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Meet Jeremy Goldstein; a Leading Executive Compensation Lawyer

Businesses and corporations need legal advice from experienced business attorneys. When it comes to executive compensation and corporate governance CEOs, management teams, compensation committees, and corporations need a professional lawyer like Jeremy Goldstein.

He is a leading executive compensation lawyer in the USA and has helped many corporations and businesses with his expertise.

He is a highly learned lawyer as he holds a B.A from Cornell University and M.A. from the University of Chicago. On top of that, he attended the New York University where he earned a J.D. His education has enabled him to have a successful career in the law industry. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

Jeremy is one of the partners at a leading law firm; Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates which specializes in executive compensation matters. The law firm targets companies and businesses that need assistance in sensitive legal issues that may arise in transformative business event contexts.

It also helps companies that need advice on corporate governance. Jeremy has helped many management teams, CEOs as well as compensation teams in legal matters that involve executive compensation.

Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in many large corporate transactions in the last ten years. This is as a result of his experience and hard work. He also works with an able team that always supports him and does what is required.

Jeremy was involved when United Technologies acquired Goodrich. This is one of the largest transactions he was involved in for the last ten years. He was also involved in the acquisition of Dukes Energy by Progress Energy. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

There many other transactions that Goldstein was involved in such as the acquisition of Verizon Wireless by ALLTEL Corporation, The Dow Chemical Company by Rohm and Haas Company, Sanofi-Aventis by Genzyme and many others.

Jeremy Goldstein got the idea of JLG Associates from observing how corporations struggled to get legal advice about executive compensation. On top of that many executive compensation consulting companies broke off from prominent organizations. He realized there was a gap for an executive compensation law firm in the market.

He started the law firm which has now become a leader in the sector. He worked hard to see the firm grow by offering professional advice that benefits many corporations and businesses. He advises people to buy new technology as it keeps firms ahead in business. Also, Goldstein has experience in knockout options.

Jeremy Goldstein on incentives programs for workers

The use of stock options is one of the ways through which corporations have been compensating their workers. This method has been used for a long time by many organizations from all over the world. It has been a way of making the employees feel like they are part of the company. Once they feel that they own a stake in the company they are likely to perform well and consequently benefit the company.


Stock options have recently been losing their place in corporate compensation. It is no longer regarded as a method that could benefit the company. The dynamics have changed, and the economic environment is no longer the same as it was. Today, a business must deal with new problems which are changing almost on a daily basis. Depending also on the competition that is taking place in the business environment business organizations cannot afford to use a method that will put it behind competitors. Businesses must strive to remain innovative and come up with plans that will favor them.


Stock options have made it impossible for businesses to save adequately. The fact that stock options can affect the financial status of a company is good enough to push away business organizations.


Stock options also have another disadvantage. There is a lot of accounting transactions associated with stock options. Employees have been opting to have a higher salary than be compensated using stock options. It is easier and better to accept a bigger salary than to take a stock option that no one knows about the outcome. Learn more:


EPS as an incentive method


EPS is an effective way of offering incentives to employees according to Jeremy Goldstein. Its effectiveness, however, depends on the ability of the business organization to implement the program. A business which implements EPS effectively has more chances of being successful according to research. EPS increases the financial capability of a business to offer higher incentives to the employees. EPS attract shareholders to a company if properly implemented.


However, there are two sides to EPS as a compensation method. Those who oppose it claim that it gives too much power to the business executives to engage in acts of favoritism and other business vices. It is easier for CEOs to use illegal means to make the share value look impressive to investors so that they can buy stocks in their companies. There is, therefore, a risk that EPS can be used wrongly to create a false impression about the financial status a business.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer in New York. He is also a corporate compensation adviser. He has worked with many organizations for the last 15 years trying to guide them on the best workers compensation programs they should implement.