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Todd Lubar: Vital insights about this renowned real estate agent

Baltimore area was experiencing a real estate crunch. However, the industry has shown some signs that it is going to make a comeback. According to the recent sales, arbitrated at the bank, they recorded a 7 percent drop within the Baltimore regions compared to the previous year. Due to the crises facing the industry, Maryland changed a few regulations to make them user-friendly. Thus, this resulted in the foreclosure taking a slower pace. However, the distress resulted to the prices of homes in Baltimore rising to about 6 percent according to the date collected in May 2016.

Todd Lubar, a Bachelor degree holder in communication from Syracuse University, started his career in 1995. He began his career working for Crestor Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. Fascinated by the industry, he formed relations with real estate agents, insurance representatives, financial managers, and CPAs. In 1999, he took an equity position with Legacy Financial group as a Senior Vice President which helped to expand his lending knowledge in the industry. After working in the financial company for a few years, he started Legendary Properties, LLC. The company focuses buying, rehabilitating, selling, and earning profit residences. The relationships he had formed in his career and Opening of a charter funding is what made his business successful.

After spending 12 years in the firm, Todd noticed that there was a group of clients that were underserved. He formed Legendary Financial LLC and started to lend to both individuals and businesses. His primary focus was to work with those who might end up being overlooked by the loan companies. Since he was proficient, it was possible for him to assess the risk related to any credit situation and make an appropriate decision.

According to Hackronym, since the real estate crisis in Baltimore is becoming a thing of the past, people are gaining confidence to be homeowners. Being a homeowner is a great deal, and it is advisable to work to achieve our dream by dealing with someone you can trust. Working with an experienced agent like Lubar will ensure that you have a smooth transition. He will help you find the ideal home and also assist you with the financing and the loan.

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The US Money Reserve Invites Customers To Play On Their New Website

Due to popular demand, US Money Reserve has created new websites for gold lovers to enjoy. The website was made by the best designers to proudly represent one of the largest gold dealers in the world. The e-commerce based website features some of the most sought after pieces of gold, silver, and platinum.

The online shop now represents a significant portion of their sales. Traditional they had taken orders over the phone, now users may conveniently buy their precious metals with a click of a button.

The News Room features a curated list of gold related news and blogs. They had recently added a piece discussing the importance of National Coin Week that is newly celebrated in America. They also discuss the looming economic effects from Syria. North Korea, Russia, Iran, and China.

The Client-Connect Advantage is highly useful to new investors of precious metals. Users may connect to real support agents that will give recommendations on the types of products that will be useful for the client. Clients may be assessed by their financial situation, capital available and their retirement plans. Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve:

Within their new knowledge center, a wealth of knowledge of precious metals may be found. There is a live price ticker that will accurately update the current price per weight of your favorite precious metals. There is also a gallery that has the latest images of newly released coins on the market.

The Gold Standard IRA package is a great Plan B for speculative retirees. Government pension plans and market backed retirement funds are seeming increasingly unsteady every day. The investment of physical gold will preserve wealth in the event of economic disasters and is easily transferable to other countries.

Having a Self-Directed IRA plan will allow the flexibility that extends far beyond traditional retirement plans. Market-based plans rely on the performance of certain stocks that are picked by an unknown market manager. Stocks and mutual funds are also becoming less profitable, so it is a good idea to start thinking about long-term alternatives.

The company is currently the largest distributor of government issued gold products within the United States. They have a solid track record with over 400,000 satisfied customers is their creation.

They are known for having superior customer service, reliable products, and fair prices. Those who are not convinced may sign up to receive their gold information e-book for free. Purchasers may also return their coins for a full refund within 30 days.

Chaz Dean, Premiere Hair Designer, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur And Creator Of Wen By Chaz

For those who may think Wen by Chaz is a passing fad or have never tried the phenomenal products in the Wen by Chaz line, it’s time to try his cleansing conditioners and discover the difference for yourself. To date, over 40 million bottles have been sold and that has produced millions of satisfied customers.

Chaz Dean, founder and CEO of Chaz Dean Studio and Wen by Chaz, explains that using a harsh, chemical-based shampoo, your hair gets damaged every time you use to wash it.; it doesn’t stand a chance. The chemicals and other “fake” ingredients that are in shampoo make your hair dry and brittle, and this is how split ends are formed. The shine and shimmer leave, and the life and bounce are stripped away. Chaz believes that no one should ever use a shampoo, and he hasn’t used one for 15 years.

Chaz Dean suggests a cleansing conditioner such as the Sweet Almond Mist or Mandarin Italian Fig, and there are several other varieties. He uses all organic ingredients packed with amino acids that strengthen the hair. The nutrients enrich the hair shaft with pure, natural ingredients to provide healthy hair for his customers.

Chaz Dean has owned Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood for 12 years. Originally, he was stylist/manager in a previous salon located in Bel Air, but he purchased it and moved to Hollywood.

The studio is a calm, peaceful oasis for his celebrity clients to escape into. It is so private, that Chaz does not display a sign and the studio is located behind condominiums. There are two entrances that are only known by their address, so they are private.

Chaz has a reputation for superior hair design as well as the amazing Wen Hair by Chaz line, which was created right here in the studio.

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Building a Sustainable Future

Many people today are excited about the changes that are going on in the economy. Not only that, but many companies are investing for the future in an attempt to help other people get to the next level. If you are ready to build wealth at a high level, this is the way to go. A lot of people are excited about the changes that they are working on. If you want to build wealth in your business, you have to be able to react and adapt to change. Bob Reina is a speaker at Talk Fusion every year. With his experience in technology and business, he is the perfect person to learn from in this area. Not only that, but he strongly believes in the work that he is doing. If you want to excel at a high level, learning from him is the way to go.


Bob Reina


When Bob Reina first started out in business, a lot of people were looking to him for leadership in this area. Not only that, but he wanted to work in various areas in order to change the future of business itself. He believes that companies should look at what is best for society overall in their decisions. Bob Reina also wants to help people who are hurting in the world of business. If you are ready to take your life to a new level, he is the person you should learn from. Not only that, but he is also ready to make a positive difference in the lives of other people over the next couple of years.


Future Plans


Do you want to change the world of business? Talk Fusion is a great place where people come together to share ideas for the future. Not only that, but a lot of people are ready and willing to invest heavily into the future in order to drive growth and value. If you want to take your life to a new level, this is the way to do so. Bob Reina can help mentor you on any questions you may have.

The Battle Between EOS and Chapstick

Buying lip balm has been about as exciting as buying eggs for far too long. But that has changed over the last seven years according to this article about EOS. Instead of reaching for the all-too-familiar cylindrical tube of Chapstick, you now have more options to choose form, thanks to EOS lip balm-a real breakthrough when it comes to lip care.

It used to be that your only lip care options were original, mint, or cherry if you were feeling wild. But now thanks to the cute little EOS orb, you have seemingly limitless tantalizing flavors to choose from. And the pastel orb itself is just too fun and cute. It will delight all of your senses-its fragrant aroma, the delicious flavor, the way the orb feels in your hands, the way it looks, and the satisfying snap that it makes when you close the lid.

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Sanjiv Mehra, EOS cofounder and managing partner, Craig Dubitsky (who left before EOS launched to pursue other endeavors) and Johnathan Teller. It was hard to break the lip balm mold and squeeze onto the shelves of its lip balm predecessors, but they did, and you can now find EOS lip care products on the shelves of Target, Walgreens, and Walmart.

EOS now has a huge social media following and has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram and almost 7 million followers on Facebook. Just one photo of a new EOS flavor can easily attract over 40,000 likes. EOS has even teamed up with Keds to produce a shoe that comes with a matching lip balm.

Mehra and Teller believe that their hard work and backgrounds have really helped to make EOS happen and to become so successful in just seven years. EOS is now a name.

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Easy and Smart Shopping with Fabletics

When you exercise, you want to wear comfortable clothing. You also want clothing that is made of quality material and will last you longer than a couple of workouts. If that clothing is trendy and stylish, you’ll want to wear it more than just to the gym. Having that quality, comfortable, and stylish workout apparel at a price that any budget can afford is even better. You can find all of that in Fabletics clothing. Fabletics offers you the quality and comfort of the expensive apparel brands, but at a price that can fit into any budget.


Fabletics launched in 2003, with the help of actress Kate Hudson, as a membership based subscription service for workout apparel. This business model has proven wildly popular. With the success of their online business, Fabletics has moved to implement a reverse showrooming technique and they have begun opening physical stores. This may seem contrary to our increasingly online world. Many retailers are losing business when customers come into their stores to look at items, but then purchase online when they find it cheaper. Fabletics is simply using their stores as another level of customer service for their members. When customers try items on in the store, the items also go in their online shopping cart. The customer can then purchase later online if the wish. It allows Fabletics to get to know the trends and styles that are popular in the communities that they serve. It also gives their customers a chance to see and try on clothes before they purchase them. Plus, about a fourth of those that come in their store end up subscribing to their monthly membership to get more workout clothes.


One of the main reasons that members keep coming back again and again is the amazing quality of clothing that you get for the low price that you pay at Fabletics. You feel like a smart shopper when you get Fabletics clothes, and when you feel like a smart shopper, you come back for more. Their clothes are so soft and comfortable, you will want to wear them out around town and to do your errands. The quality rivals that of the expensive brands, so you will be wearing them to many outings to the gym. They hold their compression and shape after many times through the washing machine, so you will always have the support you need for that important workout. Plus, the clothes hold their color and don’t fade, so you will look fabulous many times to the gym or grocery store.


When you sign up for Fabletics, you take a quiz that helps determine your exercise preferences and style. This helps narrow down the options on their website, making shopping quicker and easier. That is something we all need in our lives, leaving us more time to enjoy life and hit the gym. You then are emailed handpicked outfits to choose from each month, or you can pick your own. Once you choose an outfit, it will be mailed to your doorstep for your low monthly fee.

Win a surprise for your squad! Post pictures of you and your squad using #FableticsSquad & #Contest in the caption for a chance to win the ultimate squad surprise ?????????? US only. 1 winner and up to 4 friends will be chosen and notified via DM every Tuesday. See official rules ??

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Austin’s Preeminent Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a renowned plastic surgeon who is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. She completed a prestigious fellowship in plastic surgery at the Manhattan Ear, Eye & Throat Hospital. She began her practice in New York City, but moved to Austin so that her twin boys have the opportunity to grow up close to their family. As a top expert in her field, she has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, E!, VH1, and The 20 Best and Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stories. Her comments have appeared in numerous publications, including Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Self, Shape, Absolute Magazine, Bridal Guide, Health, Dallas/Fort Worth’s Indulge, New York Magazine, and The New York Sun. Dr. Walden has been featured in a plethora of media outlets, including Italian Vogue, Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine, Austin Woman, Austin MD Magazine, Community Impact – Westlake, and Vive Magazine – Austin/San Antonio. She is also the media spokesperson for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


Dr. Jennifer Walden performs a wide variety of procedures, including rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, hair restoration, and many others, but she specializes in labiaplasty, also known as vaginal rejuvenation. She is the first surgeon in the Austin area to offer ThermiVa services. Her skills are always in high demand; she always has a long waiting list of patients who are eager to have Dr. Walden perform their procedure of choice, often traveling great distances for the benefit of her expertise. Her goal is to produce natural-looking, stunningly beautiful results for each patient that places him or herself in her care.


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The Oslo Freedom Forum Becomes The Focus Of Activist Thor Halvorssen

In 2009, Thor Halvorssen and his employees at the Human Rights Foundation decided to hold what would become known as the Oslo Freedom Forum event where political dissidents could interact with others in a bid to create partnerships and relationships that would aid their cause. Halvorssen believes many political dissidents often go unheard in the media cycle despite having the ability to shed great light on the abuses committed by governments around the world; in creating what is now an annual event, Thor Halvorssen explains he hoped to shine a light on the most difficult human rights environments in the world.

The development of the Oslo Freedom Forum included the creation of the Vaclav Havel Prize for Creative Dissident, which is awarded in the Grand Hotel in Oslo, the same hotel where the Nobel Prize has been given to those who have had only a portion of the impact on human rights abuses as those Thor Halvorssen provides a mouthpiece for at his event in Norway.Along with the awarding of the human rights activism prize the Oslo Freedom Forum gives Thor Halvorssen the chance to make sure he has the ability to bring together human rights activists, former political prisoners, and those who he feels can aid their cause. Actor Christian Bale and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales are among those who have formed working relationships with political dissidents after introductions from Halvorssen.

The work of Jimmy Wales included the production of USB flash drives containing information designed to be smuggled into North Korea and educate the citizens of their basic human rights. North Korea remains one of the main areas of focus for Thor Halvorssen as he attempts to make sure millions of North Korean’s who have no knowledge of living a free life are soon freed from the dictatorship of the Kim family.


Achievements Made By Brian Bonar In The Financial Industry

Brian Bonar is a renowned financial expert. He is the CEO of Trucept, a firm that offers financial solutions to both small and medium companies. The corporation has specialized in management of payrolls, employee benefits and human resources administration.

In addition, Trucept provides staffing services on both temporary and long-term basis to different companies besides helping individuals and corporations with risk management.

In 2010, Brian Bonar served as the CEO of Dalrada Financial Group. His excellent performance earned him The Executive of the Year in Finance award in the Cambridge Who’s Who annual list. The Cambridge Who’s Who is an award program that recognizes outstanding leadership, professional achievements and academic accomplishments.

Bonar has acquired a wealth of knowledge after serving in the competitive financial industry for over three decades. The admirable reputation of Dalrada Financial Group in the field of finance is a testament to Brian’s outstanding leadership skills.

The company helps businesses to increase their efficiency by offering them innovative employee and consumer-oriented programs. They offer insurance solutions, personalized financial services, and outsource business processes that are geared towards meeting the needs of individual clients.

Over the years, Dalrada has achieved tremendous growth. At the company, Bonar has served as the vice president of sales and marketing, a board chairman, executive vice president, director, and chief operating officer before assuming his current role of chief executive officer.

Bonar acquired his legal training from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow where he graduated with his bachelor’s degree. He proceeded to Stafford University where he earned his a master’s degree and a PhD.

He has also worked for Star-Tek Solutions. At Amanda Company, Bonar served as the CFO and CEO, as well as treasurer and secretary. The successful executive has served as the vice president of World Wide Sales and Marketing. His boundless career also saw him work as a global sales manager for Adaptech Inc.

Previously, Bonar has worked for Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc., Greenland Corp, QMS, Ratek Corporation and The Solvis Group, Inc. among many others. This information was originally published on SFAS.US as outlined in this link

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar served as a CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation, the largest developer of color management software and digital imaging hardware. During his tenure, Brian oversaw the company’s business strategies that included acquisition processes. Under his leadership, the corporation transitioned from a developer to a marketing/service organization for purposes of leveraging its expertise in imaging products and services.

The company acquired several ventures that enabled them to expand their operations by providing certain administrative services. They developed innovative solutions that helped businesses to manage the processes that negatively affected their operations in serving their clients.

The company acquired SourceOne Group, Inc. with the objective of expanding its ability to offer payroll and human resource services to both small and medium-sized businesses. Imaging technologies is headquartered in San Diego, California.

The Rise Of EOS Lip Balm: Achieving Tremendous Success In An Oversaturated Market

When two young entrepreneurs began approaching drugstore chains with pastel-colored, spherical tubes of lip balm, buyers were not certain what to think of the product. Eight years later, those little spheres have changed the landscape of oral care for both men and women.

EOS (or Evolution of Smooth) began distribution of their wildly successful lip balms in 2009. Prior to this, lip balm was synonymous with cylindrical tubes that continually got lost in our purses! However, EOS lip balm’s radically different product design and use of all-organic ingredients have catapulted the startup through the pages of fashion bibles and music videos into a 250 million dollar company today.

One might ask: how was EOS able to successfully battle well-established skin care industry giants like Chapstick to gain such a significant market share? EOS founders Sanjiv Mehra – also, managing partner – and Jonathan Teller, attributes this success to only fulfilling customer needs for a quality product offering a wide variety of options at an affordable price.

With over ten years’ experience in consumer goods, Mehra partnered with Teller, who has a background in startup incubators, to create an imaginative product that was tailored to fit into a woman’s daily life conveniently. To establish an emotional bond with their users, EOS’s tagline became ‘the lip balm that makes you smile.’

Further, EOS applied an innovative way of marketing their product. With a target audience of style-conscious millennials in the 25 to 35 age range, solely traditional marketing strategies may not have produced such spectacular results.

Instead, the company focused on reaching out to influencers in the beauty industry such as bloggers, who shared reviews of the product via their social media channels; and young celebrities like Miley Cyrus, through product placements and endorsements.

Using a business model that incorporates entrepreneurial innovation with corporate discipline, Mehra and Teller have built EOS into a very successful endeavor. Kline Research reports that EOS sells approximately 1 million units of lip balm every week. With the lip balm market projected to grow to 2 billion dollars by 2020, propelled by increasing demand for organic products, EOS’s success seems to be firmly cemented.