees according to Jeremy Goldstein. Its effectiveness, however, depends on the ability of the business organization to implement the program. A business which implements EPS effectively has more chances of being successful according to research. EPS increases the financial capability of a business to offer higher incentives to the employees. EPS attract shareholders to a company if properly implemented.


However, there are two sides to EPS as a compensation method. Those who oppose it claim that it gives too much power to the business executives to engage in acts of favoritism and other business vices. It is easier for CEOs to use illegal means to make the share value look impressive to investors so that they can buy stocks in their companies. There is, therefore, a risk that EPS can be used wrongly to create a false impression about the financial status a business.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer in New York. He is also a corporate compensation adviser. He has worked with many organizations for the last 15 years trying to guide them on the best workers compensation programs they should implement.

A Brief Synopsis of the Professional Career of Ricardo Tosto

The Brazilian legal system has made impressive strides over the last couple of decades. This institution has really matured and come of age. The Brazilian legal system was introduced by the Portuguese who adopted from the Romans. The progress and the milestone achievements would not have been possible were it not for people like Ricardo Tosto.


A Classical Rugs to Riches Tale

The attorney has risen through the ranks and status quo to now become the most sought-out-after law experts in the country. Tosto mainly specializes in both formulating and implementation of corporate litigation strategies. In the course of his career, he has represented Brazilian multinational corporations, politicians, and non-governmental organizations. Tosto has also played an integral role in influencing policy in the South-American nation. He remains to be instrumental in the creation and adoption of numerous legal mechanisms.

Ricardo has mentored most of the renowned attorneys working in his law firm. After gaining the necessary skills and experience, they become partners in his firm. These partners are now engaged in a myriad of high-profile cases. For instance, they are currently involved in a legal tussle with the Swiss banking authorities. The criminal litigation case, still in session, at the countries’ Supreme Court seeks to withdraw the evidence given by the Swiss authorities for what the lawyers claim to be a violation of protocol on behalf of their clients.



Saving Dams and Forests

The partners spend lots of time and energy dealing with environmental lawsuits. Environmental issues are very critical to Brazilians. They also tackle labor-law related cases. To give back to society, the lawyers in this particular law firm are heavily involved with Pro Bono cases. These free-of-charge services are given to nonprofit organizations, for instance, Best Buddies.




About Ricardo’s Law Firm

Ricardo was the recipient of the ILO Client Choice 2013 Award issued by the International Law Office. Well over 2,000 respondents did the voting. The ceremony was held in London. The main offices are situated in the city of Sao Paulo. The firm also has branches in Rio de Janiero and Brasilia. The firm started operations in 1991. Ricardo is an alumni of the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. After attaining his law degree, he proceeded to the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado University for his BA.


Ricardo in facebook :

Whistleblowing Is More Complicated Than Many People Realize

SEC whistleblowers who provide tips about possible unlawful conduct are heroes, although they rarely see themselves that way. Anyone who is considering alerting the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) about irregularities that involve their employer, colleagues or friends has probably wrestled with the decision for a while before taking action. People who find the courage to report potential violations should remember that they are protecting investors who are saving for retirement or their child’s college education.

While most individuals working in the financial services industry are familiar with the SEC whistleblower program, few know anyone who actually submitted a tip to the SEC, since whistleblowers often use an attorney to make an anonymous submission. While the SEC protects whistleblower’s identities, it’s possible that a person’s employer will figure out where the SEC is getting their information. Being represented by an attorney ensures that a whistleblower has someone to turn to in case the firm decides to retaliate.

Individuals also choose to submit their information through an SEC whistleblower attorney to ensure that their tip is well-presented and actionable. Often, employees have questions about what constitutes evidence of wrongdoing and whether or not the employee can remove the evidence from his or her company’s property. .

Law firms with experience representing whistleblowers who successfully collected a reward understand what is takes to get their client the maximum reward. Only whistleblowers who furnish information which helps the SEC collect at least $1,000,000 in penalties are eligible for an award, which can range from 10 to 30 percent of the fines assessed against the company found guilty of securities fraud. There are many factors that the SEC considers when determining a whistleblower’s reward, including the whistleblower’s participation in the fraudulent activity. In certain cases, individuals who engaged in the misconduct may still be eligible for a reward; complicit persons should always consult a highly experienced SEC whistleblower attorney before giving the SEC their information.

Certain people are ineligible to receive whistleblower awards, however, there are exceptions to the exclusions, which is why people who have questions should always contact a law firm that specializes in representing whistleblowers.

New York Attorneys-Never a Shortage Of

New York City-what can’t be found here? This is indeed the City of Opportunities, that includes opportunities to get sound, professional legal advice.

Here, there are a plethora of law firms for just about practically any legal situation that may come up. There are family attorneys, criminal attorneys, real estate attorneys, business attorneys, and the list just goes on and on.

Which means that if you ever need an attorney for whatever situation you’re dealing with, you have a wide variety of options. In fact, if you really want to be sure, the best place to go nowadays is online.

There, you will find a seemingly endless list of New York attorney that you can contact, in fact, some may even be in your area. But whatever the case, there is no question that in this city with everything, there is never a shortage of lawyers or attorneys.

One particular attorney that you should consider is Ross Abelow. Mr. Abelow is a well-known New York attorney with many years of qualified legal experience in helping people with their problems. Once you contact him, like his many valued clients, you too will agree that this indeed is the man to see when you have legal problems and you just need some sound, practical legal advice.

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Even though this city does indeed have a lot of legal options, choosing the right one for you can be a bit of a challenge. And if you’re having that problem, then Mr. Abelow will put that matter to rest. He and his staff will patiently answer all of your legally-related questions to your satisfaction.

As you can probably see, all attorneys are not created equal; you need one who has all the qualifications you would expect in an attorney. And Ross Abelow is that man.

Again, go to his website today and get acquainted with him and his staff and get the competent, professional legal advice that you’ve been looking for. This man has helped numerous people with their legal problems and he will certainly help you with yours.

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