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The Inspiring Story of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier’s energy and enthusiasm are what have made him gain recognition as an author. It is his talent and skill that caught the eye of former U.S. president, Bill Clinton. Clinton charged Eric Pulier with task of establishing and managing the “Bridge to the 21st Century”. This great achievement is just a part of Pulier’s career that have made him a recognized columnist, author, public speaker, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

According to Bloomberg, Pulier’s work with the display on Washington D.C.’s mall, highlights the crucial role of technology in entertainment, manufacturing, and education. Pulier has received many awards for his achievements in cloud computing.

How Pulier Started Out

Pulier was thrilled by computers at a tender age. He began practicing programming while still in his fourth grade. He started showing an interest in technology while most of his classmates were focused on spelling tests and math. During this time, he was focused on thinking like an entrepreneur seeking better strategies for doing things.

When he was in Harvard, he had already understood the idea of databases and the role they play in businesses. To put his knowledge into practice, Pulier developed database company. Although his undergraduate studies were on English and American literature, after graduation, he focused his efforts on technological innovation. While still in school, he was recognized as a talented writer and editor for the “Harvard Crimson”. He used this platform to demonstrate intellectual insights and humor. After completing his degree in American Literature and English, he went to Los Angeles to pursue his dream.

Pulier Pursues The American Dream

While in Los Angeles, he established “People Doing Things”, an organization whose aim was to promote the use of technology in education and healthcare. Before long, he established the “Digital Evolution” and thereafter merged it with “US Interactive LLC” to form a company with a greater audience. Pulier established more enterprises including Desktone, Akana, ServiceMesh, Starbright World, and Media Platform.

Pulier’s Philanthropic Activities

According to Eric Pulier, everyone can achieve their maximum potential by enduring the trials in life. This philosophy is inspiring and motivates those who aspire to achieve greatness. His belief that peace and joy can be derived from giving back to the society explains Pulier’s commitment to Starbright World. This initiative enables hospitalized children gain access to the internet for communication purposes. It also offers support to over 700 healthcare facilities and hospitals in the U.S. Pulier’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to hold the belief that innovation can be achieved by any one who is interested in discovering new ways of experiencing the world.

About Eric Pulier:

Building a Sustainable Future

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Bob Reina


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Future Plans


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Securus Technologies wants the Inmate Communications Industry to Self-Regulate

Securus Technologies is a leading civil and prison communications company that has been around for a few years. This organization provides video calls and phone calls for inmates and their families. This organization is dedicated to making the prison experience a more meaningful one for inmates. They believe that if an inmate is treated with more dignity and respect while behind bars they will less likely return.

Securus works hard to reduce the overall recidivism rate for convicts. This is why they implemented the video visitation app technology so that people can make video calls and communicate with loved ones over their mobile devices. Prisoners are also given access to mobile technology as well. However, it is safeguarded and closely monitored by the prison staff.

Securus Technologies is not the only company that offers this type of service to the prison industry. Other organizations such as Global Tel Link (GTL) are also involved in this type of business as well. Securus is now reaching out to these companies to encourage them with the use of ethical practices for setting up calling charges. Securus realizes that if any inmate communications company does charge a reasonable rate for calls; it could negatively impact the whole prison communications industry as a whole.

The prison industry as a whole is receptive toward this technology. They are grateful that a leading company like Securus is stepping out to help make communications better for all people involved within this part of the criminal justice system. Securus is receiving positive responses for their efforts and they too are holding themselves accountable for charging fair and reasonable rates for inmates. You can find out more about Securus on their website.

Learn more about Securus Technologies at Wikipedia.

Secures Technologies Delivers Quality Video Options for Families of Inmates

For years, the correctional industry in the United States has sought a beneficial way for inmates to communicate with their loved ones without presenting a safety concern to the general public or to one another. A little known fact about the incarceration of people who have broken the law is that the removal of the citizen from society deeply impacts the family of the incarcerated individual. Secures Technologies is a company that has developed several products in an effort to serve the correctional facility industry in solving the problem of inmate visitation. One of their latest innovative products has caused a large amount of discussion among media outlets about the decline of safety concerns due to inmate visitation and communication.
Secures Technologies has developed a product which allows inmates to communicate with their families and other loved ones via an automated computer video system which allows them virtually experience a visitation. This product has recently been enhanced by Secures America Technologies, and now includes a more advanced data system that should resolve any problems users have experienced when operating the older system. This video system has completely revolutionized the way inmates are allowed to communicate with the outside world and has made it possible to allow stable and safe visitation without compromising the safety of civilians or allowing escape attempts by prisoners who would otherwise abuse the system.

The Secures Technologies inmate visitation system has received national praise according to PR Newswire for creating a new standard in prison technologies. The new system offers several benefits to correctional facilities, including the improvement in the behavior of inmates across the country due to their new ability to speak and communicate with people who they know and love. Studies have shown that the isolation of prisoners from society and from their previous families actually increases destructive behavior. More information regarding this issue can be found here. Also visit