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The Boogeyman of the Right, George Soros

Prominent billionaire hedge fund manager, George Soros is a Hungarian-American 86 year old author, investor, businessman and philanthropist. Born in 1930 in Hungary, George Soros escaped persecution from the Nazis and went on to get a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy from the London School of Science and Economics. In 1956, George Soros emigrated to the United States of America and joined the financial sector. In 1970, Soros founded his own hedge fund where he was an angel investor providing capital for business startups usually in exchange for equity or convertible debt.Over the years, George Soros has held positions of power. For instance in 1990 when he bid against the British pound and earned himself a little over a billion dollars overnight.

George Soros also went on to bid during the Asian Financial Crisis and was accused of profiteering off of other countries catastrophes. It was during these times that George Soros became the topic of all financial crises conspiracy theories. There are unfounded theories, with no evidence, that claim that George Soros is the puppet master behind the global economy.George Soros began his philanthropy in 1979. When he first started out his philanthropy, George Soros, in the 1980s, funded scholarships to black South African kids whose education was affected by apartheid. Soros then went on to create the Central European University after the fall of the Berlin wall. The main aim of this university was to foster critical thinking. Soros is a great advocate for the rights of all humans and democracy. Many of his donations go towards ensuring a better life and equal rights for everyone.

Soros used his fortune to create Open Source Foundations; a collection of foundations that contributes to humanitarian projects in over 100 countries all over the world. As the chairperson of Open Source Foundation, George Soros, still maintains a keen interest in the organization’s works. The core principle for the Open Source Foundation is that no society can flourish unless they allow for respect of individual rights, freedom of expression and democratic governance.Over the years, George Soros has been an open critic of the political scene. George Soros publicly opposed the march to war in Iraq ad this found him in the crosshairs of politically conservative propagandists. In 2004, George Soros funded movements that were opposed to the reelection of George w bush. George Soros has spoken out publicly against the election of Donald Trump. Just like any other billionaire, George Soros funds campaigns of people that appeal to his own ideologies. Over the years, George Soros has contributed well over $30 billion to charities and movements of his own choosing aimed at democratic reforms.

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Jason Hope’s Tech Based Approach to Entrepreneurial Success

Jason Hope’s career as both a futurist and a tech base entrepreneur has been quite interesting to watch. While Hope has yet to breakthrough into the realm of ‘household name’ his work has gotten to the point where it stands for itself. In fact, you can push that one step further. The work that Hope decides to back ends up becoming a bigger deal. Jason Hope is well known for his work with the mobile comms company, Jawa, as well as his position on the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a development within the tech field that, you will soon find out, is well worth paying attention to.

The Internet of Things, if you take Jason Hope’s word for it, might just become one of the most important changes in the tech field for the next couple of years. The Internet of Things, for the uninitiated, refers to the way our world connects to the internet. We aren’t just talking about the typical devices like our phones or computers, we are talking even more generally — everything that can connect to the net, will.

If you look at the way the tech industry has been going in recent years you can see that we have seen smart technology start to really take over. Smart technology has begun to connect us to the web in ways that we never would have anticipated before. Think of smart shoes that track your routes and your health data. Think of the way you can have a thermostat installed on your house that connects all of the environmental controls within your home. Jason Hope calls this the Internet of Things and the industry might just call it the next big thing in general. Hope believes that the industry will begin to overtake everything else in our life and that could lead to huge, beneficial, and efficient changes. Learn more about him:

Jason Hope’s work with the SENS Foundation has also been coming under the microscope lately. His faith in the Internet of Things makes it likely that the SENS Foundation will begin moving in that direction as well.


How Dick and Betsy DeVos are changing lives in their community

Dick and Betsy DeVos lift the veil on their $139M in philanthropy

Dick and Betsy DeVos have always attracted a lot of attention. This can be attributed to their donations on political platforms. This however is very small in relation to the many contributions that they make to charity drives across the country.


When their contributions to republicans are being investigated the two are making contributions to charity through their foundation. They have lifted the veil on philanthropic giving that was there before giving millions in donations. Compared to the $5.3 million that the couple donated to campaigns, the couple has donated around $11.6 million to charitable organizations through their family foundation. They are part of a family dynasty that has involved themselves in republican politics for many years.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have always prioritized their giving to education. This is clear looking at the over $3 million that they gave to education causes. They also gave a significant amount of donations to groups that are dedicated towards reforms in the education sector. The couple says they prioritize education reforms because they have noted that the current system does not fulfill the American dream. They saw the problem as a civil rights problem.


The couple says that they want to address the platform of ‘one size fits all’. They say that the platform has failed but the same should not be taken as a criticism of the workers noting that there are many teachers that are dedicated to their work.


Contrary to what critics say that the donations are meant to drive the Devos’ agenda through, the couple maintains that the donations meet the criteria of being called charitable organizations. They say most of the donations are meant for assisting the targeted people directly.


Dick and Betsy DeVos changing institutions, and the face of their hometown

The Devos’ have been at the forefront of changing the fortunes of their community and their hometown in general. This can be seen when they opposed the contraction of a multipurpose sports facility and arena in 1991. They opposed the idea because they thought that the construction would have the same negative effects as other previous constructions that had been done before in the same area.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have used their family fortunes to try and change the fortunes of their community through policy change and changing of institutions. They have used their donations to influence the change of state laws that have an effect on education and labor.


One of the major successes that they have had is the transformation and expansion of charter schools. Their transformation agenda is geared towards the goal of having children from poor families have the same opportunities as their other counter parts.


A Life of Giving and Caring: A Heartwarming Tribute to Dick DeVos

In this world, there are “doers” and those who prefer to “wait and see”. Unfortunately, as a nation, we see too much of the wait and see approach. Is the hesitancy due to laziness, indifference, or something else? In the case of Betsy DeVos, none of these attributes apply. This fact is a boon for the underprivileged citizens of our country, thanks to Betsy DeVos. In an article titled, “Interview with Betsy DeVos, the Reformer” we see a strong person who, together with her husband Dick DeVos, has changed a once bleak outlook for children and their parents’ right to choose the best school for their children. In the interview, Mrs. Devos eloquently states in no uncertain terms just how she has led the changes to greatly improve the chances for parents to have a choice in the decision of which is the best school to send their children. Mrs. DeVos also discusses how, in the beginning of her journey for school of choice that enjoyed vast Republican support, Democrats had a different outlook on this hot issue. However, with even-handed discussions and positive proof, she has gradually changed the minds of countless Democrats who now see school choice in a better light, thus making the issue a non-partisan effort.


The effort put forth by Dick and Betsy DeVos to make our world a better place is evidenced by their compassion for their fellow human beings. I lived only a short distance from Amway’s Headquarters in Ada, MI, in Lowell, MI. By living so close to the Amway World Headquarters, I enjoyed regular updates from their employees about how the company was changing the lives of everyday citizens of America and beyond. In fact, several times a year, I witnessed a large group of visitors from around the world visiting Amway Headquarters. After all, Amway is a world-wide company. This brings into focus how large Amway is. Amway was founded when Dick was only a young child. He has been with the company his entire life. His generosity, compassion, and caring for others was taught to him from an early age. His memories of the early days of Amway give us a glimpse of how he grew up to be the man he is today.


As a way to give back and to share his compassion, Dick is known for his philanthropy for good causes. For example, as President of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation located in Grand Rapids, MI, the foundation donated many thousands of dollars to various organizations since 1990. To name a few: Kids Hope USA, the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Mars Hill Bible Church, Potter’s House, and the Grand Rapids Christian Schools. This is a short list, as Dick continues his purposeful mission of helping those less-advantaged individuals and families.


As further indication of Dick DeVos’s passion for giving, in 2010 he opened the nation’s first public aviation charter high school. Dick said that because the school is a charter school, it’s public and no tuition is required. To be sure, the idea of the school was Betsy’s, but the school was borne out of the couple’s commitment to education and Dick’s love of aviation. The West Michigan Aviation Academy opened in 2010 and is located on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Kentwood MI, a suburb of Grand Rapids. When he was interviewed about the school, he is quoted as saying, “The world is such a different place when you can see it from 5,000 feet. I want young people to experience something that might broaden their world.”



George Soros the Businessman and philanthropist

George Soros is an American citizen but was born in Hungary. He is famous for his Soros Fund Management company and also for his philanthropic gestures. Besides, he also has a strong influence on politics, not only in America but also in other countries where he has helped reconfigure their political landscape. He has supported the Democrats on, especially during the 2004 elections. His influence on politics in other nations has been through his philanthropic organization that he founded in 1984.

George Soros was born in Hungary on August 12th, 1930 to Tividar and Erzebat Schwartz. His father, who was once a prisoner of war, was an attorney by profession. However, George Soros had an intense passion for Esperanto. It is the reason he changed the family name to Soros. Soros means “still soar” and is a future tense for Esperanto. The names Soros was given at birth were Gyorgy Swartz, but he changed to George Soros when he moved to England. In 1947, they decided to relocate to England as family and Soros proceeded to join the London School of Economics. It is while at the institution that he met Karl Popper whose philosophical concepts would shape his philanthropic gestures.

In 1952, George Soros graduated from the London School of Economics on and joined a London-based brokerage firm called Singer and Friedlander where he worked as an international arbitrage. His job involved buying securities in one country and selling then in another. George Soros felt he was not earning enough money at the firm and decided to move to New York to raise $500000 and then move back to England after five years. In New York, he joined F.M. Mayer and held the position of arbitrage trader and traded on the Wall Street. His success working in the financial sector made him get a job at Arnhold and S Bleichroeder. It is this job that made him not move back to England. He held the position of vice president at Arnhold and S Bleichroeder till 1973. George Soros on bloomberg together with his assistant at Arnhold and S Bleichroeder formed a partnership that they named Soros Fund Management.

His major accolade is the Soros Fund Management that is one of the best and most profitable hedge funds in the world. The fund was established in 1973 and had grown to over $381 million by 1980 and more than $1 billion by 1985. Besides the Soros Fund Management, he is also known for founding the Open Society Foundation, an organization that runs his philanthropic activities. The objectives of this organization are to support organization involved in the rule of law, independent media and education.

He first tasted the proverbial water of philanthropy in 1979, but it was not until 1984 when he launched OSF offices in Moscow that he started being a serious philanthropist. In 1987, he had spent approximately $3 million on philanthropic activities and by 1992 he has spent over $300 million in just that year alone.