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The Inspiring Story of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier’s energy and enthusiasm are what have made him gain recognition as an author. It is his talent and skill that caught the eye of former U.S. president, Bill Clinton. Clinton charged Eric Pulier with task of establishing and managing the “Bridge to the 21st Century”. This great achievement is just a part of Pulier’s career that have made him a recognized columnist, author, public speaker, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

According to Bloomberg, Pulier’s work with the display on Washington D.C.’s mall, highlights the crucial role of technology in entertainment, manufacturing, and education. Pulier has received many awards for his achievements in cloud computing.

How Pulier Started Out

Pulier was thrilled by computers at a tender age. He began practicing programming while still in his fourth grade. He started showing an interest in technology while most of his classmates were focused on spelling tests and math. During this time, he was focused on thinking like an entrepreneur seeking better strategies for doing things.

When he was in Harvard, he had already understood the idea of databases and the role they play in businesses. To put his knowledge into practice, Pulier developed database company. Although his undergraduate studies were on English and American literature, after graduation, he focused his efforts on technological innovation. While still in school, he was recognized as a talented writer and editor for the “Harvard Crimson”. He used this platform to demonstrate intellectual insights and humor. After completing his degree in American Literature and English, he went to Los Angeles to pursue his dream.

Pulier Pursues The American Dream

While in Los Angeles, he established “People Doing Things”, an organization whose aim was to promote the use of technology in education and healthcare. Before long, he established the “Digital Evolution” and thereafter merged it with “US Interactive LLC” to form a company with a greater audience. Pulier established more enterprises including Desktone, Akana, ServiceMesh, Starbright World, and Media Platform.

Pulier’s Philanthropic Activities

According to Eric Pulier, everyone can achieve their maximum potential by enduring the trials in life. This philosophy is inspiring and motivates those who aspire to achieve greatness. His belief that peace and joy can be derived from giving back to the society explains Pulier’s commitment to Starbright World. This initiative enables hospitalized children gain access to the internet for communication purposes. It also offers support to over 700 healthcare facilities and hospitals in the U.S. Pulier’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to hold the belief that innovation can be achieved by any one who is interested in discovering new ways of experiencing the world.

About Eric Pulier:

Building a Sustainable Future

Many people today are excited about the changes that are going on in the economy. Not only that, but many companies are investing for the future in an attempt to help other people get to the next level. If you are ready to build wealth at a high level, this is the way to go. A lot of people are excited about the changes that they are working on. If you want to build wealth in your business, you have to be able to react and adapt to change. Bob Reina is a speaker at Talk Fusion every year. With his experience in technology and business, he is the perfect person to learn from in this area. Not only that, but he strongly believes in the work that he is doing. If you want to excel at a high level, learning from him is the way to go.


Bob Reina


When Bob Reina first started out in business, a lot of people were looking to him for leadership in this area. Not only that, but he wanted to work in various areas in order to change the future of business itself. He believes that companies should look at what is best for society overall in their decisions. Bob Reina also wants to help people who are hurting in the world of business. If you are ready to take your life to a new level, he is the person you should learn from. Not only that, but he is also ready to make a positive difference in the lives of other people over the next couple of years.


Future Plans


Do you want to change the world of business? Talk Fusion is a great place where people come together to share ideas for the future. Not only that, but a lot of people are ready and willing to invest heavily into the future in order to drive growth and value. If you want to take your life to a new level, this is the way to do so. Bob Reina can help mentor you on any questions you may have.

Correctional Facilities are ready for New Inmate Communications Technology

I know from personal experience that having friends and relatives in jail can be a really tough thing. One of the hardest things that a person has to deal with is trying to keep in touch with this person on a regular basis. In the past, I usually had to wait until the prisoner was able to contact me so we could talk. 

I had cousins and friends who would make collect inmate phone calls to my home. That was not a problem since I could pay the phone bill, but it was an extra hassle. Also, they could only call at certain times and they had to make sure that they did not lose their phone privileges. If you know anything about prison that is not always an easy thing to do.

Not too long ago I discovered the Video Visitation App by Securus Technologies. This app helped to revolutionize the way prisoners communicate with their family and friends. Let me explain. Once I downloaded the app, filled out the information and set up my payment method; I was approved by a correctional facility to contact my friends and family behind bars. This was great. These facilities had the technologies in place for me to make video calls to inmates. 

Keep in mind that the Securus Video Chat App technology only works for facilities that have technology put in place that can handle video calls. Since I can contact a facility with the use of a smartphone, tablet or laptop; the receiving facility must have a computer station that is able to receive and make calls. All facilities that use this type of service must have the technology in place to make it work. 

I recommend that people use these newer forms of inmate communication technologies because they do help to facilitate meaningful exchanges between visitors and prisoners. They are also practical to use at times when people are not able to travel directly to a facility for a visit. Many correctional facilities that have this technology in place claim that it helps to keep prisoners compliant with facility rules and it improves morale. They are for this technology as long as it is being utilized in the right way. 

I did some research on Securus Technologies and found out that is company has been in the communications and security business for years. Their website at Securus Technologies provides more information about their services and the technology that they provide for law enforcement agencies, emergency response operations and information systems. I also provided more information about the Video Visitation App directly from the site as well. If you have incarcerated loved ones then this app is probably what you need to stay in touch with them more often.

It should be noted that Securus Technologies is not affiliated with the Securus America website nor the Securus health supplement.

Learn more about Securus by checking out their BBB page.

The Successful Career Life of Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is known for being a success business technology executive. He is the son of a well known and respected ear, nose and throat specialist. The technology genius was born in London. His family moved to Iran where he was raised. Shaygan received his high school education in Aigon College, a boarding in Switzerland. After his high school education, he relocated to the United States where he did his undergraduate, postgraduate and masters degree in electrical engineering from the prestigious University of Cornell.

Armed with an engineering degree, many people expected Shaygan to follow a career in the engineering field. However, Shaygan had other ideas. Shaygan’s career started at the GTE laboratories. In the company, Shaygan headed the department of network routing, control and management. After a while, he left the laboratory and joined GTE Corporation, the parent company of GTE Labs. At GTE Corporation on, he was made the chief information officer. The company merged with Bell Atlantic to become Verizon Communications. Shaygan became the e –Business division president. He became the first chief technology officer of Verizon.

Shaygan’s contributions to Verizon were immense as he led in the development of their telecommunication services. He selected a small team of technicians that he tasked with the duty of developing new products for Verizon. In addition, he started a 30-day prototype cycle where he and his team would try technologies and products before then test them. Shaygan worked tirelessly to create Iobi, the caller id technology and address book controller. Verizon’s FIOS fiber optic video initiative was developed around the same time.

Shaygan created other small teams that incorporated 7000 staff members. With this team, he was able to form Verizon One. Verizon One is a combination of a modem, router, phone and portable device. A number of core systems were developed and integrated by his team. These core systems were incorporated from the diverse systems of NYNEX, GTE and Bell Atlantic. The systems included a call center, a website and an automatic customer services system.

Shaygan left Verizon and joined Barclay. At Barclays, he served as the chief operating officer in charge of Global Retail and Business Bank. While at Barclays, he took part in the development of Pingit, a client product and mobile money software. He made history again by becoming the first Barclay’s executive team member to become a technology executive. Shaygan was elevated to serve as the chief operations and technology officer for the global financial institution.

After his departure from Barclays, Shaygan was appointed as the chief executive of Juniper networks. His major contribution to the company was developing the Integrated Operating Plan Launch. In the Integrated Operation Plan, a proposal was created. In the proposal, investors were asked to purchase stocks, apply cost reduction techniques and increase dividends. At the end of the year, Shaygan left Juniper Networks.

In the beginning of 2015, he joined Coriant’s management team. He took over as the chief executive officer of Coriant on 28th September replacing Pat Di Pietro. Di Pietro is the current vice chairman of the firm.