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William Saito the Originator of the Thumb-scanner

William Saito journey into the tech industry began at the young age of 10 with a computer programming internship. His curiosity for technology did not dwindle and continued into his college years. While in college he created a software firm. Where he eventually led to the development of Japanese software. William eventually sold the software to Microsoft in 2000.

Saito had an interesting dynamic while growing up in Walnut California. The town was just a few hours from the booming tech industry of Silicon Valley. One of the most exciting aspects during this time was the introduction of personal computing. Williams enthusiasm for technology caught the attention of his teacher. The teacher recommended the purchase of a computer to develop his math and science skills.

The suggestion also allowed Saito to focus on his strengths. One of the struggles that we’ve had during this time was speaking English. He was born to Japanese parents who still struggled with an English. As a result, William also struggled to learn English as a child. However, his challenge eventually led him to have a strong foundation in technology.

Fortunately, Saito’s parents took the teachers suggestion to heart. Even taking out a $5,000 mortgage on their home to purchase the computer. The computer at this time was revolutionizing the tech industry. For Saito, the computer became his favorite addiction. Saito taught himself programming and computer languages such as BASIC. Which eventually led to an internship with Merril Lynch while a junior in high school.

William Saito eventually was able to build his first program ProComm, while in his dorm room at UFC Riverside. He was later approached by a Japanese firm to create a similar software translated for the Japanese. This experience led to two additional opportunities.

William Saito’s major accomplishment is the production of a thumb scanner. Which he produced after selling his original software to Microsoft. This pc-based thumb scanner was developed for Sony. The application design by William is currently being used and as a thumbprint scanner and my smartphones today.

San Francisco Academy Of The Arts Students Help Local Neighborhood Stay Safe

San Francisco’s Academy of Art University is home to some of the most innovative training in the world for both liberal and fine arts, design, and entertainment.

A recent development with the school of game development at AAU has upgraded its ability to produce more creative technology and enhanced communication which has allowed students to experience working with augmented reality. Recently, a group of students from the university was provided the privilege of showing some of this work to the Chief Innovation Officer for Civic Innovation with the San Francisco Mayor’s Office.

The CIO toured the School of Game Development to gather information regarding Tenderfeels, a smartphone application. The project produced by the students is thought to be able to make the streets of San Francisco safer for residents of the city.

The Tenderloin District of San Francisco is not up to the standards of the affluent communities at its border. Words used to describe the neighborhood have been things like unsafe, and dangerous. The neighborhood is approximately one-quarter of a square mile in area and is home to 25,000 people. Poverty and violent crimes are main issues in the area.

Tenderfeels is the brainchild of four students attending AAU. The application makes use of augmented reality to collect real-time data from residents of the Tenderloin District regarding their mood and surroundings. Other residents using the app are able to note the emotion used and the reason. The end goal is to provide schools and government offices access to the information that has been gathered so problemed areas can be properly identified and strategies to make them safer can be enacted.

About Academy Of Art

The Academy Of Art University in San Francisco, California was founded by Richard S. Stephens in 1929. The University offers its more than 12,000 students one of the most forward-thinking and innovative art programs in the United States.

The university accepts every student that applies for attendance at the school and is one of the largest property owners in the city of San Francisco. Notable alumni of the school include film director Vicky Jenson, and actress Raven Symone.

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The Chainsmokers Along with Halsey Honor Avicii at Billboard Music Awards

A little bit about the chainsmokers:

The Chainsmokers are a DJ duo from New York, New York. The duo consists of two members: Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. They are categorized in the musical genre of EDM-pop. The group are frequent collaborators with Halsey, and are known for their hits like, “Closer” and “Paris” with the female pop icon. They recently, at the Billboard Music Awards won the title of best dance song for their “Something Just Like This” with the major British band, Coldplay. They also, at the Billboard Music Awards won the title for the best dance/electronic artist.

At an appearance made by The Chainsmokers, as well as frequent collaborator, Halsey, at Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards event at the MGM Grand hotel and casino in Las Vegas, NV, all three honored recently passed fellow electronic/house DJ, Avicii. Avicii was only 28 years old at the time of his passing, and recently passed away on April 20th. According to reports which come from his family, Avicii actually took his own life, due to unresolved mental illness. They paid the late artist tribute by stating how Avicii was the kind of “artist who inspired so many in so many ways and meant so much to us and the EDM community.” Halsey later added how Avicii’s presence brought so much joy to people and the fellow music community, and how that makes his passing all the more unfortunate and tragic. She also later smartly discusses how mental illness is really a problem that should be discussed in society, in which people have a more open discussion about.

The Chainsmokers could not help but to continue to remember the artistic soul who recently passed, Avicii, as they mentioned him once more. The second time was at the moment they won the title of the best dance/electronic artist at the Billboard Music Awards. Taggart stated at that particular winning moment, how he wanted to dedicate the duo’s award to Avicii, for giving them and other Electronic and dance music artists and DJ’s hope that they could find success doing what they had the passion for, and loved doing.

Richard Dwayne Blair Understands the Needs of His Clients to Provide Excellent Investment Tips

Investing your money is one of the best ways to secure your future. No matter when you start, it is essential that you invest the right way so that you can grow your wealth. Many people do not have any experience of the financial world and it becomes difficult for them to find the right investment solutions for themselves. Thus, one should not be afraid to take help of a financial advisor who can help provide you with the best strategy to invest your money. Richard Dwayne Blair, living in the Austin area has been providing reliable wealth strategies to its customers over the years that have been quite beneficial to them.

Richard Dwayne Blair has a modern approach to investment and believes that not everyone has the same needs. It is the reason why he follows three pillar approach towards investment. He first understands the needs of his clients and understands what they want to achieve in the coming years. He takes into considerations many different factors to come to an understanding. Once he is clear what his clients want, he develops an investment strategy that is best suited for them. There are many different investment avenues out there and he picks the ones that would be perfect for his client. The last pillar is to implement the investment strategy and to monitor it. He is also not afraid to change the strategy with time if he and his client feel that there are new options that could be explored.

Richard Dwayne Blair has years of experience in the field and known for his excellent advice. He also educates people about the importance of saving for their retirement early on so that they can enjoy their time. He feels that it is never late for people to start investing but it has to be done right. To build a strong investment portfolio, one has to trust their wealth advisors and take their help to frame a good strategy for investment. Richard Dwayne Blair runs his own company with the name Wealth Solutions that offers its services to a vast array of clients.

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OSI Group Success Story

OSI Group is one of the prestigious companies in the food processing department. This company has been in the global sector for many decades, and it has managed to facilitate the kind of changes everyone has been dreaming about. According to Osi Industries, more than twenty thousand individuals work in different positions in the global firm. OSI Industries has successfully managed to open sixty five facilities that are in seventeen countries. The story of OSI Industries shows that it is possible for an ordinary investor to rise from his humble beginnings and introduce a corporate business that impacts the lives of the whole world. The food processing company has grown from a simple meat store to the largest meat provider in the competitive American market.

Otto Kolschowsky is the influential person behind the successful organization. Otto is one of the few German immigrants who decided that they were going to settle and look for a way of making money in Chicago. There were many people with Germany origins in Chicago, and Otto was one of them. The city was doing quite well with the rising number of Germany immigrants, and everyone was looking for a business opportunity that was going to change the economy of the city and the lives of the immigrants who were coming into the country with the hope of getting greener pastures. Most of these immigrants were interested in starting farms in the plains.

In 1909, Otto felt that he was ready to start a meat retail shop in the city so that he could easily serve the people in his small community. The businessman was motivated about the growing number of immigrants, and he did his best to make the lives of his people better. Otto worked so hard, and in ten years he was running one of the leading meat wholesale stores in the area. The growth of the business made him to rebrand the firm and name in Otto& Sons. With a lot of dedication, the meat company continued to thrive and become more successful in the local department.

When Sheldon Lavin joined the meat processing company several years ago, he could see that the organization was in a position to grow and offer customers in the global market excellent services. With the assistance received from the businessman, OSI Industries has expanded and reached so many consumers living in many parts of the world. The products from the company are tasty and of high quality.

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Fortress Investment Group: LLC Services and Its Core Competencies

Fortress Investment Group: LLC Services and Its Core Competencies

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in New York, Fortress investment group LLC is a firm that specializes in provision of financial services. It is able to service loans and offer customers finance in major sectors of the economy. The firm has its operations and investments limited to North America, the Caribbean and Western Europe. When a firm is undergoing challenges, fortress investment group, secures corporate ownership or control. For this, they prefer to have most of the shares and control within the firm.The firm also invests in the undervalued and distressed assets. This includes intangible and tangible assets such real estates, natural resources and intellectual property. The firm mostly targets individuals but in other instances, it considers people with a large net worth. The firm also takes up interest in investing in fixed income and commodity markets around the world. It also comes up with hedge funds and helps to manage real estate funds and private equity funds. In other instances, the firm realizes capital through making debt investments and the asset based business.

Fortress’s core


The company through its private equity fund specializes in investing in assets. This makes it possible to expand its investments to a different range of assets. Its operations extend to cover market aspects such as financing, pricing and undertaking managerial duties of other firms and financial assets. These assets include real estates and capital assets.

Industry Knowledge

Fortress boasts of a deep understanding of the companies it extends its investment to. To ensure successful investment with other firms and companies, fortress has a top investment professional team that has much knowledge on the market trends and operations. These experts also have good relationships with the top companies throughout the world.

Operations Management

The company has come up with the right tools that help to deal with structural, operation or strategic problems. These strategies and capabilities help the firm to place and earn income from the complex investments.

Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions

The firm has deep knowledge in undertaking mergers and acquisitions that give it the opportunity to work with senior management or stakeholders. Through this, they are able to plan and execute various investments.

Capital Markets

The firm has adequate knowledge in capital markets and this knowledge has enabled it to execute low –cost, low-risk financing for its investments. Having an access to debt and equity markets, this therefore facilitates its operations.

Vijay Eswaran and His Philosophies About Fear

Vijay Eswaran explains that everyone is afraid of something, and nobody is totally exempted from being fearful of the unknown. There are others who are at peace with the things they fear in life but majority of the populace are overshadowed by the things they are afraid of. The main distinctions among the two groups are that the first one learns how to live with the things they know they cannot control. This gives them a semblance of comfort that allows them to move beyond their capabilities. The second group, however, have chained themselves within the confines of their respective limitations, unable to grow and expand their horizons.

Fear can either make or break you. And according to Vijay Eswaran, the only fear that anyone should have is for today, so it is important to do whatever you are able to do today because that is only the thing that matters.

Vijay Eswaran shared how fear gripped him when he was on a holiday with his family at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. He recalled having swam too far from the comfort and beauty of the reef, that when he realized there was a chance he was going to be pulled out to sea by the current, fear gripped him. And because of that fear, he tried his best to swim back to the secure area of the reef. And fortunately for him, he made it.

Occasionally, it is essential for us to feel fear in order to realize the things that are really essential in life. And it is vital to remember that there are three facts everybody must keep in mind about fear.

1.Excitement is a Concealed Form of Fear

The feelings of excitement and fear depends on how an individual opts to see the world. Children are a lot less fearless than adults due to the fact that as we grow older all kinds of fear have taken residence in our hidden consciousness. So, try to channel you fear into excitement.

2.What Energizes You, Does Not Paralyze You

Fear often makes things much clearer. It tells us that we need to focus on things that hamper our growth. Do what needs to be done and move forward.

3.Fear Motivates Growth

Change is the only constant factor in life, and many of us fear change since it spells strangeness and uncertainty. Leave the confines of security you have been used to in order to mature and develop.

Malcolm Casselle: Leading a Global Bitcoin Trade

Malcolm Casselle is the CIO of the number one bitcoin trade in the earth that leads globally in sales of in-game virtual assets: OPSkins. The world today has a demand for cross-border payments, and this is making the market Sze bigger every time. The demand is for a decentralized market. Nevertheless, OPSkins is the leading marketplace that is centralized for all virtual assets. Many limitations on technologies on the centralized technology are making the decentralized marketplace the next option available for the trading. This has led to the launch of a new blockchain platform that will be significant for virtual asset trading. It is called Worldwide Asset eXchange, WAX. This is marketplace important in trading the virtual assets that are built in line with the blockchain foundation and decentralized contracts that will give the buyers and sellers and buyers to trade effectively on virtual assets.

WAX is anticipated to solve some two major issues in the virtual marketplace. The two are fraud and fragmentation. It solves this through a simple widget that is blockchain enabled that allows the users to sell and buy virtual goods without clicking off their games. One may be wondering how it solves the fragmentation issue. WAX does this by uniting the segregated virtual asset market. This is enabled through the introduction of the blockchain application of eSports. This will allow the sellers and buyers to tokenize and sell virtual assets in a setting free from fraud. The platform allows the customer to tokenize the gaming assets after which they can instantly seller buy the available gaming assets from other players without the need to click away from their screens. It will enable all the customers to buy assets from each other without itches. It also solves the fragmenting geographical issues. WAX token stands as the recognized currency for every gamer which will solve the FOREX issues flooding the virtual asset markets.


The number two problem the WAX solves is the fraud. This is solved through the elimination of the intermediaries in the system. The smart contracts will remove the need for transactional intermediaries and make sure that the goods are delivered to the sellers and buyers without any intervention of a third party.


OSI Group-Enjoying Majestic Win

The OSI Group is a global company that offers food solutions, and it recently received a prestigious and classic award for their exceptions services, The Globe of Honours is an outstanding award given by the British Safety Council to companies in the UK that offer excellent management in matters about environmental risks and conservation. The 2016 award was presented at a luncheon held in Drapers Halls in London and for any company to receive this award they need to acquire five-star rating. The audit is conducted by British Safety Councils environmental management and from an independent panel of experts proving their sound ecological skills in managing business from boardrooms and also shops.

The OSI food solution has become the leading organization in creating an integrated safe environment for conducting their business with high quality and diligence. The OSI group has placed environmental care and protection as their primary agenda making their operations globally embrace eco-friendly products and services. The UK OSI Food Solutions started operating in 1989 with its manufacturing facility in Scunthorpe serving the whole of Europe with beef and pork products.

The OSI Group has an extensive expansion plan with the passion of practising its business in different places globally.

Recently it purchased the Baho Food that was leading Dutch manufacturer of deli meats, snacks and food and serving the retail segments in Europe. The main agenda of acquiring Baho food is to increase the ever demanding presence of the OSI Group in Europe expanding its portfolio products and other brands. It will complement the processing strength and also broaden the OSI company ability to servicing their clients with their evolving needs for health products and services. Baho had two processing plants located in Germany and another one in the Netherlands with five subsidiaries found in five locations and serving 18 European countries.

John Balvers who is the managing director of Baho Food together with his skilled and knowledgeable crew will remain behind catering for the interest of both companies. The main agenda is helping in the strategy and business growth making the companies achieve their yearly goals. Balvers believes that joining the OSI international Group means having the best working relationship with their suppliers and clients through the offering of high-quality products. He thinks that the companies are highly equipped to leverage on their experiences and workforce to ease the customers’ needs.

OSI Group has the power of using unique strategies to overcome numerous weaknesses and growing their client’s base.

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Ricardo Tosto- Bridging the Gap

The regularization of your assets abroad covers 13,254 laws according to Ricardo Tosto, the founding partner of one of the famous law firm in Brazil. The repatriation of assets that’s dated 2016 January 13th opens the precept way of having technical exchanges between the foreign lawyers and Brazilian lawyers. Layer Ricardo Tosto the partner of Leite, Tosto’s and Barros law firm states that the move is a positive partnership and joint efforts of making the necessary actions and documentation to repatriate the Brazilians resources easily.

Gil Vicente Gama, the partner of Nelson Williams Advogados and Associates, agrees with lawyer Tosto and point’s outs the beauty of having the law of repatriation between foreign and national lawyers as a way of creating transparency. For Gil Vicente, the technical partnership can quickly facilitate the processes and procedures of involving at least two countries in resolving the repatriation of individual resources. The resources repatriation project faced long trajectory before being approved by the Congress with a reduced rate of 15% income tax and 15% in fines according to the current exchange rate between the involved countries.

Ricardo Tosto highlighted the possibility of the individual getting acquittals for various crimes like tax evasion, money laundering and misconduct provided by the law provision section 13.254. According to the law norms, only the serious crimes that involve corruption and illicit activities like drug trafficking and smuggling will not receive amnesty. Ricardo Tosto believes that the amnesty becomes fundamental between the international and national lawyers partnership harmonizing the map and laws for individuals who may hide their resources.

Given the concealment, the lawyers may opt to carry out a detailed investigation of the original of the resources and the main reason why an individual may want to hide them from Brazilian Government. Hiding resources abroad without the knowledge of Brazilian Government is a crime.

Ricardo Tosto is famous for his leadership in litigation, commercial, contracts, business criminal, banking operations law. He has presented and offered the performance of high value and complex issues associated with litigation in both Brazil private and government associates. He is LACCA approved lawyer, the international Bar Association member, and others.