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OSI Group Success Story

OSI Group is one of the prestigious companies in the food processing department. This company has been in the global sector for many decades, and it has managed to facilitate the kind of changes everyone has been dreaming about. According to Osi Industries, more than twenty thousand individuals work in different positions in the global firm. OSI Industries has successfully managed to open sixty five facilities that are in seventeen countries. The story of OSI Industries shows that it is possible for an ordinary investor to rise from his humble beginnings and introduce a corporate business that impacts the lives of the whole world. The food processing company has grown from a simple meat store to the largest meat provider in the competitive American market.

Otto Kolschowsky is the influential person behind the successful organization. Otto is one of the few German immigrants who decided that they were going to settle and look for a way of making money in Chicago. There were many people with Germany origins in Chicago, and Otto was one of them. The city was doing quite well with the rising number of Germany immigrants, and everyone was looking for a business opportunity that was going to change the economy of the city and the lives of the immigrants who were coming into the country with the hope of getting greener pastures. Most of these immigrants were interested in starting farms in the plains.

In 1909, Otto felt that he was ready to start a meat retail shop in the city so that he could easily serve the people in his small community. The businessman was motivated about the growing number of immigrants, and he did his best to make the lives of his people better. Otto worked so hard, and in ten years he was running one of the leading meat wholesale stores in the area. The growth of the business made him to rebrand the firm and name in Otto& Sons. With a lot of dedication, the meat company continued to thrive and become more successful in the local department.

When Sheldon Lavin joined the meat processing company several years ago, he could see that the organization was in a position to grow and offer customers in the global market excellent services. With the assistance received from the businessman, OSI Industries has expanded and reached so many consumers living in many parts of the world. The products from the company are tasty and of high quality.

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OSI Industries Offers Great Expertise to Food Companies

OSI Industries is a highly rated food processing company that has embraced a growth mindset as a key aspect of their operations. Their steady growth over the years has led them across the globe where they maintain 65 facilities in 17 countries. Their approximately 20,000 employees are a big part of extensive resources and abilities.

One innovation that the company employs is their Global Councils which help them communicate ideas and share best practices. This helps drive the company’s commitment to excellence and outstanding service to their customers.

OSI Industries has three significant areas that illustrate their substantial capabilities. They have extensive culinary resources, product development abilities, and an excellent infrastructure for food processing. All of this gives their clients the quickest path to market success and allows their product visions to become a reality.

The growth mindset of OSI Industries has been carefully nurtured by their long-serving CEO Sheldon Lavin. His vision for the company has been global in scope and under his leadership, they have become one of the foremost food processors of their size and ability. He has also emphasized an entrepreneurial mindset that has spread throughout the company. Despite their size, they think like a small, lean company that can move quickly to satisfy their customers.

One example of their expansionary vision is their recent purchase of the noted Dutch company called Baho Food. This has given them a stronger presence in Europe and deepens their abilities in this key market. David McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer for OSI Industries and indicated that this acquisition was a great fit for the company.

Another important piece of the puzzle for the company was the extra 200,000 square feet of production capacity that they received when they purchased the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. This facility is near their other locations in the city and strengthens their infrastructure for growth.

Sustainability is an important issue for the company and it is a central feature in all of their processes. The British Safety Council has singled them out with an award that goes to remarkably few companies. In 2016 they received a Globe of Honour for their exemplary environmental record in managing risks. The fact that they excelled in one of the toughest environmental jurisdictions speaks volumes regarding their commitment. OSI Industries continues their innovation and commitment to food quality as they maintain one of the industry’s finest environmental records.

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