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10 Reasons You Should Try Out For The Brown Modeling Agency

Have you ever thought about being a model? In this tech-infused age of information, models of all shapes and sizes are needed more than ever. The Brown Agency, which is a modeling and commercial talent agency located in Austin, is opening it’s doors to you! You can attend an open call for talent and see if you have what it takes to be a real, live model! Here are ten fun reasons that you should head over to an open call and show this agency what you are all about!

  1. You Don’t Need To Have Experience

If you are tempted to dismiss this idea as ridiculous because you don’t have any modeling experience, think again! You don’t need to have experience in order to be signed by this agency. They accept beginners as well as experienced models, and since the agency also develops their talent you will be in good hands!

  1. Bragging Rights

Wouldn’t it be great to casually drop the phrase “my modeling career” into everyday conversation? Imagine the way that would feel. It is only possible if you take the first step and make yourself available.

  1. You Could Land A Huge Gig

Justin Brown, the founder and president of the Brown Modeling Agency, is not afraid to step out into very big arenas. If you have been thinking of working on small campaigns, you might need to think a little bit bigger. Have you ever dreamed of being a model for Louis Vuitton? How about Toyota, or Dell? Brown has supplied talent to all of these brands, and by working for his agency you will be within the pool of potential models for these impressive gigs.

  1. Have Fun While You Work

Since coming to Austin in 2010, the Brown Agency has upped the levels of modeling within the city and surrounding areas. The Brown Agency now works with Austin Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, and other local events. Have a blast working with other like minded individuals to present exciting fashions on the runway! This is more than work — it is a fun, thrilling and rewarding experience.

  1. Develop New Relationships

Every Thursday from three to four pm to Brown Agency opens it’s doors to people like you. By showing up at their business location, 100 Congress Avenue Suite 100, you will invite new relationships to your life. You will meet new people, and make connections that you otherwise would not. Regardless of whether your career progresses (or starts) or not, you will have met some new faces and had a chance to network.

What do you have to lose? By attending one of the Brown Modeling Agencies weekly calls for talent, you could be recognized and then placed into great modeling work. Or, you could not be accepted and will have had an exciting experience in which you met some new people. This is a win-win! Visit their Instagram for more.

How George Soros Is Changing The World Through The Open Society Foundations

One of the exciting things about living in the 21st century is seeing all of the possibilities that human beings have been able to realize and recognizing that there are often going to be more opportunities for human beings to continue progress. Over the last few decades human beings have been able to refine technologies that can confirm DNA evidence and transform the way that mass communications operates through technologies like the mobile phone and the software that enables interaction on social networks like Twitter or Instagram. All of these developments have laid a foundation upon which a new generation of technologists, researchers, programmers and scientists can build work that will open up even more possibilities for human beings in the future. These developments have made life much more efficient, connected people to more opportunities for education and even created new job opportunities for people who have a whole new range of skillsets.

Technology and science are incredibly exciting but in order for human beings to be able to take advantage of all of the opportunities that these new advancements have brought open societies must exist. According to the businessman and philanthropist George Soros an open society is a society in which its participants understand that there is no one fundamental truth and that human beings necessarily understand the world in a variety of different ways. It is a society that focuses on protecting the rights of the people that live in it and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to live in a world that is just and equitable. According to an article that George Soros wrote for the political magazine The Atlantic in 1997 the term of open society was originated by Henri Bergson and further expounded upon by Karl Popper in a book that is known as The Open Society and its Enemies.

Soros discovered the book of Open Society and its Enemies during his youth in Europe during a time when societies like his native country Hungary were falling victim to authoritarian regimes. In his article for The Atlantic George Soros posited that even though creating a truly open society is an elusive goal that people should continue to pursue it because when they do they often make so much progress in its pursuit.George Soros’ way of pursuing and creating an open society has been to use the personal wealth that he built on Wall Street to create a large network of philanthropic institutions across the globe that are known as the Open Society Foundations. According the Open Society Foundations’ website of George Soros’ work via the Open Society Foundations has enabled him to contribute to important causes such as supporting the education of minorities who were living under the reign of apartheid in South Africa.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Changed The World

As a result of the world’s political climate, nations around the world remain on the brink of war. This remains attributed to numerous factors. In particular, nations around the world remain affected by global commodity prices, political turmoil, inflation, and poverty.

Therefore, the fate of the world remains uncertain. In particular, nations such as Syria have gone from bad to worse. With that being said, Syria remains the product of a failed state. Moreover, the nation remains embattled in a civil war.

For those unaware, the war has killed thousands of people. In parallel, nations such as North Korea remain in equally dire situations. To expound further, North Korea remains a nation led by a dictator that does not care about the well-being of his people. Furthermore, the nation continues to provoke its neighboring countries into going into war with them.

In fact, the nation has captured the attention of the United States due to the various threats it made towards them. Due to North Korea’s nuclear program, it may serve as a catalyst to a global war. Moreover, the United States remains an undisputed world power.

For almost 300 years, the nation has remained in existence. Furthermore, the nation has made opportunities possible for people that previously remained impossible. In spite of the nation’s numerous successes, it came at the expense of countless people.

In particular, millions of Native Americans lost their lives due to the acquisition of the United States. Furthermore, the servitude of African Americans and Latino also played a pivotal role in America’s global ascension. Read more: Phoenix New Time

For those unaware, African Americans and Latinos have remained the victims of systemic racism. Historically, both of these groups have remained disenfranchised from the American experience.

Moreover, women and the LGBT community have also remained disenfranchised from the American experience. As a result, more and more activists have sprung into action to fight for the rights of millions of Americans. Although an insurmountable amount of activists exist, only a handful of them can compare to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

For those unaware, both Micahel Lacey and Jim Larkin remain the co-founders of Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times. In addition, both of these men have contributed a significant amount of money to support the rights of migrant workers.

Due to an unruly arrest made by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, these men have dedicated the settlement money arising out of their arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to fund migrant rights organizations throughout Arizona.

In fact, these men won $3.75 million dollars due to this unlawful arrest. To expound further further, both men were illegally taken from their homes and brought into custody by police in Maricopa County. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

This remains attributed to their knowledge of grand jury proceedings that exposed the corruption of the sheriff. In addition, the subpoenas of the grand jury requested to identify people who read the stories pertaining to the sheriff. Fortunately, both men won their case and continue to fight for the rights of migrant workers.

The Inspiring Story of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier’s energy and enthusiasm are what have made him gain recognition as an author. It is his talent and skill that caught the eye of former U.S. president, Bill Clinton. Clinton charged Eric Pulier with task of establishing and managing the “Bridge to the 21st Century”. This great achievement is just a part of Pulier’s career that have made him a recognized columnist, author, public speaker, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

According to Bloomberg, Pulier’s work with the display on Washington D.C.’s mall, highlights the crucial role of technology in entertainment, manufacturing, and education. Pulier has received many awards for his achievements in cloud computing.

How Pulier Started Out

Pulier was thrilled by computers at a tender age. He began practicing programming while still in his fourth grade. He started showing an interest in technology while most of his classmates were focused on spelling tests and math. During this time, he was focused on thinking like an entrepreneur seeking better strategies for doing things.

When he was in Harvard, he had already understood the idea of databases and the role they play in businesses. To put his knowledge into practice, Pulier developed database company. Although his undergraduate studies were on English and American literature, after graduation, he focused his efforts on technological innovation. While still in school, he was recognized as a talented writer and editor for the “Harvard Crimson”. He used this platform to demonstrate intellectual insights and humor. After completing his degree in American Literature and English, he went to Los Angeles to pursue his dream.

Pulier Pursues The American Dream

While in Los Angeles, he established “People Doing Things”, an organization whose aim was to promote the use of technology in education and healthcare. Before long, he established the “Digital Evolution” and thereafter merged it with “US Interactive LLC” to form a company with a greater audience. Pulier established more enterprises including Desktone, Akana, ServiceMesh, Starbright World, and Media Platform.

Pulier’s Philanthropic Activities

According to Eric Pulier, everyone can achieve their maximum potential by enduring the trials in life. This philosophy is inspiring and motivates those who aspire to achieve greatness. His belief that peace and joy can be derived from giving back to the society explains Pulier’s commitment to Starbright World. This initiative enables hospitalized children gain access to the internet for communication purposes. It also offers support to over 700 healthcare facilities and hospitals in the U.S. Pulier’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to hold the belief that innovation can be achieved by any one who is interested in discovering new ways of experiencing the world.

About Eric Pulier:

George Soros’ Accomplishments in the World of Philanthropy

About George Soros

George Soros is one of the world’s famous philanthropists, having donated over $12 billion to charity work. His organization supports individuals and agencies across the world to advocate for accountable government, freedom of expression, transparency, and promote justice and equality. George Soros’ donations often focus on people facing discrimination. He supports groups representing Europe’s Roma people, and others advocating for human rights such as LGBTI people, sex workers, and drug users.George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. He lived through the Nazi occupation of 1944 and 1945, which resulted in the murder of nearly half a million Hungarian Jews. George Soros’ family survived by concealing their background and securing false identity papers. In 1947, Soros left Budapest for London where he would work as a night-club waiter and rail porter to support his studies at the London School of Economics.

In 1956, he moved to the United States where he made his fortune in the world of investment and finance.Later on, in 1970, George Soros founded Soros Fund Management, his first hedge fund and made his way up to become one the most influential investors in the United States.George Soros leveraged his success in the world of finance and investment to create the Open Society Foundations. It comprises of a network of projects, foundations, and partners in around the world. Its name and mission reflect George Soros’ perception about the philosophy of Karl Popper, a philosophy he encountered at the London School of Economics. One of the approaches at the Open Society Foundations is to allow for freedom of expression, democratic governance, and respect for individual rights.George Soros philanthropic journey began in 1979 when he gave scholarships to black South Africans under the apartheid.

He would provide photocopiers to reprint banned texts as a way of facilitating the exchange of ideas in the Communist Eastern Bloc. Over the years, George Soros has provided school fees for thousands of promising students from marginalized communities. In fact, Soros has gone beyond his foundation by supporting independent organizations such as the International Crisis, the Institute for New Economic Thinking, Global Witness, and the European Council on Foreign Relations.Today, Soros continues to actively participate in the initiatives of the Open Society Foundations, traveling widely to advocate for policies to transform the world’s leadership. Throughout his philanthropic legacy, George Soros commits to battling the world’s most intractable problems. He focuses on issues for which a complete solution might never be found. George Soros’ success in financial markets has given him a degree of independence. That independence has helped him to propel his ventures to greater heights and support other humanitarian organizations.

Greg Secker Impacts Forex Trading Knowledge through His Organizations

Greg Secker is a London-based entrepreneur, philanthropist, international speaker, and master trader. Despite these prominent roles, Greg considers his responsibility as a father the most important role in his life. Greg was born in 1975 in Norfolk, England and currently resides in London, England. He did a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural and food sciences at the University of Nottingham.

Greg started his career as a Trading Technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services. His main role at the firm was to develop foreign exchange trading systems. After creating an online forex trading platform, Virtual Trading Desk, he was awarded the 1998 British Telecom Award for great innovations in e-commerce. The Virtual Trading Desk was the first platform to provide online Forex trading system that operates in real time. Secker was appointed the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, a large Fortune 500 investment bank situated in the United States. He left the company in 2003 to pursue forex trade. Secker practiced forex trade from home, and soon he started mentoring people on trading strategies.

Greg Secker launched Knowledge to Action Group in 2003. The company is an association of several organizations including The Greg Secker Foundation, Smart Charter Software, Learn to Trade, and Capital Index. These companies work together to educate people on how to shine in trading and improve their lives. Greg founded Learn to Trade which has progressed to be a global leader in trading education. Currently, Learn to Trade has three offices in Australia, London, and South Africa and has educated more than 200,000 people on how to trade through workshops and seminars.

Greg Secker observed that most people struggle when starting to trade. He noticed that there was limited trading education for people to access at a little or no cost. Lack of education background increased their stakes in the trading game. Greg wanted people to be equipped with the appropriate tools as they join the trading sector. This inspired him to form organizations that train people to trade effectively.

Greg left the corporate world at the age of 27 and ventured into the forex market. He started making profits within the first three months. Nevertheless, he has also experienced hurdles, but he handled his challenges and used them as a blueprint for his students.

Clay Siegall The Driving Force in Seattle Genetics

For a new and solid way to deal with make a cure for a portion of the world’s most hindering infections, another treatment has been made that has energized non-intrusive medications, as well as made new and savvy ways that empower each person with a savage illness to be dealt with viably. The organization that has built up this new treatment is known as Seattle Genetics, an organization that was established in 1998 by Clay Siegall, a specialist in the logical field who has devoted his profession to discover new and creative approaches to treat a portion of the world’s deadliest sicknesses. In late news, Clay Siegall and his group have made another approach to treat tumor by utilizing specialists inside the body framework that execute the carcinogenic cells without hurting the great cells inside the body. Earth Siegall is glad for his work and plans to make this new treatment promptly accessible to the whole open.

In late news, the President and in addition originator of this organization, Clay Siegall has as of late declared that Seattle Genetics is required to become exponentially finished the following quite a long while because of the expansion in the enthusiasm inside the organization. The items that have been created via Seattle Genetics are superb items that have picked up the consideration of various speculators. Mud Siegall wants to constantly develop the organization in framework, as well as with an ever increasing number of individuals. Mr. Siegall hopes to enlist 100 new people every year to bring the numbers inside the organization more than 1,300 people.

Seattle Genetics is a biotech organization that was worked by Clay Siegall to make another approach to treat growth that was more compelling, less expensive, as well as less perilous. Instead of stretching the body as far as possible with chemotherapy and in addition radiation, Seattle Genetics has made another treatment that slaughters the carcinogenic cells without hurting the gainful cells. Dirt Siegall is energized for the headway of the organization and expectations that his organization keeps on developing and keeps on ending up increasingly accessible to people in general as a modest and option item.


Madison Street Capital is a company that has focused on serving only the needs of investment banking in the middle market thus earning a remarkable reputation within the industry of finance. The company is also known for its expertise, quality services, and integrity. The company upholds comprehensive understanding especially on intricacies of corporate finance. Madison Street Capital has its headquarters in Chicago.

Madison Street Capital has mainly majored in mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy services, tax compliance and many others. The company has grown and now has other offices in Oregon, Ghana, and India.

Executives of the company bring together their vast knowledge and analytical set of skills to every transaction they make. Clients are never disappointed when they are in the capable hands of the company. MSC has served a leader company in software analytics known as DCG Software Value as a financial advisor during its merger with Spitfire Group. DCG Software Value has its headquarters in Pennsylvania. The company leads in the value management industry, software estimation services as well as project support. Learn more:

DCG Software Value was founded in nineteen ninety-four and has been meeting the software management needs of both big and small enterprises. Spitfire Group is a company that is based in Denver, and its merger with DCG Software Value was projected to benefit both of the firms. Madison has earned several honors in the M&A Advisor Awards that take place annually. The company was recognized for achieving distinguished achievements in the sector of corporate finance. MSC has won top honors for the role that it played in the Dowco Group’s acquisition of Acuna and Associated. Learn more:

The company has also received nominations in the boutique investment banking sector. The President of ARES Security; Ben Eazzetta appreciated Madison Street Company for its diligence; thus he viewed the company as an ideal financing partner.

About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that is known globally.It delivers advices of corporate finance to both public and privately owned businesses. The company understands time sensitivity in the corporate finance sector and responds as fast as they can to opportunities. This approach has created finance transactions where both the company and business investors and entrepreneurs benefit mutually. MSC has experienced and expert employees who create good relationships to match both buyers and sellers and to match the financing and capitalization structure to suit every client needs.

Madison Street Capital has come up with methods that reflect both substantial expertise and experience in all the sectors of corporate finance.. The company has an excellent understanding in the areas of corporate finance and corporate governance thus making it a leading industry in financial advisory services and M&A.The company currently has offices in North America, Asia, and Africa and provides equal emphasis to both the local businesses and international businesses.

Sheldon Lavin – The Innovative Chair and CEO at OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer and chair at OSI Group, LLC. He is overly experienced and holds a renowned profile in both food and meat processing industries. Additionally, Lavin is the president at OSI International Foods Ltd and hold various other key roles in the company’s operations. Besides, Lavin has gained extensive skills from his line of work financing Otto & Sons which later became OSI Group.

Mr. Sheldon Lavin holds degree in Finance and Accounting. Besides he has received several other awards from his ventures and other related non-profit industries. As a philanthropist, Lavin has greatly contributed to several charities that include; Inner City Foundation, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Jewish United Fund, and United Negro among others.

For the record, OSI Group now operates in over 60 different countries across the globe. In direct recognition of his efforts, India Vision World Academy presented Lavin with a Global Visionary Award in 2016. This prestigious award won in 2016 was an honor to Lavin’s distinguished commitment to OSI Group welfare.

Apparently, OSI Group is experiencing massive growth in profitability, scale of operation and employee base. To sustainably accommodate all this positive changes, Lavin is now focused in improving the overall quality of the products through extensive research. This move is timely considering the rise in the number of investors in the food processing industries in the global market.

Through a culture of inclusivity, OSI Group has continually retained its talented and loyal team of experts in the industry. Lavin’s office has also played a crucial role in mentoring, training and motivating the workforce. Good relationship in at OSI Group has resulted to productive family in the course of striving to meet the set goals.

Sheldon Lavin is passionate about his managerial role at OSI group. Because of this, the company has received several sustainability and environmental awards. Lavin is actively involved in other endeavors such as McDonald House charities. Lavin is supportive to his wife and their three children. Through his wisdom and role at OSI Group, Lavin also plays a fundamental role in supporting the community.

About Sheldon Lavin:

Jose Auriemo Neto – Leading JHSF to Success Globally

JHSF has been one of the biggest real estate development firms in Brazil since its inception in 1972. The company has developed many landmark buildings in the country and has also contributed to the infrastructure development of Brazil. One of the reasons why JHSF has become so famous among the people and in the real estate world is because of the company’s focus on quality and developing a unique architectural style. The design of the projects that JHSF undertakes are always unique and at par with the models produced in highly developed countries. JHSF is even known to rope in the best of architects from across the globe to ensure that the results are highly marketable, unique, and of international standards.

Over the years, JHSF has completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects in Brazil. Thanks to the rapid growth and expansion of the company’s business in the last few years, it has been able to manage to enter the real estate business in other countries as well, including in Uruguay, Salvador, and the United States. JHSF is currently developing projects in Punta del Este, Salvadore, Miami, and New York. One of the reasons behind the massive success of JHSF in the past few years is the leadership skills of the company’s CEO, Jose Auriemo Neto. He is the third generation in the family to lead the business, and he has been able to do so in a very refined manner.

As soon as Jose Auriemo Neto took control of the JHSF’s business, he managed to implement some of the much-needed reforms that were long overdue. It helped the company to perform efficiently and managed to get past the loopholes that were embedded in the company’s affair for long. Recently, Jose Auriemo Neto relocated to the commercial capital of the United States, New York. The decision was made to ensure that he can oversee the company’s new project being developed on Fifth Avenue carefully. Jose Auriemo Neto had moved to the United States along with the family, so it means that he would be around for a long time.