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Todd Lubar: Vital insights about this renowned real estate agent

Baltimore area was experiencing a real estate crunch. However, the industry has shown some signs that it is going to make a comeback. According to the recent sales, arbitrated at the bank, they recorded a 7 percent drop within the Baltimore regions compared to the previous year. Due to the crises facing the industry, Maryland changed a few regulations to make them user-friendly. Thus, this resulted in the foreclosure taking a slower pace. However, the distress resulted to the prices of homes in Baltimore rising to about 6 percent according to the date collected in May 2016.

Todd Lubar, a Bachelor degree holder in communication from Syracuse University, started his career in 1995. He began his career working for Crestor Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. Fascinated by the industry, he formed relations with real estate agents, insurance representatives, financial managers, and CPAs. In 1999, he took an equity position with Legacy Financial group as a Senior Vice President which helped to expand his lending knowledge in the industry. After working in the financial company for a few years, he started Legendary Properties, LLC. The company focuses buying, rehabilitating, selling, and earning profit residences. The relationships he had formed in his career and Opening of a charter funding is what made his business successful.

After spending 12 years in the firm, Todd noticed that there was a group of clients that were underserved. He formed Legendary Financial LLC and started to lend to both individuals and businesses. His primary focus was to work with those who might end up being overlooked by the loan companies. Since he was proficient, it was possible for him to assess the risk related to any credit situation and make an appropriate decision.

According to Hackronym, since the real estate crisis in Baltimore is becoming a thing of the past, people are gaining confidence to be homeowners. Being a homeowner is a great deal, and it is advisable to work to achieve our dream by dealing with someone you can trust. Working with an experienced agent like Lubar will ensure that you have a smooth transition. He will help you find the ideal home and also assist you with the financing and the loan.

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