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Madison Street Capital is a company that has focused on serving only the needs of investment banking in the middle market thus earning a remarkable reputation within the industry of finance. The company is also known for its expertise, quality services, and integrity. The company upholds comprehensive understanding especially on intricacies of corporate finance. Madison Street Capital has its headquarters in Chicago.

Madison Street Capital has mainly majored in mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy services, tax compliance and many others. The company has grown and now has other offices in Oregon, Ghana, and India.

Executives of the company bring together their vast knowledge and analytical set of skills to every transaction they make. Clients are never disappointed when they are in the capable hands of the company. MSC has served a leader company in software analytics known as DCG Software Value as a financial advisor during its merger with Spitfire Group. DCG Software Value has its headquarters in Pennsylvania. The company leads in the value management industry, software estimation services as well as project support. Learn more:

DCG Software Value was founded in nineteen ninety-four and has been meeting the software management needs of both big and small enterprises. Spitfire Group is a company that is based in Denver, and its merger with DCG Software Value was projected to benefit both of the firms. Madison has earned several honors in the M&A Advisor Awards that take place annually. The company was recognized for achieving distinguished achievements in the sector of corporate finance. MSC has won top honors for the role that it played in the Dowco Group’s acquisition of Acuna and Associated. Learn more:

The company has also received nominations in the boutique investment banking sector. The President of ARES Security; Ben Eazzetta appreciated Madison Street Company for its diligence; thus he viewed the company as an ideal financing partner.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that is known globally.It delivers advices of corporate finance to both public and privately owned businesses. The company understands time sensitivity in the corporate finance sector and responds as fast as they can to opportunities. This approach has created finance transactions where both the company and business investors and entrepreneurs benefit mutually. MSC has experienced and expert employees who create good relationships to match both buyers and sellers and to match the financing and capitalization structure to suit every client needs.

Madison Street Capital has come up with methods that reflect both substantial expertise and experience in all the sectors of corporate finance.. The company has an excellent understanding in the areas of corporate finance and corporate governance thus making it a leading industry in financial advisory services and M&A.The company currently has offices in North America, Asia, and Africa and provides equal emphasis to both the local businesses and international businesses.

Sheldon Lavin – The Innovative Chair and CEO at OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer and chair at OSI Group, LLC. He is overly experienced and holds a renowned profile in both food and meat processing industries. Additionally, Lavin is the president at OSI International Foods Ltd and hold various other key roles in the company’s operations. Besides, Lavin has gained extensive skills from his line of work financing Otto & Sons which later became OSI Group.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin holds degree in Finance and Accounting. Besides he has received several other awards from his ventures and other related non-profit industries. As a philanthropist, Lavin has greatly contributed to several charities that include; Inner City Foundation, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Jewish United Fund, and United Negro among others.

For the record, OSI Group now operates in over 60 different countries across the globe. In direct recognition of his efforts, India Vision World Academy presented Lavin with a Global Visionary Award in 2016. This prestigious award won in 2016 was an honor to Lavin’s distinguished commitment to OSI Group welfare.

Apparently, OSI Group is experiencing massive growth in profitability, scale of operation and employee base. To sustainably accommodate all this positive changes, Lavin is now focused in improving the overall quality of the products through extensive research. This move is timely considering the rise in the number of investors in the food processing industries in the global market.

Through a culture of inclusivity, OSI Group has continually retained its talented and loyal team of experts in the industry. Lavin’s office has also played a crucial role in mentoring, training and motivating the workforce. Good relationship in at OSI Group has resulted to productive family in the course of striving to meet the set goals.

Sheldon Lavin is passionate about his managerial role at OSI group. Because of this, the company has received several sustainability and environmental awards. Lavin is actively involved in other endeavors such as McDonald House charities. Lavin is supportive to his wife and their three children. Through his wisdom and role at OSI Group, Lavin also plays a fundamental role in supporting the community.

About Sheldon Lavin:

Jose Auriemo Neto – Leading JHSF to Success Globally

JHSF has been one of the biggest real estate development firms in Brazil since its inception in 1972. The company has developed many landmark buildings in the country and has also contributed to the infrastructure development of Brazil. One of the reasons why JHSF has become so famous among the people and in the real estate world is because of the company’s focus on quality and developing a unique architectural style. The design of the projects that JHSF undertakes are always unique and at par with the models produced in highly developed countries. JHSF is even known to rope in the best of architects from across the globe to ensure that the results are highly marketable, unique, and of international standards.

Over the years, JHSF has completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects in Brazil. Thanks to the rapid growth and expansion of the company’s business in the last few years, it has been able to manage to enter the real estate business in other countries as well, including in Uruguay, Salvador, and the United States. JHSF is currently developing projects in Punta del Este, Salvadore, Miami, and New York. One of the reasons behind the massive success of JHSF in the past few years is the leadership skills of the company’s CEO, Jose Auriemo Neto. He is the third generation in the family to lead the business, and he has been able to do so in a very refined manner.

As soon as Jose Auriemo Neto took control of the JHSF’s business, he managed to implement some of the much-needed reforms that were long overdue. It helped the company to perform efficiently and managed to get past the loopholes that were embedded in the company’s affair for long. Recently, Jose Auriemo Neto relocated to the commercial capital of the United States, New York. The decision was made to ensure that he can oversee the company’s new project being developed on Fifth Avenue carefully. Jose Auriemo Neto had moved to the United States along with the family, so it means that he would be around for a long time.


Insightful facts about Betsy Devos

Betsy DeVos is the current and the 11th secretary of education of the United States. She was born in 1958, and she is also a rich business woman, activist, and politician. Betsy started her career as a politician back at Calvin College, where she played various roles in the school`s politics and since then, she has grown to be a prolific politician. DeVos has over the past years led many campaigns and committees to address political issues as well as organized parties as part of her career. Besides, the politician served as the chairman of the Michigan for close to six years, and her husband has also motivated her in her career as he also plays various roles in politics.Betsy is a member of the Republican Party and works towards bringing the best education to all individuals in the United States. She also works hard towards providing school vouchers to people as well as providing various education forums and charters to schools.

Betsy serves as the Republican committee woman in the early 1990`s before taking her role as the chairman of the Michigan. Due to her passion and concern for better education in the united states, Betsy serves as a board member of the of the foundation for excellence in education. Besides, she also takes part in the Detroit charter school system, where she acts as an advocate.The politician believes in the art of innovation and has played a huge role in bringing up inventions as well as new ideas to help bring a change in the social lives of all individuals. Besides. She has profoundly contributed to the change in the way of life of many Americans, through her wind quest group company, which mostly targets on issues like technology, clean energy, and manufacturing. Besides, Betsy works hard towards bringing a reform I the way of doing things and has contributed to the change of life of many individuals through her perfect heart to help people.

She also has joined and taken part in many charitable organizations, through which she contributes to cater for people with various issues, and as a result, she has brought hope in such people’s lives.Through her school voucher programs, Betsy has helped to fund the education of many individuals in the United States, and as a result, over twenty-five thousand students have benefited from the program. Besides, Betsy together with her husband Dick have worked hard to bring a change in the education sector, and through the scholarship forum that they started a few years ago, they have seen many students especially those from not very well up families go to school with a safe environment and pursue their dream careers.


OSI Group Purchases Tyson Food Plant in Chicago

OSI Group is one of the most reputable food processing companies in the world. The company is headquartered in Aurora, and it has transformed food industry. Just recently, the private firm announced that it has decided to purchase the Tyson Food Plant. According to the institution, the plant is found in Chicago, and it will help the company to reach its customers in the region. The documents that have been filed at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds show that the food plant cost OSI Group seven million dollars.

In November, the food plant managing team announced to the public that more than five hundred individuals were going to lose their jobs if the facility stopped operating. There were plans to close the plant in October. Caroline Ahn, the spokeswoman of Tyson Foods, says at the moment, there are two hundred people who were still working at the plant. These individuals were supposed to complete the production in the institution. Caroline says that the other employees were already working at the OSI Group in different positions. This proves that the organization is right to take care of all the remaining employees in the plant.

Alison Kovaleski, the spokesperson from the OSI Group, confirmed the news from the food plant. However, Alison could not confirm the exact number of employees serving in her company. Alison also said that she was not allowed to comment on the subject because the food processing company does not like disclosing the information concerning its products and clients to the public.

Before the OSI Group acquired the food processing plant, it made its announcement through its website in June. Alison believes that this information was enough for the public, and nothing more should be disclosed.

The OSI Group is a very successful private institution that provides clients with several meat products. The privately owned company was established several years ago, and it offers employment opportunities to people from all over the world. The food processing company is famed for its delicious bacon and breakfast sausages. The company has branches in different parts of the world.

OSI Group Products:

Brown Agency- A merger of Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South

The modeling industry has been flourishing for decades. Most of the time, one can join it with the help of someone belonging to this sector or through luck. However, there is one talent and modeling industry in Austen called Brown Agency founded by Justin Brown in 2015 which defies such allegations as it purely focuses on hiring models based on their hard work and talent. It comprises of world’s famous Wilhelmina Models network. The main purpose of this agency is to establish a big market with greater standards in Central Texas. Brown Agency has worked with world’s famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell, L’oreal and many others.

The Brown Agency came into being when Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South joined forces. These two agencies are well known for their strengths and capabilities in the modeling industry. The foundation of Brown agency, a full-service agency has further strengthened their unique capabilities and has provided its clients with a wide variety of talented and experienced models.

The fashion models of Brown Agency can be seen in many famous fashion weeks including Austin Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week and other numerous shows. The agency feels pride in selecting the best talent all across Austin and Texas. It then makes them fit for the market and helps them excel in their career. Introducing fresh talent to the world is Brown’s main focus.

Brown Agency is monitored and controlled by Texas Workforce Commission. It lives upon the philosophy of complete transparency. The agency works hard on meeting the expectations of its clients. Brown believes that false hopes and expectations can fail the people and agencies. Brown has gained experience from big cities like Los Angeles and New York, and now he is utilizing his experience on his own company so that it can touch the heights of success.

Brown Agency’s high reputation and reach not only let famous and rich people to join but also anyone who possess talent and skills. Their resume demands unprofessional pictures. Moreover, they take their recruits very seriously by carefully managing each and every resume that comes in their office. They do not want to waste any talent and want to explore everything an individual has to offer. Thus, each year a lot of people show interest in this agency’s work, and that is the reason for its success too.

Justin Brown has hopes for his agency. He wants to make it one of the leading modeling and talent agencies of the country. His team members work passionately and are dedicated to their company. They work with full honesty and enthusiasm and brings good name to the company.

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OSI Group is a privately owned food company with its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It is a meat processing company, and its products include pork, fish, poultry, dough products and Pizza. Its processing plants are located in Geneva, Chicago, Oakland, Wisconsin, Riverside, California, and Utah. It deals with world renowned food brands by packaging and co- brand. Being the largest private food processing company, it develops, source and distributes foods around the world.

Acquiring the Baho Foods

OSI Group primary way of expanding its empire is by acquisition. Recently, the company acquired the Baho Food, a food company based in the Netherlands. Baho food deals with meat products and has plants both in Germany and the Dutch. The Baho Food has five subsidiary companies with over 60 years of experience in the retail food industry. It serves customers in over 18 European Countries. The CEO of OSI Group Mr. David G. McDonald said adding Baho Food means expanding its market to the larger European area. He said Baho Food company complements their strength and increases their capabilities to serve their customers best demand.

Acquisition of Flagship Europe

The Flagship Food Group is a portfolio that deals with the supply, processing food products to customers in the UK. OSI Group acquired Flagship Europe as a way to increase its position in the European market. Flagship Europe deals mainly with sous vide products, pies, mayonnaise, sauce and frozen poultry. The CEO of Flagship Group said that it was an exciting development for his company for the acquisition means resources and finances will be available to them along with the increase in the global market. He said being part of the OSI Group more opportunity will be available and will help them serve their customers well.

OSI Award

Being on the front line in managing environmental risks, the OSI Group was awarded the Prestigious Globe Awards for 2016 by the British Safety Council. The award was presented to them at the Drapers’ Hall in London. Lynda Armstrong, the chairperson of the British Safety Council, congratulated the OSI Group for its performance in the conservation industry and winning the Award.

Jason Hope’s Tech Based Approach to Entrepreneurial Success

Jason Hope’s career as both a futurist and a tech base entrepreneur has been quite interesting to watch. While Hope has yet to breakthrough into the realm of ‘household name’ his work has gotten to the point where it stands for itself. In fact, you can push that one step further. The work that Hope decides to back ends up becoming a bigger deal. Jason Hope is well known for his work with the mobile comms company, Jawa, as well as his position on the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a development within the tech field that, you will soon find out, is well worth paying attention to.

The Internet of Things, if you take Jason Hope’s word for it, might just become one of the most important changes in the tech field for the next couple of years. The Internet of Things, for the uninitiated, refers to the way our world connects to the internet. We aren’t just talking about the typical devices like our phones or computers, we are talking even more generally — everything that can connect to the net, will.

If you look at the way the tech industry has been going in recent years you can see that we have seen smart technology start to really take over. Smart technology has begun to connect us to the web in ways that we never would have anticipated before. Think of smart shoes that track your routes and your health data. Think of the way you can have a thermostat installed on your house that connects all of the environmental controls within your home. Jason Hope calls this the Internet of Things and the industry might just call it the next big thing in general. Hope believes that the industry will begin to overtake everything else in our life and that could lead to huge, beneficial, and efficient changes. Learn more about him:

Jason Hope’s work with the SENS Foundation has also been coming under the microscope lately. His faith in the Internet of Things makes it likely that the SENS Foundation will begin moving in that direction as well.


Mikhail Blagosklonny, Securing the Health of Future Generations

Discoveries have for the past centuries made lives better. For a long time, diseases have been the biggest threat to human life, killing millions in their wake. Today, cancer is regarded as a global catastrophe, primarily because it so happens to be a silent killer. With many strains of cancer in existence, it has been almost impossible to diagnose and treat the disease. To this end, individuals like Mikhail Blagosklonny have been thinking of better ways of dealing with the ailment. As a University Professor with in-depth knowledge in Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Experimental Medicine, Blagosklonny has come up with many scientific theories that try to explain different phenomena. However, it is Mikhail’s TOR Signaling theory that has caught the world by surprise.


For years, medical practitioners have considered Rapamycin a drug that can be made use of to suppress pain that comes with cancer. However, Mikhail Blagosklonny, through his TOR Signaling theory tries to explain to the world that Rapamycin can be used to stimulate the growth of stem cells in the body, especially in parts affected by cancer. Additionally, Rapamycin is effective in slowing down the aging process in human beings. Although the theory has not yet undergone serious scrutiny, it seems to hold much ground due to Mikhail Blagosklonny’s outstanding portfolio.

Since 2009, Mikhail has been part and parcel of the Roswell Park Institute where he works as the Professor of Oncology. Before landing a job at the institution, Mikhail was formerly an employee of the New York Medical College as well as the Ordway Research Institute. With an advanced knowledge in disciplines centering on apoptosis, anti-cancer therapeutics, mitosis, ontogenesis, cell cycle, and tumor suppressors, Blagosklonny has been able to play a significant role in the production of the content of PLOS ONE, the American Journal of Pathology. Above all, Mikhail Blagosklonny has contributed significantly to the production of more than 300 articles, concentrating on topics ranging from clinical investigations to molecular biology. His pieces have also paid great focus on Oncology, cell cyclotherpy, and chemotherapeutic engineering.

As a university professor, Mikhail Blagosklonny has achieved significant milestones mainly in the field of medicine. Apart from helping deal with cancer, Mikhail Blagosklonny has made the world have a deeper sense of understanding as to what causes aging. Mikhail acknowledges that by using Rapamycin in the correct amounts, you can deal with the effects of aging. It is because of Mikhail’s findings that medical practitioners across the world now consider Rapamycin as the ‘fountain of youth.’ Rapamycin has been found to be so useful to the extent that it can cure autoimmunity, Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis, metabolic disorders, and cardiovascular ailments.

Blagosklonny’s discovery comes at a time when the world was almost giving up on cancer. However, we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, and if future testing proves the TOR Signaling theory to be correct, then many lives will be saved. Above all, suppressing aging will mean that fewer people will suffer from diseases associated with advanced age. Therefore, there is a lot for us to gain from Mikhail’s Tor Signaling theory. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo – Who?


Decides on marketing and telecommunications and is one of 30 promises in the 30 Expansion; YOO is one of the projects of the director of Economic Analysis and Special Projects of the company.

Porfirio sanchez


Business Group Televisa

Position Director General of Economic Analysis and Special Projects

Age 39 years and counting

Birthplace Mexico Distrito Federal, DF

Alfonso de Angoitia, executive vice president of Grupo Televisa, called Porfirio Sánchez, then advisor to the finance secretary, Francisco Gil Diaz. Sánchez was about to leave his post to accept a job offer at the World Bank. “He said, ‘Come here, it’s more fun,'” he says.

Sánchez accepted and is now general manager of economic analysis and special projects of the group, where he makes the decisions in marketing and telecommunications. One of its projects was YOO, a marketing strategy that packaged television, internet and telephony channels, and initially unified the price of the basic plan into four cable companies.

“It proposes new methods of commercialization,” says his former boss, Gil Diaz. Ernesto Piedras, director of the consulting firm The Competitive Intelligence Unit, met him at Avantel.

Job History

Present Job

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo


Cruz Manca, Ciudad de México, México Medios de difusión

Past Jobs

Mexican Finance Ministry


Carnegie Mellon University


Mexican Finance Ministry

Minister’s Chief of Staff

December 2000 – November 2006


Business Strategy


Strategic Planning


Carnegie Mellon University

Institute for Software Research

2012 – 2012

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Executive Education, Stanford Executive Program

2011 – 2011


BS, Applied Mathematics

1994 – 1998

Groups and Board Memberships Joined in His Lifetime Thus Far

Doctors Without Borders | MSF USA

Additionally, Porfirio has more than 500,000 business and professional – and even personal – contacts that may be found throughout multiple business and social networks, respectively. He is truly a man of talent. He is also a leader with a unique vision for amplified success – both individual and corporate. He’s well-known in his country.